Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hmmmmmm......Toad Hall

.........Yes, Toad Hall.  It's a charming bookstore in an old bank in Rockport, Massachusetts.
Follow me on in.......

Saturday, March 30, 2013

And I Recommend........

The selection inside Toad Hall was fabulous.  Kelly helped me find a book for Mom called, THE OUTLIERS, by Malcomb Galdwell.  It was well-received.  This bookstore is a non-profit, 501c3 shop started as a direct result of the first Earth Day in 1972.  The net profit funds
environmental projects in the Rockport area.  Now, I think that is pretty cool!

There's Nothing Like a Good Book

Reading is right up there with my favorite things to do, three others being eating and sleeping and getting petted, which is typical of a dog, don't you think?  I just descended the sprial staircase down to the children's room and spotted my favorite Dr. Seuss book, THE LORAX.  Put it on your list of great publications.

And for a Bite to Eat

There are a few small sandwich shops in Rockport and this is one of them, Ally's Eatery, on Dock Square.   Steve, in the dark hat, was happy to serve me lunch and Peter's soup was delicious.
Yum, Yum, Yum!  Don't those Cowboy Cookies look good?  Sometimes I'm a Cookie Monster!  Lucky these are healthy cookies; they are just right for me.

Do you see anything on the menu you like?

Around the Town

Rockport, Massachussetts is full of charm and beauty.  Everywhere you look there is a garden, an old gingerbread house, a fancy boutique.  This is one of the town's landmarks---Mill Pond.  The stream is flowing out into the harbor.

A Quiet Respite near the Sea

Yes, the air was buzzing with insects and the breeze was blowing the smells of summer across my little doggie nose.  I liked this park.

Ka-Boom into History

What I like about the East Coast of the United States, especially New England, is that it is filled with so much history of our country.  Small towns, once called villages, have countless artifacts and landmarks that shaped our past.  This cannon in Rockport is just one of them.

Just Like Plymouth Rock

All along the coast of Massachusetts there is grey granite.  Rockport, especially, is known for this high-grade rock (Get it? Rockport).  It's everywhere in the town.  There are two quarries that were running for several hundred years that provided granite to many building sites in the state and throughtout the country.  A special form of the sloop was designed just to transport the rock to faraway destinations.  

The Artists' Colony

I think creative individuals are drawn to Rockport because of its natural beauty.  Inspiration abounds.  As I said, just walking through the town, and that's the best way to travel, is a journey within a masterpiece----an artist's touch is everywhere.

It's Suppertime

I found this really good restaurant, and how ironic, it called THE SEVENTH WAVE.  Just perfect for a little surf dog like me.  The food was very good and there was a million dollar view of Rockport Harbor.

Home Away from Home

Yes, this is where I get to live when I am visiting Rockport.  It's such a wonderful house full of love and good cheer, not to mention French Cuisine.  Did you notice the seashells on the railings?  It was built in 1870 by Mom's dear friend's great grandfather, George McLane.

What's Going on out There?

Traveling gives me the opportunity to meet and make new friends, and furry ones are my favorite!  Isn't this little pooch cute!

Off on a New Adventure...Next Stop, NYC

Well, it's so long to Rockport and hello to the Big Apple.  I just love taking the train, after my bicycle, riding the rails is my favorite way to get around.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Massachusetts----New England

I'm ready to step into the bus and take a very inexpensive tour ($1.00) around this charming fishing village turned art colony on the Atlantic Coast, just north of Boston.  Come along with me!  Tour Rockport.

Passenger #1

Only me, and I got to talk to the driver the whole way around the town.  It's a loop from the Rockport's recycling center, along the beach front, and back.  Great for tourists who want to leave their cars, hop the bus, and not worry about finding a parking space.  Residents get a special sticker and have priority over visitors, so parking is limited.  Also, get this, you are issued city garbage bags and you must take your waste to the recycling center---no truck pick-up. Can you imagine?

Oh, My Goodness

Now I'm on Front Street passing this giant, giant pile of firewood.  It's a tradition in Rockport to have a huge 4th of July bonfire at the beach, and that's after an incredible parade through the town.

Motif #1 -- Be Impressed

Right in the heart of Rockport is a little alley to the bay.  This view of the red barn is the most painted, sketched, photographed landscape in the United States.  Interesting, huh?

I Love Maps!

Take a look at this very cool, small town.  Many tourists come here to visit and experience the wonderful architecture, quaint shops, scenic ocean views, and charm of Rockport.  Do you see the red barn/Motif #1?  (Remember to click on the photograph to enlarge it.)

Take a Seat

As I said, there is beauty everywhere you turn in Rockport.  Stone benches are my favorite  Aren't the flowers wonderful!

Art, Art, and More Art

Because Rockport is so beautiful and inspiring, many artists have always lived here.  The Rockport Art Association is the oldest one in America.  It supports art education in the local schools and has an art show with student work in the Spring.  There are also weddings in the garden out back!

