Sunday, February 23, 2014

Friends Abroad

Here is one of my best surfer friends, Joel Gray, standing in front of his home in St. Agnes.  A former teacher from northern England, near Scotland, Joel now is the coach for the "Monster" Surf Team in Europe!!  He invited me by when I was in his neighborhood. I love my friends!

Gardens, Gardens, Everywhere

One of the best things about England is the plots of flowers and shrubs.  The English have always been known for their herbs and healing plants.  It continues today.......vistas of beauty and health.
This is my kind of place!

When and Where?

If you remove the telephone pole, the streetlight, and the asphalt off the street, the entrance to St. Agnes, in southwest England, could be from the 1600's or earlier.  If you get a chance to visit here, bring your surfboard too.  Epic surf, sometimes!

Riding the Rails......Leaving St. Agnes

 I am on my way back to London from Truro.  Harrison, the porter, met me at the train station and showed me the warmest place to stay until the train arrived.  It was so cold in mid  the 50's.  Yikes, I am definately not used to being chilly.

Cup of Tea? An Apple Perhaps? Cocoa?

I got to spend the night in a very fancy hotel north of London in Kilworth House.  Lucky I have friends that are well-to-do and take me along on their adventures.  As the English say, "This place is POSH." 

Yes, This Hotel is Posh

My very own bathrobe!!  Heaven.......perfect for after my lavender bubble bath.  I am getting a little soiled as I travel all over England and Mom props me up on truck bumpers, window ledges, and ever so many other places.

Step into the Past

I love old hotels.  They have so much charm that it makes me swoon.  I'm a sucker for history!  I love learning about the past.  Did you notice the subject of the painting on the wall.  Do you know what that basket is next to the dog?  I have belonged to Mom's grandpa, Bampy.  (Remember, click on the photos to enlarge them.)

Jane's Nanny

This wonderful, happy lady is Ann Mary Stephenson.   Many years ago in Turkey, she was the nanny to Jane, Mom's good friend from London.  Ann Mary took me into her greenhouse to show off her veggies.........can you believe the size of her heads of lettuce.  I was impressed!