Saturday, May 29, 2010

Benefit Breakfast @ Joe's

These women radiate health-----they paddle outrigger canoes and compete in gnarly open ocean races; sometimes in rough surf between islands.

Deidre, on the left, Amy, and Barbara are members of the North Shore Canoe Club and were "waitresses" at Haleiwa Joe's on Saturday morning. They hold this event every May and are well-suported by the kitchen staff and manager, Joe Lazar. That's exactly why I love living here-----there is such a strong sense of community at soooo many celebrations.
This breakfast is just one of them!

Look Out--the Next Generation of Paddlers

Maddy, Alex, holding me, and Jordyn in the orange kept their moms company at the Eggs Benedict Breakfast. It was soooo yummy and what a great setting!

Good Friends at the Door

This was the Welcoming Committee at the entry to Haleiwa Joe's. What a great benefit and only $10! There was an auction that had over a hundred items; from a silk and wool rug valued at $7,000 (it went for $1,000) to local chocolates, acupuncture and facials. From right to left-----Kimberly, Shirley, Jeannie, and Kate.
Join this gang next year, keep posted at:

Taking His Job Seriously

The "Voice of the North Shore", Skill Johnson, was the auctioneer and general cut-up!! Folly kept Skilly company and read off the names of the raffle winners. She laughed at his jokes too!

The Market Over by Haunama Bay

Layla, holding me, and Kiyana were at the Hawaii Farmers' Market in Hawaii Kai at Kaiser High School. I loved the crowns they made with mom at the Keiki Korner! We were there for the grand opening. It's a great market open on Saturday mornings from 9 to 1. Pamela and Annie who run the Haleiwa Farmers' Market opened this one too.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Below the Equator

Can you believe it! See those misty, white sprays in the background? That's the top of Victoria Falls in Zambia. I'm on the Zambezi River in east Africa at the headwaters (beginning) of the Nile River. My knees were knocking a little. See if you can find out the height of the waterfall, so you'll understand why I was a little nervous!

Oh, Oh, this Looks Very Serious

So do you suppose I will see a lion. Well, the truth is I did see one. My friend, Randy Rarick, and his wife, Jacque, took me with them on their adventure to South Africa and Zambia. Well, Randy was just trying to get a good shot of me and set me in front of a lion, but the handler freaked out and I was whisked away from the lion's face. Fact is, the only thing ever set in front of that lion was food! Yikes----I wasn't ready to be his dinner!

My Guide and I Made Friends

I'm at the lion reserve and looking forward to my trek around the place. Thomas was all dressed up in his safari outfit and ready to take me exploring.

All Smiles on the Reserve In Zambia

Judith, in the blue pants, and Makalike and I just clicked! We talked a little while and became fast friends.

My Newest Little Friend

Kiora and her dad, Rick, were the ones who ran the camp where I got to see the lions and almost became dinner for one of them! I liked the way she was cuddling me. I felt very loved.

Feeling the Beat

I was lucky to be serenaded by these street singers in Zambia. Don't you feel like dancing just looking at them?

Taking Care of the Beach

I ran into a group of children in Muizenberg, South Africa, who were picking up litter off the beach. I guess kids all over the world like to take care of their environment. I know the kids in Hawaii do! Bravo to all of them, everywhere!

Whew! I'm up Pretty High!

Here I am with Noah and Adam on top of Table Mountain in South Africa. The height made my little doggie knees, all four of them, a bit weak.

Wow! Rocks at the Beach Everywhere!

I am so grateful to Randy and Jacque for taking me with them on their journey below the equator. It was exciting to make new friends, listen to dancin' singers, see lions and elephants, and learn so much about a continent far, far away. I'm sure I'll return to Africa again, maybe next time on a "surf safari".

Monday, May 17, 2010

I Want to Learn to Read

Now this is Koa. He was at the 5th Annual Hawaii Book and Music Fair on the grounds of Honolulu Hale (City Hall). Koa was there with his family because it was a fun outing and free too. (One very interesting fact I learned was that in Hawaii one out of five people are functionally illiterate.) Watch for this fair every May. It was great!

Come and Check out a Book, a Movie, a.....

This is the gang that was manning the booth for Hawaii Public Libraries. They were full of great information including how to download audiobooks, eBooks, etc. Want to know more? Go to:

Supporting Public Libraries

Carol, holding me, Lynette, and Dylan are part of a volunteer organization in Hawaii that does everything it can to make our public libraries better. Mom bought some beautiful handmade cards created by one of the volunteers from recycled pages in books that are no longer readable. Smart way to make money, don't you think?

Music to My Ears, and So Much More

Hawaii Public Radio is such a big part of my life. I'm always riding shotgun and listening to 88.1 or 88.5 (FM 1) as Mom drives back and forth to Honolulu from the North Shore. It's about an hour trip and we listen to great programing as we journey from one side of Oahu to the other. I'm always up to speed on all the issues and I get to hear great music, too!
Dee, with the NPR shirt, and Carol are volunteers and love being at the station because of the "great people"! You can volunteer too!

So You Want to Write a Book

Jane Gillespie owns BeachHouse Publishing. Her booth was so attractive and colorful I just had to stop by to chat for a little while.
I noticed one of her books entitled SAM SURFS. It caught my eye because I surf too! Jane said she wrote it after watching her son catch waves on an ironing board around her home. So........get in touch with Jane if you want to publish a book. Go to
Also, Jane has the first children's book from Hawaii that is an iPhone App. It's called DIVING FOR COLORS IN HAWAII. Wow!
It's in English and Hawaiian.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, and More Dogs

I was truly overwhelmed at the Pet Expo in Honolulu last weekend. As soon as I walked across the side road into the grassy area of the Blaisdell Center, everywhere I looked, there were dogs.
These poodles and friend were just four of hundreds of pampered pets out for a day at the Expo.

