Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer in Bowes Park - North London

Yes, it does get warm enough to bring out the pool and play in the water in the garden.  Harriet and her friend are making the best of the sunshine. Although when Mom and I were visiting, a cold spell hit the next day and brrrrrrrrr....Luckily I was in my fur coat!!

Bend it Like Beckham?

Phoebe was playing soccer, or as they say in England and around the world, "football" instead of joining her sister in the pool.  Now a note about the pool in the previous picture.  It is really a birthing tub.  Both Harriet and Phoebe were born in it!

Our Hostess Extrodinaire

Emma and Jasper took very good care of me when I visited them.  Emma is fabulous cook!  Best of all, I had an inside view of what it's really like to live in London.  They are renovating their home and there were construction materials all over the garden so we made two dump runs.  Now, mind you, in England a dump is called a "tip".  They laughed when I called the tip a "dump"!

I Love Dean! He's so Much Fun!

Dean Willars is an architect in London and the leader of the Willars clan.  He was so helpful and told me where to go and what to do.  He also played music at the drop of a hat, with his IPod and surround sound in his house.  He even led me to this overground railway through a beautiful park to catch a train to the King's Cross station so I could ride the Great Western to Cornwall........but that's another story.  Stay tuned!

Be Careful When You Travel

Well, I fared pretty well as Mom and I traveled across Europe, but one time she awkwardly brought her suitcase, her carry on, that's all she took and me, of course, off the steps at a weird angle and gouged the side of her foot.  Ouch!  Lucky she "minded the gap" and didn't fall through the crack!
She kept me safe, secure, and comfy all the time  We sure do enjoy ourselves as we travel around the world!  Lots of people we meet and know want to be in my shoes, oops, I mean paws.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's the Big Red Dog and Me

Clifford and I met up in New York City.  We have a great working relationship----we both entertain and educate children (and adults).  I met him at the Scholastic News offices because Mom's an advisor to the 3rd grade newsletter.

Anyone for Some Blush?

It's fun to travel and stop in little shops, especially ones that give away products.  LUSH is an Engish company with stores across the U.S.  Stephen and I made friends and he told me that his company buys 1/10th of all the roses from Turkey to make perfumes and soaps and creams and more.  When you visit NYC drop into LUSH at 529 Broadway and tell them the dog sent you!

In All Her Glory

Grand Central Station in New York City is having a birthday........she's 100 years old!  Mom and I love to travel by train.  It's our favorite way to get around!  Just make sure if you ride the rails, realize there are many cities, especially in Europe, which have more than one train station, so plan accordingly.

Along the River

Yep, I'm traveling by train again.  It was just a short day trip outside of New York City.  I loved the views of the Hudson River.  Ever heard of Henry Hudson?  Look him up and find out why this river was named after him. 

My Good Pal, Eva

Eva is an old friend who moved to Croton on Hudson.  We met up when I was staying in The Big Apple.  I just hopped a train and headed north along the Hudson River.  It is so easy to get around on the East Coast using Amtrak and the local rail companies.

Build a Rock Wall?

I'm in a small, quaint town north of New York City called Croton on Hudson.  It old and had great gardens and fences.  This rock wall caught my eye.  I bet the rocks came out of the Hudson river.  I think it would be fairly easy to build.  Want to give it a try?

New York's Getting Green!!

Hooray for Composting!  Hooray for The Big Apple.  Being sustainable is important to everyone.  The planet needs more green awareness to stay healthy.  Are you composting?  It's easy and there are several ways to reduce your waste.