Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday...

A huge gift table for the first birthday of Blake and Kaliko's son, Mala'e!
This is a most auspicious event in the Hawaiian culture, so having a luau is always the best way to celebrate!
Yummy food, friends and family, music that touches the heart, and a big birthday cake made this day especially memorable.

And the Band Played On...

Kupa' Aina entertained us all afternoon with their "Jawaiian" music.
Everyone loved it!

The Next Generation

Mala'e, the birthday boy, and his Grandpa Larry.
Notice the plumeria lei around Grandpa's neck. That's one of the best aspects of living in Hawaii------necklaces of flowers are presented all the time on special occasions, and sometimes, just to show love.

Paddling My Own Canoe

Mala'e's "First Birthday Luau" was held on the top of a mountain, Pupukea, above my beach, at the Boy Scout Camp.
Ranger Mac, a retired military man who runs the place, told me this canoe was found in the bushes and recovered so his son who has a green thumb could turn it into a planter.
Good save! Remember---I like reycyling!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Get Ready---Christmas is Coming!

I'm shopping local at my first Christmas craft fair of the season!
What a wallopalooza! This is the 22nd year!
See for yourself. It's at the NBC (Neal Blaisdall Center) in Honolulu on November 29th and 30th. 10 to 10 on Saturday and 10 to 5 on Sunday.
The following ten photographs show me at the Fair on the first day.

Lots of New Friends to Make

Pono is a great dog and has a great story. Find out what it is.
Go to:

Remember-----I'm a Green Dog

Recycling is important for everyone, especially Mother Earth!! Moani, the designer, on the right, and her friend, Joy, were at the Craft Fair with this season's collection of recycled/redesigned wear.

Sisters----It's a Team Effort

Linda, on the right, and her sister, Diane, have a unique business. They make wonderful Hawaiian gifts----coasters, mousepads, glass cutting boards, and lots more! Check out their line at: (Linda also lends a hand in creating my pups!)

Lighting Makes All the Difference

I love these table lamps! The Japanese paper that the light shines through is called "washi". It's handscreened.

Merry Christmas from Paradise!

See the sign above the artist? That's "Merry Christmas" in Hawaiian.
Shannon Weaver's art is inspired by Diego Rivera and Georgia O'keefe.
I loved it!
Anthuriums are the heart-shaped tropical flowers in her painting

Importing from Japan for 30 Years

Francie had beautiful vintage kimonos----those are robes made in Japan. She also created incredible pieces of ribbon and chiffon called "free lace". That's what's in the foreground. What a designer she is!

Hmmmmm---These Faces Look Familiar

Kimberly, kissing me, and Donna, were the friends who took me to Tuscany in October. They were at the NBC Christmas Craft Fair selling their "Sunset Beach Trader" stuff. Go to the website on the yellow banner above their heads and see what's for sale.

The Artist, the Teacher

Susan was selling her watercolors. My favorites were the ones that were her "impressions" of flowers. The colors were vibrant and exciting! She also gives classes. I'm going to ask Mom to take me! Are you interested?
If so, go to:

It's a Cowabunga Christmas

Perfect board for my big wave, Christmas surfing days, don't you think?

Sending Lots of Aloha at Christmastime

Mike Lee had a great display of ceramics and prints!! I loved these three dogs saying, "Merry Christmas".
He's selling his plates and bowls at Martin and MacArthur in Ala Moana.
Remember---shopping "local" is good for everyone, especially Mother Earth.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Art Professor'a Grandaughter

Well, what do you think! This self portrait above me was made by Kela when she was 8 years old. I think she got her artistic ablility from her grandad, Duane Preble, who taught art at the University of Hawaii for 30 years. I was visiting his home in Manoa Valley on a quiet Sunday morning and happened upon this art piece.

The Professor

Here is Duane up on the ladder. He set me up there for the view. He and his wife, Sarah, built this great house on the side of a mountain.
They also wrote a college art book together called ART FORMS.
Now the Prebles are retired and doing art!

Bow Wow on the Terrace

Here I am with the Preble's dog. I'm always making new friends everywhere I go!
That's the best part of being "Surf Dog"!

Yikes! What Big Teeth You Have Grandma!

Head on down to the Bishop Museum and see this big Megladon's mouth for yourself, and lots more!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Triple Crown--Off and Running

Officer Albert is hold me up in front of the billboard for first contest of the Triple Crown of Surfing. It's always held in Haleiwa, my beachtown, at Alii Beach Park. Drew Toons did the art. Isn't it great! To learn more about this three-event surf contest, google it.

Keeping Everyone Posted

Jodi, holding me, has been the Communications Director for the Triple Crown for 10 years! Did you notice, she's just getting ready to have her third child. Solange is Jodi's assistant and keeps her company in their trailer set up just for the surf contest.