Do You Have a Terrier ? An Earthdog?

Sheila was at one of the booths inside the Pet Expo. She represented a group that keeps the "rooting" skills of terriers, dachshunds, and their mixes up to speed. These dogs love to hunt and ferret out rodents, so if you have a rat dog/terrier, check out their website at

Running into Old Friends

Sienna and her mom, Karen, had just visited a parrot named Romeo. Sienna had little holes on the sleeve of her shirt because she let that naughty bird peck at her shoulder for an hour as she held him! A whole hour! I asked them why they had come to the Expo and they both exclaimed, "Because we LOVE animals". (Sienna was Mom's student at Sunset Beach Elementary when she was eight.)

This Little Lady Goes Everywhere

James, a former zookeeper, rescued Priscilla from an old taro farm in Haleiwa, and now they ride the bus all over Oahu looking for adventure. See me leaning againt Priscilla's traveling bag? What deluxe accommodations; she travels in style. (This blue heeler/greyhound mix is a service dog, so that's why she's allowed to ride on the bus.)

Island Dog Lovers

John, with the fancy moustache, Carol, and Charlie were making new friends like crazy. Charlie had just dropped off his family magazine, Hawaii Parent.
John and Carol publish a quarterly rag just for dog and cat owners. If you'll recall, John wrote a story about me in their last issue.
See what's new at Island Dog, go to

"Hawaii Pet" Puts You in the Know

I made friends with the publisher, Mary, of another pet magazine, Hawaii Pet. From left to right, Kamu, Mary, Aubrey, and Mary's husband, Toby. He surfs like me! They have lots of contests. Your pet could even be on the cover of their magazine. See how and read more at:

If Your Pet has a Problem

I'm at the entrance to the whole show----there were so many booths and so many products for pets! Wow!
Emily Gardner is holding me. She's the only "pet attorney" on the island, so if you need some advice, give her a call.
What a fun time I had at the Pet Expo, and I'm sure I'll be at the next one too! Join me!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

First Friday in Downtown Honolulu

It's about five o'clock on Friday night and I'm getting ready to explore downtown Honolulu. There is a lot happening---music, art, special menus at the many superb restaurants, and more. Let's take an adventure together. You can attend First Friday every month, on the first Friday, of course. It's mostly for your parents and older brothers and sisters, but come early and you'll have fun too.

Made to Be Played

All those guitars are art, yet they can be strummed too. Dale Machado, the "luthier" (someone who makes stringed instruments) and I talked for a long time. His partner, Melody, was setting up and they were getting ready to entertain at First Friday in the Peggy Chun Gallery. See Peggy's work at Find out more about Dale at

Getting to Know WhiteDog AKA Zorro

Nick was taking his dog around downtown as he often does on First Fridays. We met in the Art at Marks Garage gallery. Nick's an avid biyclist and belongs to the Hawaii Bicycling League. Google that organization to find out more and participate in bike rides around the island of Oahu.

A Walking Advertisement

Natalie caught my eye in her beautifully-colored, flowing dress. She was walking around downtown Honolulu passing out flyers for a vintage clothing shop. Of course, I had to follow her. (Mom believes in vintage as it's really upscale recycling.) I followed her to 125 Merchant Street. See what I found in the next two photos.

A Vintage Boutique in Downtown

Nicole and Nicole were in Catherine's Closet preparing for a photo shoot and heading out to First Friday. I met the owner of the shop, Catherine, and we talked for a little while. She just opened this shop last month after moving it from Manoa. Drop in and go back in time.

Another View of Vintage

Mom has always loved recycling------saving the planet and saving money at the same time. It makes sense. Check out Catherine's Closet when you're exploring downtown. Find out more about First Friday, like parking, by going to:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ready for a Hootenanny?

Okay, what's a "Hootenanny"? It's a singalong around the campfire.
Don't you think this place looks like it would be just perfect?
Did you notice the pointy mountain in the background? It's called Olomana and I'm at Olomana Gardens in Waimanalo.

The Big Boss and Head Worm Wrangler

I'm in the arms of Glenn Martinez. He owns Olomana Gardens and keeps busy all day long.
That set up in front of him is an aquaponics garden. The water cycles through a closed system of tubes between fish and plants. The plants grow in the cinders and get food from the fish poop and then the plants clean the water. Lastly the filtered water is pumped back into the fish tank.
Want to know more or see it for yourself, go to:

More of the Same

I'm walking a PVC tube tightrope across some more of Glenn's tanks that are filtering the fish water. He has more, too. The fish he raises are called Tilapia.

The Horsewoman and her New Baby

Liz is Glenn's wife and she has lots to do around the farm too. She's in the stable with Brother, her dog, and Andresia, the sweet little foal that was born just days before. I was pretty impressed that I got to be so close, and I was REALLY close.

Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

Chickens make me a little nervous because they can peck! I stayed my distance and just took a quick peek into this hen's nesting box. There were chickens, goats, ducks, geese, horses, dogs, and worms at Olomana Gardens. What a fun place to visit and, best of all, it's all organic. Glenn has tours on Sunday afternoons, so give him a call (259-0223) and visit his place. He's always there with open arms and ready to tell stories and teach you about gardening, raising fish, and so much more.

Come On Down and Visit the Farm

Stop by Olomana Gardens and see the latest in organic farming and aquaponics!
Glenn's an innovator, full of knowledge, and always ready to share!
I know you'll enjoy the visit!