Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Triple Crown's Final Jewel

What a crowd!!  This is the final day of the Pipe Masters, the last contest in the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) 2013 World Tour!  That's Peter Joli, famous Australian surf photographer, sporting the official Triple Crown t-shirt!  Let's take a tour of the circus grounds...........

And Who are You?

I get a lot of strange looks as Mom takes me down to the beach, or anywhere, really.  This one from Pineapple, a Bichon from the East Side, was one of the strangest!  She was super friendly once she got to know me, and smell me.

Just in Case.......

Safety is alway, always the first concern of any surf contest.  At the Banzai Pipeline it's even more important.  The waves weed out the men from the boys at this surf spot.  Terry Ahui, a former North Shore lifeguard, who owns Pt. Break Water Safety, uses this water vehicle to make rescues and keep an eye on the competitors.  He designed the rescue sled behind me!

And the Gang's All Here

These are only a few of the photographers trying to capture a great shot during the Pipe Masters!  In the past few years, anyone with enough money to buy a good camera with a telephoto lens could take contest pictures and submit them to surf magazines.  There were many more men in the water with cameras dodging surfboards and duck diving massive waves!

Prepared for the Day!

Honolulu residents, Nori, and his daughter, Anela, were decked out in style.  Mom was working, so Dad decided to spend the day at the beach.  Smart thinking to have a wagon, sand toys, and a tent.  It gets pretty hot when the afternoon sun starts beating down and there is no shade anywhere.

A Perfect Place to Be

Antonio, from Brazil, and Ricardo, from Venice, Italy, were so happy to find the best seat in the house to view the Pipe Masters.  What do you think, are they in the perfect place?

On the Set of Hawaii 5-0?

This handsome Honolulu police officer was on duty at the Pipe Masters.  Liam Miller loved this "special"duty assignment.  When I asked him if he surfed, he replied, "Every day if I can!"

The Judges Perch

Visitors and locals always crowd around the judges' stand.  These folks were at the contest early and capitalized on the morning shade.

The Best Snapping Photos of the Best

Tom Servais was a staff photographer at Surfer Magazine for over 20 years.  Now he freelances around the world on special assignments.   He has a pretty exciting life if you ask me.......beaches, waves, and spectacular sunsets.

Surfers as Rock Stars

Many surfers are chased and idolized by fans.  Sometimes, when they come out of the water,  they are mobbed and cheered and surrounded.  This competitor stopped to sign his autograph after his heat ended.

Flying a Kite?

Pete Hodgson is using a Go Pro which takes stills and videotapes, too.  He's always on the beach documenting North Shore waves and wave riders, especially at Pipe. 

The Crowd Kept Growing

I got to the Pipe Masters about 9:30 am.  The heats began at 8:00.  The beachgoers were arriving in droves from Honolulu and parking was at a premium.  The lifeguards told me this was the biggest crowd they had ever seen and I agreed.  Surfing is becoming a very, very popular sport around the world!

Being Green Suits Me!

I loved seeing all these bicycles parked along the Bike Path at Ehukai Beach Park--- the location of the Banzai Pipeline.  I rode up there myself.  Bike riding is my favorite sport after surfing.

I Love Words

I just had to take a photograph of this young fellow named Devin and his cool t-shirt.  I think most surfers have this motto! By the way, "keikis" means children in Hawaiian.

The Perils of Surfing

Casey "hit the flats at Freddy's" and landed upright on his feet when he was surfing.  He'll have to wear that cast for awhile.  Surfing is lots and lots of fun, but it can also be dangerous.  Should you decide to take up surfing, make sure you have the right board and are surfing in the right place for your ability.  Take a few lessons first so you know what to do.  Better safe than sorry!
See you at the Pipe Masters next year.  Arf!  Arf!