Thursday, April 23, 2009

Takin' it Easy Down on the Ranch

I was invited to the rodeo-------the District Finals at Kawailoa. Just a hop, skip, and a gallop down from my beach. It was a warm Saturday, so I just decided to take a short siesta on this little minature horse's back. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

There Was a Young Cowgirl.......

Elizabeth and I were having a good time trotting around the ranch on her grandpa's horse. I loved her green, plaid shirt-----so stylish!

The Artist as a Cowboy

Smiling and very proud seven-year old Brock just won an art contest sponsored by MOA earlier in the day. He's a beginner cowboy and was loving being at the rodeo. Did you notice the coiled rope in his hand, it's called a lariat.

A Champion of Cowgirls

Shelby is famous. She's the Best All Around Cowgirl in Hawaii and has been for two years. A North Shore girl, like me, a North shore dog, she was raised out here at the beach. Her whole family, the Ritas, are well-known on the rodeo circuit.

A Heart as Big as Her Smile

Monica keeps me posted about rodeo happenings. The State Finals will be at Kaiwailoa on May 15, 16, and 17. Riders from all the islands will come to the North Shore to show off their skills. Everyone's invited. Check out this website for details:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Get Ready for Earth Day.....Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

I paid a visit to the biggest recycling plant on Oahu. Join me and learn some facts about taking better care of our planet!

First Stop--Weigh In

I'm a lightweight! I'm only nine-tenths of a pound. This is the scale that weighs your bottles and cans so you can redeem 5 cents on each one of them. This redemption center is on Puuhale Road on Sand Island, but there are many around the island.

Taking Care of Business with a Big Smile

Louli makes sure everything is on track when trucks come in with recycleables. She makes recycling easy at Honolulu Recovery Systems.

Out in the Yard

I'm sitting on a bundle of crushed aluminum cans that have been bound by wire. These half-ton bales are being shipped off to Asia to be turned into something new. That big scooper in the background is pushing cardboard into collection bundles which will be sent to the Mainland.


All this shredded office paper makes a great sled hill!

Looks Like A Giant Grasshopper

Guess what this machine does? Did you guess?
It's the only glass crusher on the island. The bits of glass are so small that they have lost their sharp edges. Scientists at the University of Hawaii are doing experiments to see if this glass is stronger than concrete!

King of the Glass Mountain

Yes, I'm standing in a pile of crushed glass! That's a lot of bottles. I'm glad so many people are recycling; 70% of our residents do!

Thanks for Taking Me Around

Rachel was so kind to show me this major recycling plant. She knew where she was going as she is the Sales and Marketing Representative at Honolulu Recovery Systems! I had lots of fun with her! Remember----Make Every Day Earth Day!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Honolulu Academy of Arts Presents.......... the Garden Club Flower Show

Can you believe how big these yellow and red flowers are? They are called Heliconia. I was just entering the Flower Show at the Academy and I was "wowed" off my paws!

I Kept Looking for Koi

This is my favorite garden in the courtyard of the Academy. It's called the Oriental Garden. I did see some orange-spotted koi that were darting back and forth underneath the lily pads. If you look closly you can see the carved lion squirting water out of its mouth. It makes a very peaceful sound and a quiet place to sit and dream.

Lots and Lots of Visitors

Many residents of Honolulu came to the Garden Club of Honolulu Flower Show. Some even flew in from Outer Islands.
Terry was at the show with her husband, Ernie, who patiently waited while she had her picture taken with me.
See those square holes in the wall behind her? They let the tropical breezes blow through and are typical of many of the buildings built in Hawaii. We never need air conditioning here-----the average temperature year round is 75 degrees!

Peek a Boo, I See You!

Isamu Noguchi sculpted this piece of red Persian travertine. He's famous! Come see his piece next to the Cafe. Better yet, have lunch, the food is so yummy, and then appreciate the sculpture while you dine!

An Explosion of Color

I saw so many incredible arrangements of flowers and prizes were given for the best ones! This one really appealed to me-------doesn't it remind you of the Fourth of July?

The Best of Them All

Awarded the "Best in Show", this flower arrangement was very inventive-----the black layer that looks like volcanic rock is really leaves sprayed with charcoal paint! I sure saw lots of interesting plants and flowers at the Garden Club of Honolulu Flower Show. I'll come back for the next one in three years---April 2012. See you there, I hope.

For Big Brothers and Sisters

On the last Friday night of every month, the Academy puts on a fun and exciting fundraiser. The money collected finances the children's art programs. There is a DJ and tours and best of all----dancing. The theme this month is Indian music. For details go to:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Be Inspired........Come to the Art Show

Here I am at the Honolulu Academy of Arts! Bradley is the Assistant Head of the Academy Art Center at Linekona. He's at the opening of the Young Peoples Spring Art Exhibition. Join him and me and view some of the children's art in the following photographs.

My Favorite

I loved the first sculpture the best. Maybe because it looks like the heart on my chest! Or maybe it's the colors! Something really appeals to me. And so does this black, ceramic bunny above.

Papier Mache Animals

Aren't these fun! The cat was especially well done, in my opinion.
The artist is seventeen year-old, Xiu Xiu (Shu Shu). She made one of the cat's ears tilt forward and the other back--very clever!

