Saturday, May 30, 2009

Benefit Benedict Breakfast.....Say That Three Times Fast!

Every Spring the North Shore Canoe Club holds a yummy breakfast at Haleiwa Joe's and almost everyone in the community comes out to support the event. Here are some of the paddlers, posing as waitresses, who served the delicious food. From left to right, Folly, Gina, Sabrina, Shirley, and Bebe. Join the club, paddle, and get healthier!

Cookin' Up in the Kitchen

Mark is the head chef at Haleiwa Joe's and has been there forever. That's Lani with him. They both, along with other kitchen staff, spent the morning supporting the canoe club by making breakfast for several hundred people.

It was a Team Effort

Micah, holding me, and Brian were busy poaching eggs and prepping the English muffins! Thanks to the kitchen staff for getting behind our hometown canoe club.

Always at the Forefront

Skilly was the auctioneer, of course, as he IS the "Voice of the North Shore" and is always there to volunteer at any community event. Barbara was his "Vanna White"!

In the Arms of My Good Friends

Jordyn, with the short hair, and Maddy were at the breakfast and found me. Right away I wanted a photo of all of us. Boy, I sure am lucky to have such sweet, little friends.

Do Your Part--Support the Club Next Year!

Had to take a little rest---so many friends, good music, and talking, talking, talking. What a great way to spend the morning!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Spending Sundays in Haleiwa

I'm keepin' myself busy at the Haliewa Farmers' Market every Sunday. Mom's in charge of the Keiki Corner where little kids come to do a fun craft. I'm there to entertain all the locals and visitors with funny stories and sweet smile. Come see me and buy your fresh produce for the week. It's fresh and very reasonable Or maybe catch a ride with Keegan in his Model T peddle car!!

Making Lots of New Friends

Goose, on the left, and his brother, Chachi, dropped by the Keiki Tent to make a little planter pot. They put soil in a paper cup with small holes in the bottom and then put in 4 seeds. Remember, when you are planting, put in 4 seeds too---one for the inch worm, one for the crow, one for the beetle bug, one to grow.

Dad Made Planting Lots of Fun!

Carollen and her father, Paul, loved being together especially decorating the cup for their seeds.

Join the Sing-a-long

Mom was crooning with guitarist, Noble Turner, while I just hummed along. The Haleiwa Farmers' Market always has a live musician sitting in the covered cafe serenading the crowd.

Taking Care of the Keiki

Dr Doug Sutherland stopped by the Children's Tent with his daughter. He has lived on the North Shore a long time and is a pediatrician in Kahuku right down the road from my home at Sunset Beach.

Shopping for Dinner at the Market

Dylan (starting on the left), Evan, Robert, and Jack took a break to buy some food for supper at the firehouse. These firefighters usually take turns cooking for their companions and each night someone is a "designated chef". Jack said there are times when they go out for dinner too!
I was happy to see them at the Market. We're lucky they are on hand to take care of any emergencies in our neighborhood.

Making a Magazine for Japanese Visitors

Michi, holding me, is the sales co-ordinator for Hawaii Style Magazine a lifestyle publication about Hawaii. She was at the Market with Yumiko, her translator and writer, gathering information about fun activities and places on Oahu. Yashi was taking pictures!
Their magazine is published in Japan three times a year and is sold in bookstores there for ten dollars!
They were so friendly and I loved talking with them!
Make sure you come by the Haleiwa Farmers' Market and sit and talk with me for a while, and do a craft!

Everyone Participated, Everyone

Mala'e kept his mom, Kaliko, entertained and busy eating Acai. Yum, Yum----if his face is any indication of the deliciousness of the dish---it must be heaven. Mala'e knows me well, he sleeps with one of my puppies which he received for his first birthday!

Speak Up and Speak Your Mind

Here's Jim Frisbee, a counselor at Sunset Beach Elementary, greeting community members. He's participating in a planning process which is deciding what is going to happen to 1,100 acres next to the school. This property is in a public land trust.
Click on the photo, enlarge it, and see how you can participate, too.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Walkin' Around Haleiwa for a Good Cause

Laakea, giving the "shaka" sign, and Gary greeted me at the entrance to Rosie's Cantina in the heart of Haleiwa for the start of the annual Progressive Dinner.
It's a yummy way to have supper-----strollingl around my little beach town, restaurant by restaurant, partaking in a five-course dinner and supporting the Haleiwa Arts Festival. To find out more about the Festival, go to:

Supporting the Arts---Eating Nachos

Lyn, Ralph, and Carolyn were having a great time eating Mexican food at Rosie's on the first stop of the Progressive Dinner, and filling me in on their latest adventures.
Ralph's heading to Baja this summer and has promised to take me! Cowabunga! Another "Surf Safari" on the horizon!

