Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arhhhhhhh, Bring on the Good News

Yes, this dinosaur, a triaceratops from the late Cretaceous period, was giving me some sound advice when I visited him at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu. Look at the next five photos and see what he had to say.

Get Healthy, Get Strong!!

Pediatrician May Okihiro was at the YMCA Healthy Kid's Day promoting wellness for children. Over 5,000 people attended the event supporting a newly launched program called 5210. See that little brochure in her hand---it's the "#2" in 5210. Doctors, educators, chefs, scientists, and those concerned about children's welfare in Hawaii collaborated in this new program.

Hey, What's that Dog Doin' in my Kitchen?

Daniel is on the education staff at Kapiolani Hospital and was telling me all about changing kid's behaviors to keep them healthy, like involving them in food preparation. Carol, a culinary instructor at Kapiolani Community College, showed the children and parents how to make snacks that were good (and tasty) for them. There was a lot of chopping going on!
Did you notice the chef's big, red plastic, kid-friendly knife! Pretty nifty, don't you think!! Perfect for a little one in the kitchen.

Get Out There and Get Physical

5210 Let's Go! recommends ONE hour of activity each day to stay healthy. Jennifer works to make policy changes at the legislative level. She's the Director of Physical Activity and Nutrition Coalition!
Go, Jennifer-----let's make kids healthier, and smarter. Did you know when you exercise, you make new brain cells! Well, you do. Just google: Dr. John Ratey, and read about his experiments.

Yum, Yum, Yum!!

Whole grain snacks taste good, and are good for you. This treat was developed by the breadmaker, Balle, for Kapiolani Hospital. Hooray---fiber in my diet keeps this little doggie healthy. You can buy this snack at the Haleiwa Farmers' Market every Sunday at the Balle Bread Booth, then mosey on down the lane and meet me! I'm there doing a children's craft and making new friends. Find out more about the market and buy local: www.haleiwafarmersmarket.com

So......Get with the Program

Keeping children healthy is a wise investment.
Follow the 5210 Let's Go routine!
Make choices that promote a strong body and sound brain!! Go to: www.Hawaii5210.com to learn more.
Or just visit me on Sunday at the market and I'll give you a pep talk!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day---Every Day!!

Erik (holding me) and Gopal are making silkscreens so they can print t-shirts to sell at the University of Hawaii Earth Day celebration. These boys belong to the "Ecology Club" at the school. Their t-shirt sales will benefit "green" projects on the university campus like a photovoltaic sun-gathering system. They are also members of the UH branch of the "Surfrider Foundation." Bravo to these caring and committed students!

Solar Energy Makes Changes

Outside of the Wooley Brothers silkscreening shop in Waialua (across from the public library), the process to make a silk screen has begun. The image is revealing itself because of the sun, so please look carefully. Can you see the words, "Earth Day"?

The Surfer as a Benefactor

Mickey Wooley, in the hat, owns the silkscreening shop with his brother Nat. (Mom gets her line of clothing and tote bags printed there).
Mickey is letting Erik and Gopal use his shop and expertise to print Earth Day t-shirts which will be for sale at the University of Hawaii Sustainablilty event on Thursday, April 21. Please join them and buy a t-shirt and show you support for taking better care of the planet. To find out more go to: http://www.hawaii.edu/calendar/manoa/2011/04/21/15189.html

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Surf Legend Rory Russell Celebrates

Rory and his girlfriend, Natasha, were at the Women's Pipeline Pro Surfing Contest Awards held at the Turtle Bay Resort. Rory, a world champion surfer, was very excited telling me all about the resurrection of one of the first surfing companies--Lightning Bolt. He's shaping boards for the company, runs his own surf school on the Big Island, and has plenty of time to catch waves too. Check out his website:

Making her Way to the Top

Anastasia Ashley placed third in the Women's Pipeline Pro surfing contest. That's the board Rory shaped and donated to the event----I like the shiny red color. What do you think? I wonder how it will ride! Google Anastasia's name and track her surfing history; she's an "up and comer".

"Made a Dream Coming Here"

Women from all over the world came to compete in the Women's Pipeline Pro. Adriana, a bikini designer, flew in from Las Olas, Venezuela, to ride the best wave (in my opinion) on the planet. She made it to the semi-finals. This was her first time in Hawaii and she was in heaven! Doesn't she look it!

