Monday, September 26, 2011

The Big Apple's Finest

Whenever I travel, I always need directions to somewhere, so I am forever looking for a police officer to tell me where to go, and that was just the case when I was in New York City. I walked for blocks looking for the headquarters of UNICEF. Then I spotted Rami (holding me) and his partner, Ryan. They made me laugh, they told funny stories, and they also pointed me in the right direction!

Hooray, I Found It!

I'm in the lobby of the headquarters of UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund). This organization was established by the United Nations in 1946 to give aid and assistance to children and mothers around the world who need it. I thought they might want to get to know me because one of their missions is to educate children and that means getting them to be better readers.

My Motto Exactly

I loved the look of this book in the UNICEF Gift Shop. Everyone IS different and we need to appreciate those differences; spread goodwill, put a smile on your face, and make someone else feel special, even if that person doesn't look like you!


Now this looks like just the kind of book for me. I am constantly searching for adventure! (and I usually find it)!

A Place to Talk it Out

Now there are times when people don't agree, and the best way to solve their problems is to "talk it out".
This building houses the United Nations, an organization which is famous for bringing countries from around the world together to work problems out through dialogue, which means talking. If you are in New York City, you can take a tour of the UN and see global residents called "delegates" conversing and becoming friends, AND, most importantly, figuring out problems together.

Check Your Schedule!

These are the hours of operation for the United Nations. Make sure you bring your identification, too.

Take the Train to the Beach?

Yes, you can take the subway, which is called the "Metro" in New York City, to so many places, and the beach is one of them. It's a long ride from downtown Manhattan, but it is the beach! The train took me to the last stop and dropped me about five minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.

Where's the Surf? This IS Surf Avenue

Yes, I'm at the beach in New York City. Coney Island is a peninsula, but was once a real island---now landfill connects it to southern Brooklyn, one of the 5 boroughs of the Big Apple. There is surf there, usually in the fall, when the autumn storms roll up the coast!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Love New York City!!

I had so much fun in the "Big Apple"! I met two famous (and funny) moviemakers---Ian Cheney, being kissed, and Curtis Ellis. They started making documentaries in college. Now they have three under their belts--KING CORN, TRUCK FARM, AND CITY DARK. Wow--I am impressed and I know you will be also. Google their films and see for yourself.

NYC--Lights, Cameras, Action!

It is so exciting to be in such a big and vibrant city! Many young people come to New York to learn to make movies and so many others come to shoot documentaries and make new films. There were cameras everywhere I looked!

A Stroll in the Park

Thank goodness, Manhattan, one of the five boroughs of New York City, has a great big park right in the middle of the island. Central Park provides an expansive green space for many of the millions of residents (and visitors like me), especially on a hot summer day. I thought it was pretty unusual to see these huge rock outcroppings all over the place. They are left over from the last Ice Age.

Do You Know this Hero?

Now, why would there be a sculpture of a husky in Central Park, you ask? Well, this is Balto, the dog who saved Nome.
He led a team of sled dogs through a treacherous blizzard in 1925 to deliver medicine that prevented many residents from getting a bad disease. Every year a special race called the Itidarod is held in Alaska to remember this brave canine! This statue of Balto helps everyone know how important he was a long time ago.

Yes, Take a Stroll through the Park

This is a gathering place for many New Yorkers----they rest, they read, they sunbathe, they meet, they walk, they bike, they play music.......the list goes on and on. So stop in for a little while and take in the beautiful sights if you are ever visiting; you'll get to know New York City a little better.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Kelly Slater---World's Best Surfer and Me!!!

Kelly Slater, who hails from Florida, was at the Quiksilver NYC Pro and rippin, as usual! He's been at the top of the charts for 20 years and just keeps going! Kelly is well-loved by everyone in the surfing community for his humbleness and compassionate ways; look at his smile---doesn't he just radiate love! Want to know more about Kelly? Go to (Thanks to Betty Depolito, Banzai Betty, for taking me to New York City and meeting up with Kelly.)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Surf's New York City

The biggest surfing contest ever is starting on Monday, Sept. 4, in NYC. Look here:
Quiksilver is putting it on and the purse is 1,000,000 dollars! Yes, one million dollars! You may want to vist and check out the action at Long Beach on Long Island. If you do, stop in the media trailer and tell Jodi and Betty I said, "Aloha".
If you need any surf stuff, visit the two biggest surf shops in the city before you wax your board and head out to catch the waves! Follow me........

First Stop----Saturdays

Now if you are into really, really cool surf duds, Saturdays, in SoHo (South of Houston) in lower Manhattan, is the place for you! This is the terrace out back where you can stow your surfboard or your bike while you are shopping.

Need Anything?

Josh is one of the three owners of Saturdays and doesn't he look cool. (The door behind him is the one that leads to the outside deck.) This surf shop is mostly very hip surfwear which sports the store's name. It's designed downstairs and the quality of the merchandise is superb!! It's the most elegant surf shop I have ever visited, and I've visited plently!

Get Ready to Skate

There are many ways to navigate the streets of New York City, and on a skateboard is one of them. When you come into Saturdays, you'll always see a few boards propped up against the wall. This surf shop is busy!
Need new skater shoes? Saturdays will have a pair for you!

A New Surfboard, Perhaps?

Angus, the manager of Saturdays, hails from Sydney, Australia. He's a surfer, of course, and loves New York City. He explained it this way, "I can have anything I want, anytime I want. I love the different people and all the different backgrounds here".
Make sure when you drop in this surfshop, you tell Angus that "Rex the Surf Dog" sent you! And again, I recommend this store for all your coolest surfer duds!

As You are Heading out to the Surf Break

So......I've crossed over one of the bridges from Manhattan to Brooklyn and stopped at Mollusk, the local surf shop in this borough of New York City, on my way to Long Beach. I might need some wax which, of course, goes on the top or deck of my surfboard, and prevents me from slipping while I'm riding the waves. This shop has everything you need when surfing--all the basic necessities. I wonder if they have duct tape? That's an inside joke. Every surfer has a roll of duct tape as it comes in handy for just about anything.

A New Fin, Perhaps?

Johnny is the manager of Mollusk and let me know right away that his surf shop has unusual hours----for those who keep banker's hours and need surfboard stuff. This store is open from noon to 8 pm. Pretty smart thinking. Johnny also let me know that his shop has a strong emphasis on craftmanship--all the boards are handmade.

Proud of his Surf Shop

Chris is the owner of Mollusk and I had a fun time talking with him when I visited his store. It reminded me of all the little surf shops in my beachtown, Haleiwa. He reminded me of all the older "surfer dudes" who reside on the North Shore and live to surf!

My Tour Guide and Surfer Dude

Simon Beins was taking me all around New York and giving me directions on which way to go and how to get there, and being very patient. Thank goodness. He's a surfer and a famous award winning musician--Best Music for a Documentary---at the Austin Music Festival, South by Southwest, last spring. Check out the video, CITY DARK.
We're standing a few blocks away from Mollusk surf shop and looking over the East River from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I loved the view and being next to the water!