Second Course with my Best Friends

Bobby, wearing the sunglasses, Mary, and Brian kept me company as we made our way to our second stop----Pizza Bob's.
I loved my Caesar salad! All the restaurants donate the food for this very worthy cause.

What's Shave Ice, You Ask?

On the Mainland "shave ice" is called "snow cones". Yum-------I had three flavors that cleansed my palate. There were so many choices that my little doggy head was spinning. I finally decided on cherry, lilikoi, and lime.

Waving Us on Through

Joan and her husband, Gary, in the first photo, are in charge of the Arts Festival. They work very hard all year long to put on a great event and they have been doing it for some time.
Come on down to Haleiwa the weekend of July 16th and see for yourself. You'll have a great time, I promise! And best of all, you'll support the arts. Now-----run on over and mark your calendar!

Away from Home, Visiting the North Shore

I met Sally and Chessy (with the flower in her hair) while I was nibbling on my shave ice. They were on their Senior Class Trip all the way from Hollywood, California. They just graduated from an all girls' school called Marlborough High and were loving being on the beach and chillin' with 94 of their classmates at a nearby campground. It's a tradition at their school.

Such Beautiful, Beautiful Smiles

Megan, with the "Sunrise" shell necklace, and Brisha met me at the door of Haliewa Joe's for our main course. It was a tasty piece of fish with some fresh-grilled veggies. What a nice way to spend the evening!

A Sense of Community-------------------A Gaggle of Girlfriends

These women friends of mine were finishing their 4th course and making their way over to Jameson's for a piece of Ted's Bakery Pie. I was heading right over after them. I love being a part of this wonderful place called the North Shore.
From left to right--Corrine, (seated), Monica, Vera, Jeannie, Gidget, Jenny, and Cora

Off to Get My Dessert

I'm crossing the bridge to Jameson's to have my last course of the evening.Ted has been making pies for years and years. He's famous all over the islands. He supplies Jameson's with my favorite, Chocolate Haupia (coconut).
Remember-----Come to the Haleiwa Arts Festival-----support creativity and thinkers who dream and design out of the box.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy--Books and Music!

I was in my element! Gail held me as Mom took a picture of her t-shirt. She was volunteering at the information booth of the Book and Music Festival on the grounds of Honolulu Hale (City Hall). I loved it!
The whole celebration was showcasing literacy and the talent and creativity of Hawaii's many authors and musicians!

Please------Read to Me Every Day!

Khalilah, from Brooklyn, New York, is an AmeriCorps*VistaVolunteer. She's been in Hawaii for about a year. She runs the the "I Can Read" tutoring project---among other programs---at Palolo and Ala Wai Elementary Schools. Learn more about these nonprofit organizations.
Go to:
By the way---Khalilah means "Beloved Friend" in Arabic.

Romeo, Romeo-Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?

What fun these energetic students of the Hawaii Young Actors' Ensemble were having at the Festival. They were just about ready to go on stage and share their Shakspearean talent with the fairgoers. The troupe to which they belong auditions young people from Oahu who want to learn to be part of the theater. Are you interested in becoming an actor, costumer designer, etc.? Go to:

Always Making New Friends

Avery and his mom, Beth, were having fun at the Festival. Ginger, their Jack Russell terrier, accompanied them around the grounds. Ginger is a service dog who has been trained to take care of Beth. Isn't she cute!! And she was very friendly too.

My Favorite Radio Station

I always listen to Hawaii Public Radio!! It's what all smart dogs do! There was a booth at the Festival to sign up new members.

