Monday, December 29, 2008

Happiness is a New Administration Building

Finally, after years of waiting, Sunset Beach Elementary School is opening the doors to its latest addition.
The new admin building is complete.
Here Jordyn and Makana (in the red hat) get ready to play their ukuleles for the dedication.

Looking Pretty Spiffy

I'm leaning against the gate that protects the front door of the new administration building.
This structure makes the school complete. Now there is plenty of room for the secretaries, the principal, the school nurse, the counselors, and all the files and supplies. Whoppeeeeeee!!

Getting Ready to Move In

Butch Helemano was there to give his blessing for the new building.
He's a very important person in this neighborhood who teaches Hawaiian, marries couples, looks after the Conservation District at Shark's Cove and Waimea Bay, and much more.

Happy to Be Part of the Celebration

Darcie, in the front, Lana, and Jade loved being at Sunset Beach Elementary when the administration building was dedicated.

Taking Care of Business with a Smile

Ruth, on the left, was the secretary of Sunset Beach Elementary for many, many years. Her daughter, George Ann, is the secretary now. Everyone is lucky George Ann is always friendly and helpful! She was thrilled with the new building.

Serenade Me, Santa

Miles was at the dedication with his ukulele. He'd been practicing for weeks and made everyone in the audience clap for joy.
Doesn't he look proud!

The Happiest of All

Ruth Holmberg, the principal of Sunset Beach Elementary, was overjoyed with the new admin building. Can you tell?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Heros----A Benefit for the Lifeguards

Every year about this time, during the big surf contest season, the North Shore Lifeguard Association, raises money for their Junior Lifeguard Summer Program. Google: Junior Lifeguard Movie for a preview/trailer.
This year's event was held at Haleiwa Joe's. The restaurant was closed to the public for this private shindig.

The Artist Behind the Mask

John Bain has always been a friend of the North Shore Lifeguards.
He's peeping through my ears and being silly.
Did you notice the dark green t-shirt in the above photograph? That's John's! Every year, as a gift he designs the t-shirt for the fundraiser. Bravo Bain!

Supporting the Association

A few men who attended the benefit for the North Shore Lifeguards.
From left to right:
Pat Rawson, a shaper who travels around the world plying his trade.
Drew Toonz, the animator and art behind "The Junior Lifeguard Movie."
Darrick Doerner, a tow in surfer. Jaws! Yikes----mountainous waves.
Ace Cool, the columnist, and paddler extraordinaire.
Beau, ocean sports announcer and MC for the Triple Crown .
Rick Williams, veteran North Shore Lifeguard and responsbile for bringing the Junior Lifeguard Program to my neighborhood.
Some of Rick's students have saved lives out here!

All the Way from Capetown

Mark, left, and Alistair traveled from South Africa to be part of the winter surf scene at Sunset Beach. Mark was at the Liquid Nation Ball, a fundraiser for "Surf Aid", and bid on a Billabong auction package called PIPELINE MASTERS EXPERIENCE. HE WON!!
So he and his surf buddy left their families at home and had 5 days at the Turtle Bay Resort and lots of fun at all the most important events in the neighborhood.
Lucky guys!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas to Everyone

Keegan kept me company at the Sunset Beach Elementary Craft Fair.
She had bought one of my pups and brought him along to see all the interesting gifts that were on sale and
she also spent some time at Mom's table making "Surf Dog" bookmarks. Thanks, Keegan, for lending a hand.

Volleyball Stars in the Making

The twins, Hope and Nysa, were at the fair selling jewelry that they handcrafted.
Mom ordered 5 colorful, glass bead key rings which are so sweet, just like the girls.
They play volleyball for Kahuku High School and make necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in their spare time.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I Love A Parade!!

I was very excited to be in the Haleiwa Christmas Parade. There were over 50 entries-----bands, horses, floats, and me in a decorated jogger stroller. What do you think of my surfboard with twinky lights? That's Jane, the Snowy Fairy, and Mom in her glittery Christmas outfit accompanying me!! Mike, the police officer, kept us safe. It was raining cats and dogs and there was lightning too! Yikes!

Hooray for Surf Dog!!

Yeah, Surf Dog!! We heard lots of friends calling my name along the mile long parade route.

Post Parade Party

Here I am at Cholo's Mexican restaurant in my little beachtown of Haleiwa!! This is my support crew---from left to right--Brian, Mary, Sarah Marie, Joey, Me, Mom, Bobby, Lucia, Janie, and Rachael. I'm lucky to have so many wonderful friends!

