Friday, July 24, 2009

Anchors Aweigh................

That's the Ferry Plaza Terminal of the Port of San Francisco behind me. I took a ferry to Sausalito on a warm, sunny, Saturday afternoon after shopping at the Farmer's Market. It only costs $15 round trip which I thought was very reasonable. It takes 30 minutes each way.

Hold on to Your Hat!!

The wind was blowing fiercly off the water as we crossed the San Francisco Bay to Sausalito. Joe was clutching his cap because it had just been yanked off his head by a big gust and almost went overboard! He's part of the crew on the ferry and he told me he loves his job.

So Many Tourists Come to Visit

I met so many people from all over the world while I was visiting San Francisco. This young family is from Hamburg, Germany.
Dad is in the city this summer for work-----he's a big wig at Google. Alexandra plans on taking her daughters, Linn, the youngest, and Jette on many exciting excursions while Dad's taking care of business. I know they'll have fun! There is a lot to do in the City by the Bay.

My Favorite Way to Travel (and Exercise) see Sausalito, it best to rent a bike. Mark rents bikes to tourists. He gave me a special deal---it's usually $25 for all day, but since it was 3:00 in the afternoon, he let us have it for $20. He tossed in a cap for Mom, too.

Houses that Float?

Sausalito is famous for its houseboats. Boats that are houses! Some of the houses are on the water and some are built on concrete slabs. Look at how fancy this one is------stained glass in the front door!

A Garden on the Water

This is a succulent or cactus-like garden along the "sidewalk" of some of the houseboats on one of the docks. Isn't it fabulous?

Again-----This is a House that Floats?

Another unique houseboat in Sausalito. Can you make out the house's name? Look hard! Click on the photo to make it bigger.

One Dock After Another, After Another

The houseboats of Sausalito are about a 15-minute bike ride from the ferry port. There are hundreds. Make sure you visit this part of town when you travel here.

The Very Friendly Pirate

Jim and I met as he was heading to his job-----as a pirate! He's in a little theater troupe that performs on a big boat as tourists have dinner and sail around looking at the view.

Sausalito's Good for Shopping, Too

Now, I just loved these little guys! They were in the window of a shop and I had to have my picture taken with them. They are REAL CLOCKS and handmade, too.

Heading Home after a Long Day

There are lots of ways to get around San Francisco. This cable car is taking me back to Cole Valley where I stayed when I visited. It's a wonderful neighborhood with little shops and good restaurants.

Best of Friends---All Four of Us

Sandy, holding me, and his brother, Ren, were so kind to share their home with me while I was visiting San Francisco. I loved being in their Grandma Tora's house-----it was so cosy and happy.
Little Daisy, the dachshund, made me laugh with her antics!
Doesn't she look a little mischievous?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Everyone Has a Smile for Me!

I've learned a lot about people as I travel. Usually, usually if I smile at someone, that person smiles back, and it makes me feel good.
Here's Dave with an early morning smile for me as I'm off for another day of adventure.

On the Way to the Market

Michael Johnson is a photographer who resides (lives) in San Francisco and Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. I really liked his black and white images of the City by the Bay. We met as I was heading to the Farmer's Market. There were many vendors set up along the sidewalk before we crossed over Bay Street to the Embarcadaro.

Entering San Francisco's Farmers' Market

I just loved this sign. It was painted on a huge building at the terminal of Ferry Plaza. This organization operates the market and promotes sustainability.

Welcoming Me to the Market

Heather gave me the lowdown on the Farmer's Market. There were 130 vendors selling only food! Of the fruit and veggies, 65% were organic and all are grown in California! The market goes all year long!

Almond Brittle with Dark Chocolate

Gary's family has owned a premium nut and fruit farm for many years. Mom bought some of the almond brittle and was in heaven. Make sure you stop by his booth if you make it to the market. (Remember, because I'm a dog, I can't eat chocolate.)

Shopping Indoors and Out

The Ferry Plaza Market has shops inside too! And they are open all the time. This is an Israeli family vacationing in American and loving every minute.

To Market, To Market to Buy A.....

Ali and her son, Ben, take the bus to the market every Saturday while dad stays home and watches the new baby.
Go to Ali's website to learn about her sustainable art----

Oh My Gosh, How Sweet!!

Well, I know why these apricots are called "Candy Cots"! They are bliss! John, in the yellow shirt, developed this stone fruit for its taste, period, and he's very proud of his creation. It was the best apricot I ever ate!! His family is always there to help him out!

Freshly Picked Yesterday

This is a very special garlic from France and was it wonderful, almost sweet.
Make sure you go the Ferry Plaza on Saturday morning if you are ever in San Francisco! It's a great place to shop and "people watch"!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

In the City by the Bay---San Francisco

This funny billboard was outside Loyal Army, a children's clothing shop, on Haight and Cole Streets near the west end of Golden Gate Park. I just had to stick my head through one of the holes. Dad did too. Do you see him? Do we look silly or what?

Surf and Skate Shops are Everywhere

The surf culture can be found in all kinds of places, even in big cities like San Francisco.
Elise was happy to have her picture taken with me at the Aqua Surf Shop in Haight-Ashbury. She works there!

A Couple of Local Guys

John and Dylan (on the right) dropped by the house in which I was staying in Cole Valley-----a really great neighborhood in San Francisco. They just wanted to say, "Hi".
See how they are dressed---it's July---it's usually cool here in the summer because of the "marine" (ocean) layer of air, fog, which tiptoes in and creeps over the city reminding everyone to always carry a jacket.

He's Famous. Do You Recognize Him?