"Banzai Betty" the Promoter

Betty Depolito has run the Women's Pipeline Pro for 22 years. Now, that's dedication and tenacity because there is always a lot of wrangling to get a permit and date for a surfing contest, especially at Pipeline. In the beginning, the event was just for bodyboarders, but Betty opened it up to board riders 6 years ago. Her philosophy: "Keep the contest open to any girl who wants to surf so she has an opportunity to get ratings". Banzai Betty also has women's sports show called "Flhigirlz" at http://www.oc16.tv/sports See: "Shows" and check it out.

Spinnin' the Night Away

Professional surfer, Keala Kennally, kept the night rocking on the floor of the Bay View Lounge with dancin' tunes. The awards ceremony was a success and I'll be looking forward to Banzai Betty's 2012 Women's Pipeline Pro when the winter waves are rolling in like locomotives next year! Why don't you join me on the North Shore!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Soul Surfer--In a Theater Near You

Yes, it was opening night for a surf movie. Jade was there with her Dad, Roberto. I was there too!
This movie is the true story about Kauai teenager, Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm to a shark while catching waves.
The film shows her comeback and rise to the top of the surfing world. Bravo! Bethany!!
(You can go to the search bar (above left) and type in "Soul Surfer" and see shots as the movie was being made in my neighborhood.)

The Theater was Packed

Reef wanted to see Soul Surfer because his sister, Ocean, had seen it at 7:00 am that morning--opening day!! She drove all the way to Mililani Town just to see the first showing on Oahu.
This theater, Laie Palms, just 15 minutes from Sunset Beach, is so small I felt like I was at a private showing.

I Recommend Bethany Hamilton's Movie

Soul Surfer opens doors. This inspirational film will have you looking differently at the world. You will see the challenges Bethany overcame to become a champion professional surfer. I know you will.
Eat some popcorn for me!!

Before the Show

Because I was pressed for time and because the plate lunches are so "ono" (delicious in Hawaiian), I stopped by Ted's Bakery for dinner. It's just down the road. And yes, they do make "plate lunches" for dinner. The garlic shrimp with a dark green salad hit the spot. A piece of Ted's famous pie comes with the plate, but being the extra healthy dog I am, I paid $.52 extra and got a piece of carrot cake!! Yummmmmmm!
Tell Nita that Rex sent you! Tell Ted too. This shop was opened by his dad 60 years ago starting out as a fruit and veggie stand!
What to know more about Ted's: www.tedsbakery.com

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eating Well in Haleiwa

Celestial Natural Foods has been in my little beach town for almost 40 years. It's a great place to shop for healthy foods and local produce. Carter Allen is the owner and he keeps his store stocked with food that's good for your body, and so much more. It's next to the Post Office.
Drop in and tell them Rex sent you!
The next few photos take you into Carter's store.

Especially Good on Apples

You can grind almonds and make a butter that is soooooo yummy and really healthy too. It's just like peanut butter, except made of almonds.

Looking to Stay Healthy

Well, I have to eat right so I can surf right!! The healthier my body, the longer I'll be able to paddle and catch waves! I'm thinking smart! Don't you think!

Did Someone say, "Apple Juice"?

Yes, in Celestial you can buy so many kinds of juice, and apple is just one of the choices! Carter has spent many years finding the healthiet foods on the market. Lucky us!!

Follow Me this Way...........

Now I'm heading to the back of the store where there is a juice bar, a sandwich shop, wraps, and homemade soups--
-it's the Beet Box!!
I'm there on a shelf, did you spot me?

The Chef, the Owner of the Beet Box

Marlys loves to cook healthy food and blend fresh fruit and veggie drinks. Her signature is a heart-shaped beet on each plate, sweet and good for you too! Her intimate juice bar is clean, bright, and full of love! Doesn't that smoothie look delicious!

Go Green, Stay Green--Let's all Recycle!

The Beet Box in the back of Celestial Natural Foods in Haleiwa has a few locally made products for sale. My favorite is this cool mini journal. Did you know that scientists have discovered that when you keep a diary/journal, you stay healthier!!
Start writing!! Right now!!

Step Right Up---Do it For your Health

Eating right promotes thinking right and feeling right!! Doesn't that sound smart. Visit Marlys at the Beet Box when you are in the world's most famous little surf town, Haleiwa. Shop at Celestial Natural Foods and do what's best for your body! You'll be surfing a lot longer if you do, or golfing, or playing basketball, or biking, or skateboarding or whatever!!

The Mascot and Me

This chicken sets on the counter of the Beet Box and greets customers all day long!! Hope you get to visit him soon and while you're there, drink a glass of freshly-pressed juice, eat a veggie-filled burrito, or sip a bowl of homemade soup----I promise you will be glad you did. Remember, this store/shop is next to the Post Office in Haleiwa!