What's the Difference?

Did you know that the dragons of Asia, primarily China, like these two, are good luck?
They are usually depicted circling upwards to bring down the rain so there are good harvests!
And what about the European dragons? Breathing fire and chasing princesses!! Not good luck!!!

A Piece of Art not on Display

I noticed this homemade portfolio setting in the corner. Linekona has children's classes three times a year-----look on the Academy website and take one! Go to: and click ART CENTER

Friday, April 17, 2009

Glub....... Glub........ Glub

Guess where I am?
It's in Waikiki and teaches children about the ocean and its wildlife.
You're right! The Honolulu Aquarium.
Those two sea creatures beneath me are the Hawaii State fish--
Can you say: "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a"?

Teacher from the Black Lagoon?

This fish called Apoha teaches children about taking care of the ocean and keeping it clean and healthy for everyone.
It was at the Aquarium as part of a "Take Care of the Ocean Day".

The Contest for High Schoolers

This fine lady behind me was an entry in the "Recycle Art" competition at the Aquarium.
I saw great pieces that were very creative and inventive!

In Charge of the Art Exhibit

Tamara who works for the City and County Recycling Department co-ordinated all the recycle art pieces and brought her daughter to see what was happening at the Aquarium------the whole event taught the public about taking better care of the ocean by preventing toxic runoff into storm drains and then into the sea.

Aquaponics-----That's a Pretty Big Word!

Wow---this is the latest in growing veggies and raising fish at the same time--aquaponics.
The fish "poop" goes into the water and is "recycled" as food and feeds the plants in the green tub.
It's called a Closed Recirculating System. A pump makes the water flow between the tanks!
So----no fishing pole or worm needed!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter Everybunny!

I'm spending my Sunday mornings at the Haleiwa Farmers' Market in the Childrens' Tent with Mom.
Come visit me and do an arts and crafts project like the ones in the following photos. It's free!

Surfing Sisters at the Market

Namika, in top photo, and Luna, her sister, joined me in the Children's Tent and made a mini-Easter Basket. They are both very creative.
You may have seen them earlier on my blog at surfing competitions!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hooray, Hooray, Hooray --------------------- the Farmers' Market is Here to Stay

It's a brand new Farmers Market for Haleiwa. We're so lucky--it's green!
Every Sunday come down and buy local produce and eat delicious food and meet and greet your neighbors!
Find out more, google: Haliewa Farmers' Market.

Announcing the Opening

It's traditional to blow a conch shell to herald the beginning of a grand event, and that's exactly what the new Haleiwa Farmers' Market is--------a grand event!

.........And They Made it All Happen

Pamela Boyer, holding the basket of leis and me, and Annie Suite worked long and hard to bring the Haleiwa Farmers' Market to fruition.
Bravo to them for making it happen!

........And They Danced the Hula

The opening of the Market was celebrated with song and dance.
There was a maile lei strung across the entrance to the market before it opened.

Makua, on the left, and Auntie Dorothy played the ukulele for the event.
They are famous for bringing sweet Hawaiian music to many celebrations on the North Shore and around the island.

Giving the Blessing

Auntie Betty Jenkins was so happy to welcome everyone and gave an eloquent, heartfelt blessing to all the Marketgoers.

The Market was in the News

Brianne Randell, born and raised at Sunset Beach, was on hand to report the opening of the Haleiwa Farmers' Market for KHON Channel 2 News. That's her cameraman, Justin, at her side.

Teachers at the Market

Kathy, in the pink, and Jan, with her market bag at the ready, are off to find some healthy fruits and veggies. They both are elementary school teachers and have lived on the North Shore for many years. See how big their smiles are------they are thrilled with the new market!

Whimsical Artist from the Old World

Rose is from Germany and during the summer she travels with her two daughters all over Europe storytelling and painting faces. She made the Keiki Korner at the Haleiwa Farmers' Market extra special!

Making Themselves at Home

Jerry is the owner of the North Shore Soap Factory and was with his children at the Keiki Korner for the opening of the new market. That's Naia holding me and Tai sitting in his father's lap. Check out Jerry's shop in Waialua or go to:

Who is That Masked Man?

LaDonna is from Texas and lives here with her husband who is in the military. She's watching her son, Carson, do a little drawing before he has his face painted. Then they'll be off to buy some healthy food or maybe eat a piece of Jeannie Vana's Big Wave Tomato pizza, the best pizza in the world!

Traveling from the Mainland

The Haleiwa Farmers' Market attracted many tourists who were driving by. Markus and Andrea who are from Germany and living in Portland, Oregon, stopped by to see what was up.
Their daughters, Eva and Juliane, loved getting their faces painted.

The Music Merrymakers

Kathryn, a music teacher, and Robbie, a member of the Navy Band, came to the market with their children, Jamie and Hanna.
They had so much fun socializing with me and getting to know one of my puppies!

One of My Youngest Admirers

Darya, 15 months old, was hugging on to me pretty tightly while she was waiting for her sister to have her face painted. She's the daughter of Taunau and Natasha.