Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Me---Goin' to be on T.V.

If you are in Hawaii, and I encourage to be, watch for me on T.V.
Sunday, May 2nd, 6:30 pm Channel 54 Olelo!!
I had fun at the taping and so did Mom!

Meeting Me at the Front Door

I made friends with Ming Ming at the entrance to the Olelo Studios.
She has lived outside the front door for 12 years when it was still the Kodak Building.
She's happy and well loved by the staff.

The Heart of 'Olelo

I'm in the lobby of the 'Olelo Building. Chatty Kathy's with David, her first guest, and Karen who greeted me when I first entered.
Karen takes care of Ming Ming as does the custodian who has been there as long as the cat. They came with the building.
Behind Karen there were 5 televisions broadcasting the 5 'Olelo channels. (You can see two of them).

Chatty Kathy Loves to Chat

I loved being on Chatty Kathy's show. She interviews interesting people. I guess I qualified even though I was a dog!
She made Mom laugh and laugh and laugh and she loved the pink fleece puppy, too. She's on every Sunday at 6:30 on Channel 54 in Hawaii, of course.

Behind the Scenes

Zach was the cameraman on Chatty Kathy's show. She loves him! He's such a fabulous technician. He even helped her program her iphone so she could upload a litte promo that we put on Facebook and YouTube. Thanks, Zach.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jack Johnson and Me--the Shell in Waikiki!!

That's Jack on the monitor. I'm at the Kokua Festival which is benefit for his green charity---Hawaii Kokua Foundation.
The following photos are from my day there, and my night.

First in Line - The Second Time

Amy and Gina, in the pink, were at the Waikiki Shell bright and early----8 am. They came from Colorado and were at the head of the que for Jack's 2008 concert too!
That's Paige and Asia, in the sunglasses, behind them in second position. They are students in Hawaii at HPU and BYU and arrived at 10:45. The gates opened up at 3:00 and that was hours away, but the "people watching" was sooooo fun that time flew by quickly.

Smiling Faces Met Me at Check In

All the vendors who had booths at the Kokua Festival came to set up on Thursday or Friday. Kate, in the front, Kaliko, the head honcho, and Mia were there to greet them!

Unloading the Best Pizza in the World!

Jeanne Vana of Big Wave Tomatoes was one of the vendors selling food at the Festival. All the food was healthy because that's what Jack promotes----healthy, sustainable living. Jeanne growns her own tomatoes and basil and makes her own mozzarella cheese. The thought of that pizza makes my little doggie mouth water!

It's All in the Family

Kim, in the top photo, is Jack's wife and partner in the Foundation. She was busy, busy, busy making sure everything was on track before the gates opened. The photograph above explains their mission.

As I Said, "It's All in the Family"

Kim's dad, Ron, with the big smile, was taking photographs of everything (and so was Kim's mom). Here he's at the Brushfire Records booth with Crystal, O'Neal, and Kizzy (holding me).

Recycling and Doing Their Part

Do you remember the suspended records in the last photograph? Well, those vinyls will be turned into pieces of art with the assistance of Crystal and Paula Fuga. Paula, making the famous "shaka" sign, has played with Jack before and is a famous musician in Hawaii. Check out her website:

The Oldest Kid on the Block

The Outdoor Circle was established in Hawaii about 100 years ago. Seven women got together and stopped billboards from being part of Honolulu's landscape. They bought the billboard companies and dismantled them. Bravo! for keeping our state, "Clean, Green, and Beautiful". ( Mom is a charter member of the North Shore Chapter and the perpetual vice-president.)
Their booth was one of many eco-friendly organizations at the Festival. The Outdoor Circle was encouraging event goers to build gardens by giving away free seeds! Mom and Jane were manning the booth with other volunteers.

Carole and Jane Happy as Can Be!

Jack Johnson is one of the most environmentally-conscious musicians in the industry. He has a zero waste policy, brings in eco-friendly organizations for his concerts, and makes sure everyone knows he and his family support sustainability and a better planet.

Look for Jack's newest release, To the Sea, and plan on attending one of his worldwide concerts this summer!
I'm planning on being at the London event on June 30th.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

...And the Bride Rode in on her Horse

I was at the perfect wedding this week. The sun was just setting golden in the sky as the bride was greeted by her dad and walked toward the beach. I'm on the polo field in Mokuleia. Remember, I was just there last month for the opening of polo season.

The Handsome Pensive Groom

Paul was waiting for his bride-to-be, Siri, as the waves were crashing and the sun was sliding into the sea.
That's a traditional maile lei with pikake flowers around his neck----it smells heavenly, both leaves and blossoms.

Full of Love and Wonder

Paul and Siri were saying their vows as the sun was setting and the waves were crashing. Wow! Perfect North Shore wedding!