In Charge of the Whole Thing

Bernie Baker is the Contest Director for the Triple Crown. He's also a professional photographer and has one of his photos published in the Honolulu Advertiser each morning the day after the contest has run. Look for them!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pancho Sullivan--Xcel Pro Champ 2008

Pancho was on his way to surf Rocky Point when we chatted for a few minutes. Days earlier he had just won the first big contest of the season on the North Shore---the Xcel Pro. He told me the waves at Sunset had been perfect 4' to 8' and, "It was a blast!"

This is Pancho's last year of surfing professionally on the world tour. He'll surf a few contests, but is staying home in Hawaii to coach and do grassroots work for his sponsor, Ripcurl, so he can be with his wife, Haunani, and their two young sons. Enthusiastically he said, "I want to be here to take my children to school and read to them." Sounds like Pancho's a smart and loving dad!
Watch for him riding waves in the Triple Crown of Surfing Contest starting Wednesday, November 12, at Alii Beach Park in Haleiwa.

What 's On Your Mind? Speak Up!

The North Shore Community Land Trust was asking the "locals" what they would like to see on the 1,100 acre property next to Sunset Beach Elementary School. The Saturday farmer's market was in progress, so lots of community members, young and old, were there shopping and came into the cafeteria afterwards and spoke up!

Everyone Had a Voice

Angel, in the pink, was creating a page for a children's book showing what she would like to see on the Pupukea-Paumalu land. A lot of children drew pictures of a garden and a swimming pool. Sounds like good ideas to me!! That's Jan behind her, and Estelle, in the background, volunteering at the booth.

My Island in the Middle of the Pacific

This map shows the parcel of land that is now in a public trust forever. It took 30 years and lots of hard work and passion to preserve this pristine acreage. Now it's up to the community and its leaders to design and implement what will be constructed and how the property will be utilized. Townscape, Inc., is facilitating the process. Their representative, Sherri Hiraoka, was in charge of the Speak Out! In my opinion, she did a great job!! By the end of the day, lots of residents and visitors had their say!

Pupukea-Paumalu---A View from the Air

Doug Cole is one of the top dogs, to speak a canine pun, in the Pupukea-Paumalu project. His dedication and effort are making what was a once a very big dream for this community, a reality. And he's going to law school too!! Yikes, what a committment!

Anyone Can Lend a Hand

I was so impressed by all the folks who want to participate in the dream----the Pupukea-Paumalu Land Trust.
If you are interested, either in physically pitching in or making a financial contribution, go to and see what YOU can do!

For Future Generations

Mala'e and his mom, Kaliko, were at the Speak Out all morning. As you can see, Mala'e conked out from all the hubbub and excitement of the event. Blake McElheny, Kaliko's husband and Mala'e's dad, is the other "top dog" in the Pupukea-Paumalu project.
Bravo to everyone who volunteered to make this event successful.
Many, many people contributed their ideas and thoughts as to what "should" happen on the 1,100 acre public land trust on the Kahuku side of Sunset Beach Elementary School.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bonjorno!! "Hello" in Italian

My latest adventure took me to Italy with Mom's friend, Kimberly.
Oh boy, what sights I saw.
Here I am on my balcony in Florence with begonias on either side of me and the Italian flag next to my head!
Speaking of head, my doggie head was spinning from all the beauty.

In Tuscany

Oh, boy, it was grape harvest time and I was right in the middle of the picking! In fact, Kimberly, my escort, nipped her finger as she was snipping the clusters off the vines.
What fun I was having staying on the "Pedero", an Italian farmhouse, with Kimberly and her closest friends. She was on vacation to celebrate her 50th birthday! Whooopeeee!

Make a Wish!

I am in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the capital of Italy! Many tourists believe that if you make a wish and throw a coin in the fountain, you'll come back some day. It's like Hawaii---if you throw your lei into the ocean as you are departing on an oceanliner, and it drifts back to shore, you'll return someday.

The Vatican City

I'm in the center of Rome in a walled enclave which is the smallest city-state in the world in population and area. The architecture is very old. There were lots and lots of tourists----too many!

So, How do I Look?

I'm with Deidre looking very cool in my fashionable shades! The Italians love to dress in the latest styles, so I'm fitting right in.

No Roads? How Will I Get Around?

Kimberly and I are in Venice, an island city, on the Grand Canal! Oh my goodness, the only way to go from place to place is by boat. Lots of houses are flooded on the first floors as the water is rising! Yikes, this is something like a slow-moving tsunami!
Well, this was our last stop on the Italian Tour. I was sad to say farewell to Italy, but excited to be heading back to Paradise. I hear the surf's up!