Sunday, April 17, 2016

Friends in the Netherlands

Simon and Marieke were so good to me on my visit to their home in The Hague.  They took me to many interesting places.  This canal is in the city of Leiden.  Come on along and I'll show you some more of the sights...

A Robot?

Nope, this is a parking meter in Leiden...sure looks like a robot to me.

A Two-story Home?

Take a better look and you'll see that this photograph shows a reflection of the brick house on one of the many canals in Leiden.  Did you notice the bird's nest?

Hundreds of Years Old

Leiden was established in the early 1300's, many years before Columbus landed in America.  The architecture is breathtaking and has so much character....details, details, details.  This town is home to  the oldest university in the Netherlands, also.

Coats of Arms

These shields, filled with symbols and figures, represent a family, a person, an organization, and sometimes, city or a country.  Medieval knights wore the coats over their armor.

A Secret Passage?

Hmmmm.  This little door on the canal gave me pause.  Never did find out if it opened or where it went!  A mystery.

My Favorite Mode of Transportation

Yes, this bicycle is not just a way to go from here to there on two wheels....which is my key to freedom.  I love the wind blowing in my fur and stopping anytime I want to sightsee or chat with friends.  This bike is more than that, it's advertising a restaurant.

A Souvenir, Perhaps?

There was such a fabulous selection of pottery in Leiden at little tourist shops.  See anything that would suit you?  I recommend this town!