The Ringbearer in the Fur Coat

Marley had the wedding rings tied to her collar. What a novel way of transporting the golden bands! The dog loved being part of the ceremony!

Sigh.......A Future Full of Loving Devotion

It made my heart full to see Paul and Siri embrace. I'm fortunate to be part of such a loving community, and dogs are always welcome!

Always Ready to Catch a Wave!

As we were leaving the wedding reception, what should I see on top of the SUV. Was I surprised, not really, this is the North Shore of Oahu! There are surfers everywhere!
What a glorious evening I had being part of Paul and Siri's celebration!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Culture Comes to Honolulu

Chuck Boller is the Executive Director of this film festival. It's every spring and it's great! Johnny, Bridgette, and Allen (being silly) were taking tickets, and best of all, Mom and Bobby, her husband, were admitted free to a surf film. Check out the website, it's on the poster, and see what's playing. The films are being shown at the Dole Cannery.

Catch a Wave and You'll be Sittin'.........

This is a great surf film! Made by brothers, Derek and Craig Hoffman, it's a documentary about taking pictures and video in the ocean, but not just any ocean, the Pacific at Piipe. The wave, at Ehukai Beach Park on the North Shore of Oahu, called the Banzai Pipeline is one of the most challenging, if not THE most challenging wave in the world to ride. It's gnarly as every "surf dude" would say. See video at

The Hawaii Filmakers

Derek, in the green shirt, and Craig Hoffman gradutated from Kaiser High School, products of public education. They made FIBERGLASS AND MEGAPIXELS for fun! This documentary tells what it's like to be out in gigantic surf filming pro surfers! It's deep in more than one way! Three of the stars were Mom's former third grade students---Mark Healey, Freddie P. and Daniel Russo.
I was on the edge of my seat during the whole show! I give it a "Perriffic 5 Starfish" rating as would, I am sure, Perry Chen, the 10-year old film critic from San Diego. Google Perry and see what he's about.

The Movie Stars

Look at all those beaming faces-----the movie had just ended and these men, all photographers, except Mark Healey, champion surfer holding me, were answering questions from the audience. Like I said, my breath was taken away with the excellent footage, dialogue, interviews, music,and depth of this surf film.
Keep your fingers crossed, FIBERGLASS AND MEGAPIXELS may be showing on the North Shore on May 28th. I'll keep you posted.
(Mom's doing her best to make it happen.)
Here's the lineup from left to right--Mike, Mark, Jim, Daren, Mana, and Sean.
Bravo to Derek and Craig for such a fine film!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us, Happy Birthday to Us, Happy Birthday Dear Farmers..........

Haleiwa Farmers' Market turned one year old today. Bravo to Pamela and Annie and all the vendors for an awesome first year!!
See more photos at

BoBo San Sends Birthday Wishes Too

My newest doggie friend is a Tibetan Spaniel Pug with a very serious mug! BoBo is an independent pooch. He just does as he pleases while his dad, Jeff, keeps his bouncy castle pumped up for all the kids at the Market! Check out Jeff's website at:

A Surf Legend and his Wife

Ross Williams, the "uber-famous" surf star and his kind, beautiful wife, Jen, stopped by my tent to chat for awhile as their daughters were getting a pony cart ride from Elvis. Murphy, their 5-month old Yorkie, loved his little snuggle bag.
It was a great day for kids at the Haleiwa Farmers' Market birthday celebration. A yummy spice cake was delivered from the Turtle Bay Resort and each vendor and lots of shoppers were given a piece! Thanks, Hector!

Queens of the Forest

Six-year old Alyssa and her sister, Anya, visit me often at the kids' tent to do a craft on Sunday mornings. Today we made wreaths in celebration of Earth Day on the 22nd. They promised to take care of the trees and give one a hug for me!

Dad Joined in the Fun......I Love Fathers who are Good Sports (Great Modeling)

Kevin and his daughter, Caroline, spent time with me talking, talking, talking. I asked Caroline what she could do, as a child, to take better care of the Earth and she very quickly replied, "I can pick up trash, even though I didn't leave it".
Bravo, my young friend! What a positve and caring attitude you have. Let's all pitch in to do our part like Caroline!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jane Took Me to the Car Show

Yes, that's me peeping into the engine of a hybrid car. It was pretty overwhelming at the Convention Center-----so many cars, so many choices, so many people. I think I'll just stick to my bike!

My Pal in the Garden

Mickey and I have been friends since I was born. He's a good old dog who lives in the garden. See those green plants next to his nose? That's spearmint! It makes great tea. Just pick a handful, chop it up fine, put it in a pot and pour boiling water on the leaves and stems-----presto--fresh mint tea. Yummmmm. Ask Mom for help if you're not used to using the stove.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Latest Fellow Traveler

Goldfish Bunny and I met when Nodie, mom's friend from Pupukea, took me to the Middle East. I love making new friends!
I'm staying close to a very salty body of water called the Dead Sea.