Someday..........Maybe Me-----Mr. Pipeline

Well, it's a long shot, but maybe someday if I keep practicing.....hummmmm, maybe.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kelly Slater Takes the Title Again!

I'm at Ehukai Beach Park-----the Pipeline wave; the one that was is Hawaii 5-0. It's across Kamehameha Hwy. from Sunset Beach Elem.
Kelly Slater, the surfer from Florida, just won the Pipeline Masters for the sixth time. He took his first title when he was 20 and this one, his 6th, at 36. Wow!! Good job, Kelly.

The Pipeline Beach

Lucia, a professional surf photographer from England, cuddled me on the beach as the champ, Kelly Slater, scored his title points.
I sure am lucky to live Hawaii! Just look how gorgeous it is during the first week of December!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Dressed to the Nines and Ready to Tee Off

From left to right----Melissa, Mele, Lehua, and Lyndi were at the Turtle Bay Resort to play golf. They were the only "girl" team. The Pro Surfer Golf Tournament, a Triple Crown of Surfing event, is a benefit which raises money for worthy causes on the North Shore. Mom was awarded $1,000 for her summer literacy program, RIGHT ON READER, at Sunset Beach Elementary. Bravo to Randy Rarick for always supporting this neighborhood, especially the children!

Heading to the Links

I'm in the arms of Tom Servais. He's a very famous surf photographer who has been traveling the globe for years taking pictures of the best surfers in the world at the best surfing spots in the world. He's even had a big coffee table book of his photographs published.

Traveling from San Diego

Charlie is the Associate Publisher of Transworld magazines----Transworld Surf, Transworld Skate, etc. He looked so dapper is his fancy hat that I just had to talk with him! He was playing in the Pro Surfer Golf Tournament, too. I've made another new friend!

At the End of the Tournament

This is the crowd of pro surfers and others in the surfing world who played the Pro Golf Tournament at the Turtle Bay Resort.
It was a lot of fun and the winners were given some really great prizes. Hooray to the sponsors!
Do you see the guy on the left making a gesture with his hand? That's the "shaka" sign. It's particular to Hawaii and is a friendly "aloha" wave!
Google: "Triple Crown of Surfing" to learn more about this famous event that closes the world surfing tour each year.

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Big Night at Sunset Beach Elementary

Wow!!! It was an exciting evening, SURF NIGHT-----surfers from all over the world lined the perimeter of the cafeteria signing posters. There was homemade chili and chips, beef stew, brownies and cookies to eat. And THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS worth of doorprizes were given away!! Mom won a surfboard!! Imagine that!
I sponsored the event along with over a hundred other supporters.
The following 12 photographs take you there!

Getting Ready.............

In the morning Jesse worked hard putting up all the posters and signs acknowledging Surf Night's sponsors.
Yikes!! I was getting a little dizzy being up so high!

Friends Working Together

Christian, on the left, and Grace were busy getting all the prize bags ready for the big evening! Don't you love their smiles.
Did you notice the surfboard in the background?

Command Central

Tasha, on the left, and Melissa were taking calls and receiving all the fabulous doorprizes that were being donated and dropped off!!
They had their work cut out for them! What a big job!!
Hooray for all their effort year after year.

Dad Pitched in Too!!

Bobby spent the morning rolling up free Triple Crown of Surfing posters.
Hooray for the parents of Sunset Beach Elementary!

And Surf NIght Begins......

Kahea Hart rides for Hurley and does some "grom" coaching.
("Grom" identifies a young, up and coming surfer.)
He was signing posters and chatting with all the children he met.

Also Riding for Hurley.............

Rob Machado, pointing at me, and Kalani Robb surf big waves all around the world. Look for them in the mags----SURFER, SURFING, TRANSWORLD SURF, ETC. They'll be easy to spot!

Lots of Free Stuff!

These stickers from all sorts of companies were just a few of the "freebies" given away at Surf Night.
Do your best to come next year--the 24th annual--it's always on the first Friday of December and is an official Triple Crown event! Cowabunga!!

The Australian in Charge

Here I am with Matt. He's the traveling coach or 'Pit Boss", as he said, for Rip Curl riders from the Land Down Under.
I think that would be a pretty fun job, especially if I had the time to ride waves too.

