Thursday, April 25, 2013

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-- the Low Country


Isn't this reporter beautiful?  And her personality is just as beautiful. Libba Holland reports the Fox Morning News on WFXB.  She was interviewing me because I'm doing a storytelling hour at the local library that, I know, will be lots of fun!!

Live Better with Shane Norris


Shane produces shows for the Fox, Channel 13, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  He is the broadcast journalist who invited me to be on the news when he found out I was doing a storytelling hour at Chapin Memorial Library.  We talked for a good hour after my taping.  I really like this new friend;  he's full of wisdom and great ideas to better others' lives, and he likes sharing.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Summer in the City, THE City

Yes, can you see that statue in the distance?  I'm in the Big Apple.  I love this city---it has so much to offer.  I am always learning, learning, learning when I visit here.  Come along..........explore with me!

The Grand Deli-----Dean and Deluca

I needed some nourishment so I stopped into this very well-known delicatessen in Manhattan to look around.  Debbie was showing me the olive section.  Can you imagine, this is just the olive section!  That's New York City for you.  It has everything!

Should You Want to Rent

Be prepared.  Living in the Big Apple is very, very expensive.  Give Lance, the broker, a call and see if the price has dropped on this studio in SoHo.

Take a Whiff

I am in one of my all time favorite restaurants, Homemade, in a suburb of Brooklyn called Red Hook.  This is the front window!  It was such a cool place to eat and the food was perfectly delicious.  Kombucha, Mom's #1 drink, was on tap.  Homemade kombucha.

The Ambiance of Homemade

Talk about comfy.  This is the dining room---relaxing and inviting, don't you think?
What I like most about New York City is the creative energy that flows through the town.  I always get inspired when I'm here; little touches that make a big difference get me thinkin'.

Anyone for a Slice of Cheese?

I was tempted.  And what little dog do you know that doesn't like cheese?  It's in our blood!

Slurp! Slurp!

Homemade lemonade right on the counter.  Perfect for a hot summer afternoon.  That's Jenny in the background.  She's the one who brought me here.  She's a famous food writer so she knows all the city's secret spots for great food, reasonable prices, and a cool setting.

Step out the Back Door, Please

This is the garden terrace of Homemade.  So simple, yet so well-designed.  I love that Americans are following the lead of their friends in Europe and dining out-of-doors.

About as Fresh as You Can Get

Yes, the chef at Homemade, the restaurant, has a garden out back.  This place is a must see, must dine experience when visiting New York City.  You can take the subway or a cab to Red Hook in Brooklyn and discover for yourself the excellent atmostphere and cuisine.  I know you will be pleased!  I know for sure!