Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Entertaining French Friends

I'm with Max in the grey t-shirt and Oscar in the red. That's Demelza holding me. They were visiting from Alsace in northeast France near the Swiss Alps where the "real" Materhorn peeks through the clouds. You may have seen the model of this mountain at Disneyland and taken a fast ride down the slope. Did you?

Get a Load of All my New Furry Pals

Max and Demelza introduced me to their stuffed animals. We had a fine time laughing and talking! I sure do like making new friends.

Getting Healthy Back in the Valley

I'm off to a morning in the "Healing Garden" where I'll learn to take better care of my little doggie body-----onward and into Waimea for a few hours.

The Tennis Champ

Leilani had set up a tennis net and supplied balls and racquets right in the middle of the "Healing Garden". She was explaining to me that it's important to take up sports when you're young so when you grow up, you'll stay active and be healthy. I'm going to take her advice!!

Staying Green, Keeping Healthy

Kamuela from Mao Farms and Miwa from KAHEA were inside the pavilion at Waimea Valley with lots of other folks who were teaching me about taking better care of myself as well as the land. I learned a lot browsing and chatting at this third annual "Healing Garden" event.

Yikes! Getting a Little Too Rambunctious

I had just finished eating lunch when I was attracted to the cutest, smallest, furry white pup I had ever seen. Bella was a ten-week old long-haired Chihuahua. Being a puppy, she was full of energy and ready to go!! Just like me!
Hey, Bella, careful of my ear, please!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back on the Farm at Bishop Museum

Monica and her pet goat were at the Farm Fair at Bishop Museum in Honolulu. She was competing in one of the livestock events. She's a cowgirl, too, and rides in the rodeos. Check back into my archives and see if you can find Monica on her horse!

Learning All About Raising Animals

Monica belongs to the 4-H Club on the North Shore of Oahu.
Google "4-H" to see what this organization is all about.
Maybe you'd like to join!

The Best Loaf of Bread in Town

Rodney bakes the most wonderful bread. He makes a walnut/fig loaf that is super healthy and extra tasty. He's the executive pastry chef at Balle and they are at six farmer's markets on Oahu every week. I always buy a couple of loaves at the Kapiolani Community College Farmer's Market on Saturdays. Lucky for me he was at the Farm Fair!

Getting Ready to Set up Shop in Waikiki

Cheryl is famous for her "ginger ale". She makes it from scratch and it is "ono" which in Hawaiian means "it tastes great!" She cooled me down with her tonic while I was browsing at the Farm Fair. She's just about to open a hot dog stand in Waikiki. You'd be smart to look for her and sip her delicious drink.

Golden-Orange Orbs of Heaven

I'm sitting on mango which is in season right now. The fruit is falling off trees all over the islands. One of the booths at the Farm Fair was selling mango as well as lots of other local fruit like the papaya in the foreground. I bought some, of course. Fruit keeps me healthy so I can have energy for my adventures!

Cluck, Cluck, Cluck----Eggs Anyone?

Sharon, on the right, and Martha own Peterson's Upland Farm in Wahiawa. They were selling their eggs at the Farm Fair and lots of people were buying them. Their farm started as a "dairy" in 1910---almost 100 years ago!
What do you think of that chicken setting on Sharon's head!
She loved wearing it! It made her happy!

The End of a Big Day at the Farm Fair!

My last stop at the Farm Fair was here, at Ma'o Farms. They had lots of green things to buy. I like eating food that's good for my little doggie body----it keeps me well and full of energy and, most importantly, it keeps a smile on my face because I know I'm doing what's right for me!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Haleiwa Arts Festival 2008

Every summer over 100 artists come to the North Shore to sell their art. It's a great event------yummy food, good prices for originials, and lots of entertainment. Best of all, I see lots of my friends.
The following five photographs show me there!

I Just Couldn't Resist

There were many booths with tasty, healthy food. This one, "Crepes No Ka 'Oi", made wonderful, thin French pancakes called "crepes". First they would make the pancake then put on a filling and roll it up. Yummmmm!
Chris, on the left, had the help of her niece, Alyssa, and nephew, Dale.
I hope they come again next year!