Surf Stars

Miles Padaca and Shane Beschen, flashing the "peace" sign, were there autographing posters and contributing to the success of Surf Night.
Bravo to all the "Pros" who stopped by to support Sunset Elementary!

In Charge of the Triple Crown

Randy Rarick and his wife, Jacque, dropped by Surf Night for a little while. Each year Randy, the director of the Triple Crown of Surfing, gives the school a framed poster of surfing's biggest contest . He's always been a very generous supporter of the children of Sunset by donating a $1,000 every December. Thank you, Randy, for being so kind!!

Following in her Uncle's Footsteps

Sara Kahanamoku stopped by to give me a hug. She's a champion swimmer and the great, grandniece of one of the world's finest swimmers, an Olympian athlete, and the Father of Modern Surfing-----Duke Kahanamoku. Sara won the Duke's Ocean Mile Swim last summer in her age class. Hooray for Sara!!


Jasmin, on the left, and Kara were selling lots of homemade food.
Of course, I only ate a little sweet dessert, so I'd keep myself healthy.
I had such a great evening. I'll be sure to be at Surf Night next year!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Turtle Bay Resort

I was invited to the North Shore Chamber of Commerce Christmas party.
The dinner was spectacular! Chef Hector Morales always makes delicious tasting cuisine (food).
Here I am relaxing on the comfy sofa just before dining.

...And All From Recycled Materials

The Turtle Bay invites the local schools to decorate a Christmas tree.
Here's the one from Mom's school, Sunset Beach Elementary. All the ornaments are made from used things. I love the little snowman resting on my paw. It was made by one of Sunset's teachers, Bonnie Huff.
Did you notice the bottom snowball is a spray painted CD?

Art From all Over the North Shore

The Chamber invited local artists to donate items for the silent auction and sell their art, too. I loved this sculpture!
My neighborhood is filled with authors, painters, woodworkers, sculptors, and others in the arts. Lots of creative residents here!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday...

A huge gift table for the first birthday of Blake and Kaliko's son, Mala'e!
This is a most auspicious event in the Hawaiian culture, so having a luau is always the best way to celebrate!
Yummy food, friends and family, music that touches the heart, and a big birthday cake made this day especially memorable.

And the Band Played On...

Kupa' Aina entertained us all afternoon with their "Jawaiian" music.
Everyone loved it!

The Next Generation

Mala'e, the birthday boy, and his Grandpa Larry.
Notice the plumeria lei around Grandpa's neck. That's one of the best aspects of living in Hawaii------necklaces of flowers are presented all the time on special occasions, and sometimes, just to show love.

Paddling My Own Canoe

Mala'e's "First Birthday Luau" was held on the top of a mountain, Pupukea, above my beach, at the Boy Scout Camp.
Ranger Mac, a retired military man who runs the place, told me this canoe was found in the bushes and recovered so his son who has a green thumb could turn it into a planter.
Good save! Remember---I like reycyling!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Get Ready---Christmas is Coming!

I'm shopping local at my first Christmas craft fair of the season!
What a wallopalooza! This is the 22nd year!
See for yourself. It's at the NBC (Neal Blaisdall Center) in Honolulu on November 29th and 30th. 10 to 10 on Saturday and 10 to 5 on Sunday.
The following ten photographs show me at the Fair on the first day.

Lots of New Friends to Make

Pono is a great dog and has a great story. Find out what it is.
Go to:

Remember-----I'm a Green Dog

Recycling is important for everyone, especially Mother Earth!! Moani, the designer, on the right, and her friend, Joy, were at the Craft Fair with this season's collection of recycled/redesigned wear.

Sisters----It's a Team Effort

Linda, on the right, and her sister, Diane, have a unique business. They make wonderful Hawaiian gifts----coasters, mousepads, glass cutting boards, and lots more! Check out their line at: (Linda also lends a hand in creating my pups!)

Lighting Makes All the Difference

I love these table lamps! The Japanese paper that the light shines through is called "washi". It's handscreened.

Merry Christmas from Paradise!

See the sign above the artist? That's "Merry Christmas" in Hawaiian.
Shannon Weaver's art is inspired by Diego Rivera and Georgia O'keefe.
I loved it!
Anthuriums are the heart-shaped tropical flowers in her painting

Importing from Japan for 30 Years

Francie had beautiful vintage kimonos----those are robes made in Japan. She also created incredible pieces of ribbon and chiffon called "free lace". That's what's in the foreground. What a designer she is!