Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autumn is Here...........

It's been a very short time since pumpkins have been growing on farms in Hawaii. I am standing next to a variety of squash and other vegetables and fruit on Aloun Farm on the west side of Oahu. The following nine photographs show me on a tour here.

That's a Mighty Sharp Blade

Jeni is holding me as we watch an employee in Aloun Farm's processing plant. Yikes, she was cutting those ears of corn so fast, it made my little doggie head spin!!

Still in the Processing Plant

Aloun Farms grows thousands and thousands of pumpkins. This is a boxful of of the best pumpkins for making pumpkin pies--baby ones.
The big ones are best for carving!

Ready for Market

What do you think of me in this pumpkin orange sea!!
Ready to be sold----dark, dark yellow and gold.

Out in the Field on the Ewa Plains

Alysha was showing me around the hundreds of acres of pumpkins and squash and corn and bananas and........
She volunteers at Aloun Farm when she's not in class at the University of Hawaii or Leeward Community College.

Gettin' Ready for the Hay Ride!!

Look how high up I am. Yikes!!
But what a view!
I'd better hold on tightly with my little paws!

Am I Really in Hawaii?

This is a sight more typical of the mainland. Wow!!!!!
How many pumpkins do you think are in this picture?
Make an estimate. Is it reasonable?

Can You Spot Me?

Look really, really hard. In the distance you will see Hawaii's most notable landmark.
If you put your cursor on the picture, click, and enlarge it, you'll see it better!

Blossoms in the Background

I love this picture! Aren't pumpkin flowers beautiful?
There will be 25,000 children on Oahu who will experience a trip to this pumpkin patch in the next month or so!! What a wonderful adventure for them, just like it was for me!

Time to Say Aloha

Terry, the marketing director for Aloun Farm, was my guide the whole day. She was full of love and repect for the farm and best of all, she couldn't put me down!! We had fun talking and interacting! I will definitely come back. I want to shop at their fruit stand on the weekend sometime!! Google: "aloun farm" to find out more.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

On My Way to the Land of the Rising Sun

Here I am with Nami, on the right, and her Mom and sisters heading to Japan. I'm lucky because I know I'm going to see a lot of interesting sights and meet many new people. Bon Voyage to Me!

My Tummy was Growling

It's a long flight to our destination-----Osaka, so Nami was treating me to a little of her macaroni and cheese! I'm glad she likes sharing. I do too!

Wow!!!!! What a Harbor

Flying into Osaka was impressive-----it's the third largest city in Japan with a population of 2.5 million. Now that's a lot of people compared to Hawaii. We have only 1 million residents in our whole state!

Just Like I Thought

Nami and I were making lots of new friends right away. Here we are in the airport after our long flight from Honolulu chatting it up with an employee of Japan Airlines.

I'll Have Just One Tiny Bite

Nami took me to the bakery. It sure looked and smelled pretty good!
I had only a little bit (we didn't fill up the whole tray), I promise!

Uh, Oh. What's Wrong with this Picture?

Oh, boy, there were lots of new things I had to get used to in Osaka. One of the biggest was riding in a car on the opposite side of the street and, did you notice, the steering wheel is on the right!! Yikes!

Pretty High Up

Osaka Castle was built in 1583 on the site of an old temple. It is a fortress that was designed to keep out invaders that's why the square stone walls are soooo high. Google "osaka castle" to find out more.

A Grown-up Drink

Almost everybody in Japan drinks tea, and they have forever, but there are a few coffeeshops here and there like this one. Do you know the name of the instrument behind me that weighs the coffeebeans?

Very Narrow Streets in Osaka

Here I am looking down at a trash truck picking up garbage. The streets are very narrow here, and throughout Japan, because they were built before cars and trucks. Many people in Asia ride bicycles. Count how many you can see in the photograph.

That's a Pretty Big Bear--Lucky it's Friendly

Nami's sister, Aika, took me to the zoo with the whole family.
We had lots of fun! I stayed out of the photograph---that bear was just a little toooo big for me!

Ready to Ride the Rails

I love the train and so it was especially fun to be in Osaka because the train would come and go all the time. Here I am waiting on the platform.
It wasn't long before the next one came along.

Be Careful Where You Step

Men and women board the train at different places. I had no problem getting on board at all. Lucky I'm such a cute little pooch.