All Heart

Margo Goodwill is a happy artist and her work reflects her love of color and cheery thoughts. Being around her and her art always puts me in a good mood. (I've been her friend for awhile.)

Takin' It Easy in the Shade

It was kind of warm on the weekend of the Festival. So I found a cool spot under the tent and made friends with "Butch." He's an Australian cattle dog called a "Heeler". His owner, Orion, told me, "He's a good dog." Remind you of another dog you know?

Saving the Reef and its Residents

Kanae, Bobbie (holding me), and Butch had a booth at the Festival. They were recruiting volunteers to join Hui Malama o Pupukea-Waimea, a group that supports the preservation of the ocean animals and their habitat in the Pupukea Marine Life Conservation District. That's a reef in my neighborhood. If you'd like to be involved, go to: www.pupukeawaimea.org

Perfect for Me Who Loves to Talk

Victor is a sculptor from Santa Barbara, California. He traveled all the way to Haleiwa to the Festival with many beautiful pieces of furniture. I especially appreciated this "Love Seat". It was sooooo comfortable and I just talked up a storm with him while sitting on it. One fact I learned by conversing with him is this: in Spanish a love seat is called, "tue y yo" which means "you and I".
I just love listening to other people talk. Thank you, Victor.
If you want to see more of his work or order a sculpture go to: www.victordinovi.com

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Heading Home---Back to Paradise!

I had a whirlwind vacation on the East Coast. I met and made many new friends. The last two were these U.S. Airways flight attendants, Lowell and Pam. They told me to drink, or really lap, plenty of water so I would be free of "jet lag". It worked!! I'm back home and feeling fine!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Up the Road in New England

About half an hour from Rockport, Massachusetts, is a fabulous flea market at Todd's Farm near Ipswich. Since I'm a very green dog, recycling is just up my alley and shopping here and finding treasures is perfect for me!
I met so many interesting people looking for bargains. This couple, Nancy and Carl, talked to me for a long time. Seems everyone is especially friendly in this neck of the woods.

A Mighty Big Birdhouse

This is a condominium for birds called Purple Martins. It was built by Amish carpenters out of recycled lumber and roofing and sold for $80 at Todd's Farm. Okay, let's do a little math. Can you figure out how many doors there are going into the whole house? Think "Multiplication". (All the sides are the same.)

The Biggggg Antique Store

Matt and I became friends after I asked him how he broke his arm. (He slipped off a ladder.) He's been selling antiques for 25 years, since he was in 10th grade. He's sitting here because he is one of 30 antique dealers who have little booths in this two-story, big old building in Rowley, Massachusetts. Go to SaltMarshAntiques.com and check it out!

Yummy----Right out of the Ocean

New England is famous for seafood and one of the best dishes is fried clams, in my opinion, of course. All the locals in this neighborhood, northeast of Boston on the coast, eat here at Ipswich Clambake. I must say, it was really tasty------homemade everything and quite reasonable.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rockport, Massachusetts--------------------------A Fishing Village turned Artist Colony

Located on the coast of Cape Ann, about an hour northeast of Boston, is one of the most charming little towns in New England. Rockport is full of beauty and very friendly residents. I'm sitting on the deck of a yummy bakery called Helmut's Strudel Shop on Bearskin Neck. Read on to find out more about Rockport! The following 18 photographs take you there.

Summer Flowers in Full Bloom Everywhere!

Rockport is a walking village. You could wander all day long up and down the narrow streets exploring and feasting your eyes on beautiful gardens and scenic landscapes. There are little artistic touches everywhere you look!

A Peephole View of the Harbor

Rockport's harbor is very old. When the tide is out, you can wade out and find bits of old brightly-painted pottery that was dumped there long ago. The water's a little cold, but it's worth the adventure and the treasure hunting!

Another Famous View of the Harbor

Ryan saw me and asked if he could hold me and have his picture taken. Being the friendly, little dog that I am, I obliged him with a big smile. Mom took this photo on a late afternoon at Dock Square in the heart of Rockport. Do you see that red building in the background? It is called "Motif #1" and it is the most photographed, painted, or drawn landscape in world!