I Love to Dine Outdoors

Nodie took me to a kibbutz for lunch. I had a fabulous afternoon in the garden talking, talking, talking. Everyone was so happy.
What's a kibbutz? Google it.

Falafel Anyone?

What's falafel? Little balls of ground garbanzo beans cooked (fried) and served like a burrito or hotdog. See all the stuff in the front of the case? Those are the toppings! It's pretty healthy food that comes from the Middle East. Thanks, Nodie, for taking me along on your trip and showing me so many new sights.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pirates of the Carribean?

Well, I am in the Carribean, but that's not a pirate with me. It's Art Brewer, the super famous surf photographer. He's at Rincon, Puerto Rico, giving a photography workshop in collaboration with New York's School of Visual Arts. Michelle Tricca, another professional photographer, took me with her and took this picture!!

A Castle in Puerto Rico?

Michelle took me to Torre de Piedra, the Stone Castle, on top of a mountain. There is a big Festival of Coffee there. Why don't you google that castle and see where I was!

Michelle was Such a Good Sport!

Michelle took me everywhere, especially to the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico. She had fun learning new photography skills from Art!! Google both of them: Michelle Tricca and Art Brewer and see their work!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Get Ready-----The Women are Coming!

The only "all women's surf contest" in Hawaii is in its holding period----April 5-19, at Ehukai Beach Park (Pipeline). Keep your fingers crossed for sizeable waves coming in from the West. Check for updates:
This meet, which has been held for the past 21 years, will showcase 64 of the world's top bodyboard and short board riders.
Thanks to Jerry Driscoll, owner of North Shore Soap Factory, for being the top sponsor! Check out his shop at the old sugar mill in Waialua.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Bunny Everybody!!!!!!

Easter in Paradise in the lap of "You Know Who".
I love being part of this family.
Come visit me sometime at the Haleiwa Farmers' Market on Sunday mornings.
See more about the Market----

Come and Have Your Face Painted

Elizabeth, the artist, and one of my very dearest friends, was painting Brinn's face on Easter morning. Brinn's wearing a crown she had just made with me.
We were at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party!! Mom dressed up so she was wearing a long, red, velvet cape/coat and a pearl-trimmed, wide-brimmed, white hat!
That's Annie in the background taking photos for the Market's weekly newsletter.

Sooooo Cute Soooooo Soft

This little goat was part of the big Easter celebration at the Haleiwa Farmers' Market. Maisy, a two-month old Nubian cross, was
part of a whole petting zoo.......bunnies, chicks, and two baby goats. These little animals are part of Naked Cow Dairy's stock.
What's Naked Cow Dairy? Come to the Market and try their wonderful, flavored butter that's, of course, homemade.
That's Jeff cradling Maisy in his arms. I petted her for a long time and she loved it.

Spreading the Word

I was on the radio and telling everyone all about my adventures. Mom did a lot of talking for me.
I was a guest on KWAI 1080 AM. The SOLAR GUY--Jeff Davis---had me on his show so we could talk about doing good work in the community. Mom has always been one to want the neighborhood safer and looking better so she's been very active and we talked all about that on the show. I had fun! Bob is the sound guy and makes sure the show runs smoothly. Keith was filming for Olelo and is the associate producer of "The Solar Guy". He was also interviewed by Jeff because he's active in the community too.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Renee Nobriga and her Dad

Renee, Miss Hawaii USA 2010, and her father, Kealoha, are beaming! This beauty queen is heading to Las Vegas to compete for the Miss USA title. We met up at her fundraiser hosted by Pacific Home in Honolulu. I loved this store----eco friendly and beautifully designed furnishings. What a great setting for Renee's benefit.

Supporting Their Sister

Michelle, on the left, and Jsohnel are Renee's sisters. "We're so proud of her. She's come so far and is doing a great job representing our state. She's also an awesome role model for young Americans." With such loving a devoted sisters, it's easy to see why Renee is so beautiful inside, and out!

It Was a Family Affair

Renee's fundraiser brought lots of North Shore residents to town. Allison, Renee, and Drew were Mom's third grade students a while back. Jane, in the butterfly dress, is her daughter! They all love Renee and wholeheartedly support her quest to become Miss USA!

Yahoo-----A New Bike!

Mom was so lucky! She won a new cruiser at Renee's fundraiser! She'll be sytlin' now as she rides down the Sunset Beach Bike Path. That's Donovan DelaCruz in the black. He's our City Council representative and candidate for Mayor of Honolulu.
What a fun time I had sharing the evening with Renee and her family and friends!