Saturday, April 19, 2008

My First Concert!

It was a big Saturday for me. I was at the Shell in Waikiki for a special "green" concert. Jack Johnson, the famous musician, was putting on his fifth "Kokua Festival."
All the money he makes goes to his "Kokua Foundation" which uses it to support environmental awareness.

Jack Johnson

Here's Jack. He and his wife, Kim, really care about the environment and "giving back." Check out: to find out for yourself.

Setting an Example

Wow! I was impressed. There was no litter on the ground and almost everything was being recycled! There was even a barrel for pig food! Jack is doing his best to "walk his talk" and inspire other musicians to perform "green."

Why Go Green?

Whew! This powerful statement was displayed at one of 50 Eco Village Tents at the Festival----The Green House.

Mike and his friend, the recycled scarecrow, were at The Green House tent showing visitors great ways to reduce, reuse, recycle.
The Green House is an organization that teaches children and teachers how to "go green." Google: thehawaiigreenhouse to learn more.

A Fun Place to Make New Friends

Here I am with two of my latest new pals. They were welcoming visitors to their tent to sample some yummy, healthy treats made from 100% fruit. I was happy to try a bite and oblige them!

New Kid on the Block

Whole Foods, an incredible health food market, was at the Kokua Festival because it is coming to Honolulu in September!! Hooray!
I know if people treat their bodies better by eating healthy foods, they'll treat the Earth better too. From left to right, that's Marci, Maren, Sandra, and Claire in the photo with me! Find out more about this store and it's mission at:

Whole Grains---Yum!

Kelly, on the left, and Lara traveled from California to have a tent at the Kokua Festival. They work for a company called "Kashi" which makes whole grain cereal, crackers, and more! They were very kind and donated some art supplies and food to the students at Sunset Beach Elementary. Bravo to them for sharing, and recycling!

It's Good to Be Hugged

Oscar loves me!

His parents own Waialua Soda Works and had a tent in the Eco Village.

What a wonderful day I am having making new friends and feeling so much goodwill!

The Family Photographer

Ron is Jack's father-in-law and Kim's dad. He goes on tour with the band and takes pictures! He had just finished taking photos of all the participants in the Eco Village and the Kokua Festival crew! What a fun life he must be having as he accompanies his daughter, her famous husband, and his two young grandsons around the world documenting their adventures!

Bravo!! Jack and Kim Johnson!

The concert was just about to begin and I was feeling so happy inside thinking about all the good work Jack and Kim are doing in Hawaii. I'll be following Jack's tour this fall and watching as he takes his message around the world and inspires others to be more mindful of the planet, to think sustainability, and to "Go Green."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Flat Stanley Comes to Visit

Here I am with Ayla and Flat Stanley. He is a paperdoll who travels around the globe. He had just visited Ayla's friend in Manhattan. He stopped by my mom's classroom at Sunset Beach for a quick look around. I showed him lots of cool stuff.
Look at the next five photographs to see what he saw!
Notice the lilikoi (passion fruit) hanging on the vine to the left of me.

Yikes!! Where Are We?

Luckily this T-Rex is friendly. He greeted Flat Stanley and me into the classroom with open arms! Do you see the little baby dinosaur next to Flat Stanley's hand? What about the model of the brain in the background?

Surf's Up

I showed Flat Stanley my surfboard and how to ride it. Look at my stance!
Next time I'll take him out into the waves!! Of course, he'll have to wear a wet suit to keep dry!

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

Here we are at the Science and Math Table. Did you know that three sugar cubes equals 1 gram. Check out the Nutrition Facts on the next soda you drink to see how many sugar cubes are in it!! Flat Stanley was amazed at the quantity in one teeny, weeny can!

A Play, Oh Boy!!

Flat Stanley and I watched a puppet show. It was about a wolf and three pigs. Do you know the title?

Time to Go!!

Well, it was very exciting to entertain such a well-known guest. I believe Flat Stanley had fun and he sure learned a lot! I hope he'll come back to visit soon. As I said, "Next time I'll take him surfing!"

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Nessie and Me

Wow!! What fun I was having at the annual Hawaiian Scottish Festival at Kapiolani Park in Waikiki. That's Arlene in the top photo with me. She was manning the Keiki (Children's) Booth.
Google "Loch Ness Monster" and learn about "Nessie". You'll be surprised what you find , I am sure!
Notice the little hat on my head in the top picture and on Nessie?
It's called a "tam o'shanter" and was given that name by a famous Scottish poet named Robert Burns.

The Next Tiger Woods?

Golf originated (started) in Scotland. Gavin, wearing his traditional Scottish kilt, was ready to do a little putting at the Keiki Booth. His mom was doing some dancing on the stage while he was improving his swing!

A Great Big Family of Musicans and More

These musicians, The Dogwatch, are all related and part of a big family who has lived in Alaska, Mexico, and now Hawaii. They came from Hilo on the Big Island to the Hawaiian Scottish Festival to play their bagpipes and drums. Their family does so much more than make music!!
Check them out at:

All Dressed Up

I'm with some friends who love to put on costumes for the festival.
The lady in white in named Meadhbh pronounced "Mave."
Lord Aberhardt, who looks like the Jolly Green Giant, is dressed up as a Highland English soldier from the 1300's.
The big guy holding me is The Honorable Lord Don Vladmir.
Baroness Emrys Montgomery is in the yellow frock!
Wouldn't it be fun to "dress up" in these colorful outfits from long ago?
Maybe next year you could design a costume and join in the fun!
Find out more about his yearly event or join the group by calling: Chieftain Dan Peddie at 626-3559.

Lucky Me!

Katie held me as she played her harp. I was in heaven! She told me musicians have been playing this type of triangular-shaped harp for almost two thousand (2,000) years. Wow!!

What a great afternoon I had learning about the Scottish culture!