Salt Water Taffy--A Beachgoer's Favorite

Here is Andrew at the taffy wrapping machine. Behind him the taffy is being pulled! It was fun to watch the "goo log" go down the chute and get cut and then quickly wrapped and dropped in to a tray. Can you see the piece of taffy? This place is called Tuck's Candies and has been famous in Rockport since 1929! The chocolates are homemade too and very tasty, or so says Mom.

Remember---dogs can't eat chocolate or they will get very sick!

A View from theTop

Stefan is an artist and drummer who lives in Rockport. He was making repairs to one of the many shops and eateries that lines two little lanes heading out to the harbor. It's a special part of the village called Bearskin Neck. The tourists and locals love to shop and socialize here!

Can You Guess What These Are?

Each one of these things floats and is color-coded, so the owner can find it if it loses its mooring and drifts ashore. They are used to catch a shellfish that is famous in New England, and all along the northeast coast of the United States. Did you guess?
They are lobster trap bouys! A man in Rockport collects them off the beach and places them in front of one of the stores in Bearskin Neck. If a lobsterman comes by and sees his bouy, he can take it. It's always his!

The Beauty Queen and Me!

As I was walking around Bearskin Neck, I met Miss Rhode Island, Francesca Simone. She was with her mom, sister, and zany Grandmother. They were just being tourists visiting Rockport! I'm a lucky little dog to meet so many wonderful people.

Everyone Loves to Talk to Me!

As I was walking down Main Street one morning, heading to Helmut's Strudel Shop, I met two older women who liked to talk. Fancy that! So.....being the chatty dog I am, we sat for awhile and got to know each other. As I said, Rockport is full of kind and gregarious residents all wanting to share their stories!
In the top photo Ann is holding Jesse and Mary Pat is in the second one.

A Great Place to Visit

There are many Bed and Breakfasts in Rockport. This one is called the Addison Choate Inn. Google it if you'd like to stay there sometime and do some sightseeing and shopping.

Taking Care of the Inn

Nancy, on the right, is the manager of the Addison Choate. Sweet Joy, from New York City, was a guest and kept Nancy company while she made breakfast for the rest of the visitors. Boy, did that kitchen smell yummy and look at that exquisite bowl of summer fruit!

Handcarved Steps, Curbs, Etc.

Long ago there were a number of quarries near Rockport. Notice the step against which I'm leaning----it's granite. In most of the photos of the town, you may have notice lots of this rock. It's everywhere. Do you know what that is to my left?
It's for scraping mud off of your boots! Very old-fashioned, don't you think?

Just After the Civil War

All over Rockport there are very old homes with interesting features, besides the gardens. Some of them have plaques telling their date of birth. The house above was built ten years after Abe Lincoln was president. Now that's an old house! Do you know what that black thing is to the right of me? Pssssst.....it's to hold a flag.

Playing at the Beach

Now this is not Hawaii, so this is not the Pacific Ocean, it's the Atlantic. It was pretty cold compared to my neighborhood. I'm a spoiled pup living most of my time in the Tropics. It was fun to watch everyone having fun----building sandcastles, hitting balls, and throwing Frisbees.

Building Dreams

Here is a mom with her two daughters taking their time and creating a beautiful sandcastle! They had traveled all the way from Los Angeles to Rockport. The dad had grown up here and spent every summer on this beach.

Down on the Farm

I'm with Hilary, Bailey (holding me), and Evan. They work and live at Goose Cove Gardens, an organic farm. Hilary, the grandfather, took me around and told me everything about what they grow and how they do it. The seeds are started in heated greenhouses in February with hot pads undernearth the seedling trays because it gets mighty cold in New Endland in the winter. Fans are also blowing to keep the warm air circulating. It's a big operation.

She Wants to Be Famous

Libby works at Goose Cove Gardens and was very excited to meet me and specifically asked if she could have her picture taken with me so she'd be on my blog. Always the gentleman, I was very glad to oblige her.

Wow! What a Shiny Fire Engine

As I walked down Main Street in Rockport for the last time, I happened to pass the fire station and couldn't resist getting my picture taken sitting on the bumper of such a beautiful fire truck. Don't I look smart!
The residents of this town really take pride in their community and it shows in so many different ways!