Saying "Sayonara" and Heading Home

It was a fabulous visit to Osaka. I did just what I thought I would-----made new friends and saw lots of interesting sights.
Aika and Nami and I are happy to have such attentive flight attendants looking out for us on our journey back to Hawaii.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Whole Foods is Here to Stay................... Hip Hip Hooray!!

I am so excited! The giant health food market, Whole Foods, has set up shop in Honolulu, in Kahala to be exact! Whoopeeee!
I'm going to be eating right and staying strong!
Jesus, wielding the turners, will be making fresh pizza to go!! Yum!


Anita, on the left, and Jane and I are with Michael. He's in charge of many, many Whole Foods Markets in the West, and now in Hawaii. That is until he goes global next week. There are 13 stores in England and some in Canada. Good Luck, Michael!

Got Yogurt!!!!

Wow!! Was I impressed. Have you ever seen so many kinds of yogurt? The calcium in this stuff is going to make my bones and teeth strong!

Jack Johnson Supports Whole Foods

The Kokua Foundation, Jack and Kim Johnson's environmental non-profit, set up a table at the Whole Foods "Opening Party" in Kahala Mall. That's Carol on the left, then Jacque, and Kelly. They were having a fine time!

Essential Oils Wafting through the Air

Joanna makes perfumes. She goes to India and visits the farmers and reaps the harvest. With her partner, Jack, she distills the petals, leaves, and bark in glass flasks and creates heavenly scents. Check out her line of beautifully-bottled fragrances at Whole Foods. They are locally produced in Maui. Google: "scents of knowing" to find out more.

My Weakness----Ice Cream

Look at that cooler! Janie and Ray, the Whole Foods store manager, are keeping me at bay!! A number of the ice creams are produced in Hawaii. Better for the planet, don't you think? Buy local, eat local---that's my "little dog" advice.

.......And this is Only the Beginning

At this point, 40% of all the produce at Whole Foods is locally grown. More will be coming!

The Party's Over!

It was a whirlwind night of good food and great conversation at the Opening Party of the first Whole Foods Market in Hawaii. I had lots of fun, but It's past my bedtime. It's pretty late for an active pooch. I'm pooped and ready to hit the hay.
Do you see my little paw sticking out from under Dad's arm as he totes me to the car?

Monday, September 8, 2008

All the Way to Beijing and Back!

Ariel, to my right, just competed in the 2008 Olympics! She and her partner took 4th place in syncronized diving off the three meter board. Her niece, Gracie, is in Mom's class at Sunset Beach Elementary. Wow!! The kids were in awe of her athletic ability----she could do a handstand for a loooooong time. Ariel has been a champion diver since she began training when she was seven years old.
Bravo to you, Ariel. We're very proud of your accomplisments and dedication at 17 years of age!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Visitor to Sunset Beach Elementary

Taylor was vacationing here and just had to drop into Mom's classroom and visit me. She traveled all the way from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, (Ben Franklin's birthplace) to shake my paw and give me a hug. Taylor's grandpa, Randy Rarick, runs the biggest surf contest in the world-----the Triple Crown of Surfing---which is held on the North Shore of Oahu during the winter when the waves at my beach are really, really big. Google that contest and see what you can learn about my favorite sport!

What in the World am I Doing in Kansas, Dorothy? What in the World?

Well, somehow I ended up in Mike's tomato patch in Kansas. His dog, Buddy, and I got on very well. Then I hopped into my hot air balloon and floated back to Sunset Beach. Was I dreaming? And what in the world am I doing with that party hat on my head?

Hmmmmm...something strange is going on here. Can you guess what it could be?

Lend a Hand on North Shore Land

Here I am with Bobby, Doug (holding me), Kelly, and his daugher, Brooke. We're are on the mountain overlooking Sunset Beach, my home. We were surveying the old Obayashi property that has become a community land trust, 1,100 acres. Kelly's law firm, Cades and Schutte, were on the North Shore and sent 50 lawyers to begin cleaning up and preserving an old nursery on the mountain top. Oh, boy, what a great project for our neighborhood. The long-range plans can be found at: www.northshoreland.org Maybe you could volunteer next time.

Look at Me up in a Shower Tree!

Now is the time for all the beautiful shower trees to be in full bloom. This one is on the land in Pupukea that's part of the North Shore Community Land Trust.

Firewood. In Hawaii? On the North Shore?

Well, what can I say. I'm at the entrance to the road that leads back to the tree nursery on the mountain above Sunset Beach. These ironwood logs look like they've been here for a very long time and will probably never make it into a fireplace. Maybe a barbeque instead! Maybe not!