Step Inside......

Many local artists in Rockport are represented by the Art Association. There was something about the painting of flowers in the top photograph that grabbed me.  Maybe because it's bold and graphic just like I am!

And if You Want to Shop.....

Rockport is filled to the brim with shops because when you are visiting, shopping is a fun activity,  that's if you are a female.  Step inside Willoughby's and look around.........

Meet the Artist

Elizabeth Harty works in Willoughby's and paints when she's not here or at the beach.  I love her work.
She would come to Rockport as a child when she lived in Boston.  Several years ago she bought a 300-year old house that used to be a tavern and made this charming seaport town her home.  See her work at

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just Say "No" to GMO

Awakea was gearing up for a big march through Haleiwa Town.  The community and 90% of Americans want genetically modified foods labeled.  There was a big turnout.......

The Big Guns were Out

Carter Allen has owned Celestial Natural Foods since 1974.  It's the only health food store between the North Shore and Pearl City.  Carter has been advocating for GMO-free food for years and here he is ready to join the march.  ("Aina" means "our land/our home" in Hawaiian.)

One of my Favorites

Here's Drew Toonz, an incredible animator/cartoonist, joining the crowd.  Click on his t-shirt---it's pretty cute and really gets the message across!  Do you think he might make one in my size?

And the Band Played On

Cab, holding me, and Jerome were cutting up, laughing, and feeling great about standing up for GMO-free food.  They made me laugh too!  Jerome was on the drums and Cab pulled the wagon.  If you want to see a video of the whole march go to "YouTube Haleiwa March"

Reno Abellira--Surfer on the March

You may recall seeing Reno's name in my last blog posting of Jack McCoy's film,  A DEEPER SHADE OF BLUE.  Reno is a famous big wave rider, a legend, who continues to shape surfboards and supports a healthy Hawaii, free of GMOs.

Ready to Roll

Yes, the parking lot at the 7/11 in Haleiwa by Weed Circle was jam packed.  There were hundreds of marchers standing up for a GMO-free Hawaii.  Monica Parker and her grandson, Christian, were getting ready to bicycle the one-mile stretch from here to Haleiwa Beach Park.

Patagonia was Represented

Jane Duncan, in the white shirt, works in Haleiwa at the Patagonia Store and was more than ready to march through Haleiwa Town.  Her friend, Leane, kept her company.  Did you notice the flag in the background?  Did you ever wonder why the Union Jack is part of the Hawaiian flag?  Google it!

Putting in a Full Day

Cyan, one of Mom's students, had just finished a baseball game and was all geared up for the big march.  His mom and dad accompanied him.  I bet he slept pretty well that night.

Always Getting the News

Betty Depolito is an icon on the North Shore.  A former professional surfer, she now runs a woman's surfing contest almost every winter and produces her own television show.  Check it out:

Okay----We're Ready to March!!

Kainoa and his Mom, Katrin, shared some love and hugs with me just before the March for GMO-free Hawaii began.  I was chomping at the bit and ready to go.  Lucky the sun was behind some clouds, so it was a very pleasant one-mile stroll.

The Crowd was Huge!!!

Hundreds and hundreds of people, big and little, old and young, began the GMO-free March through Haleiwa at mid-day on Saturday, March 2.  I loved it!  So many families and friends were making a statement.  The local television stations, KITV and KHON, were there and recorded the event .

On the Go.........

Well we were buggies, dogs, bicycles, wagons, marchers on foot, and a truck in the lead.  I was excited.  I felt proud being part of my community and being brave enough to stand up for what's right.  And "what's right" is feeling safe when I eat my food knowing it's organic--not genetically modified or sprayed with poisons.  Google:  GENETIC ROULETTE, a documentary by Dr. Jeffery Smith, to know more about GMOs.  Hey, I just noticed something, Woody, in the hat smiling at me, is wearing one of my t-shirts!  Cool.

In Good Company

How cute it that little white dog in front of me!  I just wanted to walk up and hug it again and again.  Many marchers brought their pooch pals.  They all got along and loved being part of the crowd.

The Merchants Cheered us On

Lee Roy, owner of The Growing Keiki, hooted and hollered as we rolled by.  So did the artist, Hilton Alves, (top photo) on the porch of Wyland Gallery.

Everyone was There

Yes, even babies joined the march.  This little cutie just didn't know what to make of me.

The Aloha Spirit was in the Air

We had officers from the Honolulu Police Department escorting us through Haleiwa Town.
 They were there to protect our civil rights.  I loved their aloha shirts and the police badges they wore on elastic bands around their arms.

The End of the Road

Yes, we are just walking into Haleiwa Beach Park. Traffic was blocked for about an hour on a Saturday afternoon in my little beach town.  Haleiwa has never had a protest march through it, except for the annual Christmas Parade, and that's not a protest.   The grass field in the park was filled with activists-----it was a great crowd; all banded together determined to let the public know----make Hawaii GMO-free.  The message was loud and clear!