Thursday, November 21, 2013

Surf's Up.......and the First Contest's On

Yep, it's the Menehune Surfing Contest again, the 37th year!  About 400 groms on Oahu and many from the Outer Islands compete to see who's the best wave rider of all.  For many, this is the beginning of a career in professional surfing.  
Check out the website......the music is fantastic!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Next Kelly Slater? Carissa Moore?

Nathan, Kaile (holding me) and Olivia are ready grab their boards and surf in their heats.  Being a young surfer in the Menehune is fun and's a day to play at the beach with all your friends and family.

And When You're not Surfing..........

Go climb a coconut tree like Kaile and Olivia if your tired of catching waves.  The whole Menehune weekend is just one big beach party! and sometimes it goes for two weekends!

Looking West and Looking East

It's an all day event at the Menehune Surfing Contest.  Some of the parents are really putting a lot of their energy and effort in making sure their children do their best........ and for some it's very, very serious.

The Perfect Perch

Sitting on the stage of the judges' tent, Kayla and her Mom and Dad are in a great position to watch the Menehune!  In Hawaiian, menehune means "magic little people" something like the leprechauns of Ireland.

Up on Top

The judges have a perfect view of the hundreds of young surfers out to prove themselves.  Heat after heat determines the best wave riders 12 years old and under in Hawaii.

The Voice of the North Shore

Rocky Canon is always ready to give me a smile and a hug when we see each other, and so it was at the Menehune Surfing Contest.  It's such a pleasure to chat with this North Shore icon.........he's always announcing something somewhere!

You are the Change

Educating the children to take better care of the planet was on the agenda at the Menehune.  Here is Natalie of the Kokua Hawaii Foundation letting the young surfers know the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Artists at the Beach

One way to recycle is to use found pieces of glass and plastic from the beach to create a big, beautiful fish.  Try it's easy! 

And Speaking of Education

This was my favorite tent at the Menehune.............the Book Exchange.  Kirra, on the left, and Alohi were overseeing the activities.  Each child who wanted a book brought one to trade.  I love this idea!  It was the brainchild of Susie Milosky and the first year at the contest.

Look, I Found a Book!

I was so lucky!  I was able to take home a copy of Michael Pollen's book about eating.  I know that what I put in my body is important...........junk food equals junk body.......healthy food equals healthy body!!  Makes so much sense, doesn't it!

Command Central

These young women make the Menehune happen!  They are so full of love and goodwill and are happy to support young surfers and their dreams.

And Just for Me

Yes, the Menehune is really great for, books, the beach, waves, and a bowl of water with my name on it!!  Perfect!

Ready to Conquer the World

Kaiser and his little sister, Kirin, are just two of the 400 children competing in the 37th Annual Menehune Surfing Contest.  They were excited to spend the day at the beach with their friends and ride waves to see who's the best surfer in Hawaii in 2013.
(You may recognize the building in the background, it was the lifeguard headquarters in the t.v. show, Baywatch, filmed in my little beachtown of Haleiwa.)