Well, I really do believe I have met the Old Skin Horse. You remember the one------from THE VELVETEEN RABBIT. The wise old horse told the rabbit how you knew if you were loved, really loved. I recommend reading this classic!!

The Documentarian

Scott makes movies and is tech savvy so he was teaching me how to use a computer. I was getting it!
I met him at a neighborhood coffee shop called Tully's in Cole Valley. Now, since I'm a dog and coffee is for grownups, I always have a bowl of water instead and Mom has her soy hot chocolate and "no whip", of course!
We became good friends right away and had dinner together that night!

He Loves His Job!

Christian was collecting the recycleables in front of Tully's. See the big green can, it's just for compost------fruit and veggie leftovers------skins, cores, leaves, etc. San Francisco is a very progressive city and has been recyling for a long, long time.

Champions for a Great Cause

There was a hearing at City Hall in San Francisco about bicycling-------making a "safe bicycling network" throughout the city was the goal. It PASSED the Board of Supervisors. Kash, the ringleader on the left, Liam, and Patricia were lobbying outside, gathering support, and making sure everyone understood the importance of bike lanes all over town. Learn more: http:/

Really, Really Fancy

This is the entrance to City Hall in San Francisco--------is that really gold? See the "S" and the "F" intertwined above my head!
Come on in..............

Dum, Dum, Da, Dum, Dum, Dum, Da Dum

The bride, Shanshan, and groom, Su-Lin, were just about to be married at City Hall. Isn't she just the prettiest bride-------that's definately a Cinderella dress. They are students from China studying at Ohio State. Best Wishes to you both!!

Games Along the Streets of San Francisco

These men were having a fine time playing chess right out on the sidewalk in downtown. They hardly noticed me when we were having our picture taken. Wow----what focus!

My Little Paws Got Weary

I'm not used to walking so much and by the end of the sightseeing afternoon around the City by the Bay, I just had to ask for a lift. I'm on the back of a bicycle cart. It was a fun way to be transported along the waterfront/Embarcadaro.

Dinner on the Wharf

There are lots of little restaurants along the Embarcadaro-----we found the best--Pier 23. And they even had surfboards lining the backporch terrace. Charlene told us all about Pier 23----"It's one of the few places you can eat on the water." Dinner was very tasty and reasonable.

Monday, July 6, 2009

And On and On and On..........

I'm in Big Sur at noon. This is U.S. Highway 1 which runs along the West Coast of America. It's very windy and foggy at certain times of the day and year. You only want to drive it in the daylight!!

Meeting Friends for Breakfast

Jay, the dad, Rex, sitting next to him, and Casey had a late breakfast, called brunch, with me. (Casey is Mom's former student at Sunset Beach Elementary.) We were at Deetjen's, a very cool inn with restaurant that was built in the 1930's. Stop in sometime!

Getting Sleepy after Breakfast

Rex just had to take advantage of the organic chaise lounge outside of Deetjen's after we ate. Doesn't he look comfy?

Taking Care of California's Highways .........Keeping Us Safe

These officers had stopped at Deetjen's for breakfast too.
They are part of the 5th largest police force in the United States--California Highway Patrol.

Amid the Tall, Tall, Tall Trees

This was a museum mostly for grownups, but I I tried to make friends with the resident cat who really had other things on his mind than getting to know me! See the next photo.......

The Epitome of Aloof

Yes, I can honestly say this cat had other things on his mind than getting to know me!

Dropping by the Local Library

I love books, as you know, so I just stopped in to see what was happening over the summer at this small library in the woods!
It's opened on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only for about 6 hours each day.

Welcoming All the Readers

Eby is the Branch Manager and only librarian of the Big Sur Library. She loved me and my mission----to make everyone more literate and happy!

At the Seashore in Northern California

I had to hike through the woods to get to Pfeiffer Beach. It was beautiful and very cool-----everyone had on a jacket. There were kids flying kites because it was so windy. Did you notice the big wave in the background? Felt like I was home listening to the crashing surf!

Along the Coast, Way Up High

That's Big Sur behind me. The wind was very cool and fresh and the updraft made it easy to deeply breathe the misty ocean air.

Looking Straight Down

My heart was in my throat as I stared down the mountainside at the waves!
Yikes! Big Sur is BIG!

You Take the High Road and I'll Take.........

This expanse of the Big Sur coastline was breathtaking!! Sigh.

Having Fun on Top of a Big Sur Mountain

Mom and Dad loved the vitalilzing Pacific breezes. Notice the jackets. They were layering because the weather had a tendancy to change from hot to cold depending on cloud cover and altitude (how high it was.)

A Tall Glass of Lemonade, Please

My friend, Jay, built this little arrangement and the stone wall behind it.
I loved sitting way up high at the Driveway Cafe looking out at the ocean.

A Great Way to Keep Warm

Now remember, it's late June, and there's a fire cracklin'. This fireplace is back to back to another-----one faces the living room and the other the kitchen. Both were blazing! It gets pretty nippy when the fog is thick and there's so much dampness in the air.
It made me sleepy and ready for a nap! I loved this lazy afternoon in the mountains above Big Sur.

Doin' Art with My Friend, Casey

It was good to see Casey, Mom's former student, in California. Here we are doing some coloring at his uncle's place. It was his grandma, Linda, who took care of me while I was visiting there. How gracious she was to take the time to be my tourguide in Big Sur! I was very grateful.

On the Way to San Francisco

Still on Route 1 along the coast just miles south of the "City by the Bay" and look what I found----a surf shop.
I'm in Davenport and that's Nattali. He owns Home Grown Surfboards, has been shaping for 14 years, and sponsors up and coming surfers in his neighborhood. Most importantly, he's an environmentalist which means he takes good care of the planet!