Hawaii's Premier Storyteller

Jeff Gere always has a story to tell! He's so animated and fun! He was at the Book and Music Festival promoting a big storytelling conference in Honolulu this summer! Check it out at
What a fun morning I had. I'll make sure I go again next year, and you should too!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Git On Down to the Rodeo, Pronto

Gabby, far left, Noelani, Jaden, Koa (the horse), Dana, and Grandma Paula welcome me to the old Meadow Gold Dairy on the North Shore. The State Finals for the Junior Wranglers is on! Head on out to the "Country" and watch the young riders gallop to victory!
Find out details at:

Dr. John Ratey---"Get Movin', Get Smarter"

This Harvard professor was in Honolulu to promote his new book, Spark, and share his latest research on the great importance of exercise and its effects on the brain! Wow! It was eyeopening!
Well, gotta go, I'm off for a run on the beach and catch some waves! It's my daily dose of Miracle Grow for my noggin! Read more about the benefits of exercise and the brain. Go to:

Happy Boy's Day!

Many cultural holidays are celebrated in Hawaii because so many people from all over the world live here and have brought their traditions with them. Boy's Day, from Japan, is just one of them!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's Magic-----It's the Magic Kingdon

Sierra took me on a trip to Florida with her family to visit Disney World.
I learned about new places around the globe at Epcot Center and had lots of fun! There were plenty of opportunities to shop, too.

1st Stop----Africa!

Wow! Look at these carved wooden masks from Africa! They are almost as big as I am!!

Adventure in the Desert

Heading into the Epcot Center-----a place in Disney World that takes you to countries all around the globe.
Morocco is a country in northern Africa near the largest sandy desert in the world--the Sahara. Mom went on a camel ride there long ago, like we go on pony rides in the United States.

Peek-A-Boo........Guess Who?

Did you guess? It's your friendly surfing dog---------me!

How About a New Chapeau?

What does "chapeau" mean? Well, it's "hat" in the French language. This little red number is called a "fez" and it's what you might see men wearing in Morocco.
There were lots of interesting items made in that country that were for sale at Epcot Center. It's like a giant world bazaar-----it really made my mind whirl and think!

And Now Heading to Western Europe

Sierra and I were relaxing after having dinner at a German restaurant. My favorites at the buffet table were apple strudel and Black Forest Cake! I wanted to take a piece of cake home to Mom as that's her favorite dessert from Germany, but decided against it----the whipped cream would have squished all over the place!

So.......... that was the end my first adventure to Disney World.
I was so happy that Sierra and her family invited me come along!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Putting on the Final Touches

Here I am watching Phil complete the last of the construction on the Community Recreation Center at Sunset Beach.
Hooray-----we have been waiting for this facility for many, many years. The following eight photographs show how fabulous this long-awaited place will be!!

My Favorite View

This is the best part of the building, in my opinion--------a giant space in which to do yoga! You are seeing only half of the multi-purpose room and it's huge! And look at the view across the courtyard to the beach--it's Log Cabins. Those enormous sliding glass doors open wide and let the tropical breezes pass through easily. What a space!

A Perfect Place for Picnics

Do you see me? Look hard. This is the courtyard and the grass is still coming in, but I can just visualize spending many days in this setting talking with friends and sharing food. Isn't it perfect!

A Clean, Brand New, Very Fancy Kitchen

What a wonderful assest this facility will be for our neighborhood. How lucky we are to have Councilmember Donovan Dela Cruz and his aide, Reed Matsuura, work so hard to make this Rec Center a reality! Many thanks to them.

Right Up My Alley

I love to do arts and crafts-------it makes me happy to create! This room will provide me with many hours of feeling good while I'm making art!

Waiting for the Kiln to Arrive

The Rec Center is set up to do ceramics and it will be just a matter of time before these shelves are filled with clay objects ready to be fired. Can't wait!

Pretty State of the Art

Now this is what I call "Fancy"! Do you see Mom's reflection in the photograph--look hard, you'll actually see two images of her. I just love being taken all over the place! Especially to the new Recreation Center! I'm a dog who likes to have fun and this place is the epitomy of "fun"!

Keeping Us Safe and Sound

The Honolulu Police Department will have a little office on the corner of the Center to keep an eye on everything and catch up on paperwork. I like that idea! Make sure you drop by and say hello to the officers who take care of our community!

Opening Up Shortly's almost ready to be occupied; probably by the first of summer. If you'd like more information about taking or teaching classes at the Recreation Center, call the director, Tiffany, at 638-7213. She'll have all the answers!
See you there!!