Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back in the News

Caryn Kunz is a staff writer for the Honolulu Advertiser. We met in her office at the newspaper. She wanted to know all about me and I told her everything. I interviewed her, too. She's from my neighborhood on the North Shore, graduated from Kahuku High, then Stanford, and came back home to work for the Advertiser! We became fast friends. Check out her

Ready to Have Your Board Shaped?

Billy Barnfield is standing in the shaping room at Raging Isle, his surf shop in Haleiwa. Billy's been making surfboards forever.
He opened this shop in 1987. See all those boards surrounding him? Those are called "blanks" and they are waiting to be shaped. Billy's also a world champion downhill bicycle rider!

Only One Week To Go

I went to an exhibit at the Honolulu Academy of Art, one of my favorite places on Oahu, to see the work of Japan's most famous printmaker, Hokusai. The wave on this poster is the most recognized one in the world. Did you notice the mountain in the background? That's Mount Fuji. This exhibit is open until January 6th. Find out more. Go to:

Lunch With a View

This is what you see and hear when you dine at the Academy Cafe. The experience is wonderful and the food is fresh and healthy. It's a great place to meet friends and spend the day. Make sure you call ahead and make reservations, 523-8724.

Peek-a-Boo to You

This is my favorite sculpture at the Academy. It's by Isamu Noguchi and made of red travertine. It has a funny name-----Untitled II. What would you call it?

......And After Viewing the Exhibit

You can see a movie at the Doris Duke Theater after seeing great art. I did. I made friends with the projectionist and he let me take this shot as he was rewinding the spools after the show. Make sure you go to the Academy's website and see what's up!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays to All and to All a Good Day

Share the spirit of the season------be kind and giving.
My gift to you is a calendar and coloring book.
Click beneath the purple lettering on the right at the top of the bright green column and you'll have it!
Please pass it on to all of your friends and neighbors. Love, Rex the Surf Dog

Ho, Ho, Ho---It's Last Minute Shopping

I met Kalama dashing back to his job as a cashier at Foodland Market in Ala Moana Center. This shopping center was once the largest in the United States! Don't you think that board was shaped and glassed just for him? There were plenty of people and parking was a challenge, but I had fun!

Can You Find Kainoa?

Look hard and see if you spot the young man from Kauai visiting Oahu. I stepped into the Old Navy store and did a double take.
Kainoa was clowning around and having fun on Christmas Eve during the big shopping rush at Ala Moana!

Koko Had Kisses for Mom!

Koko was in Vincent's arms and happy as could be. She was on a shopping adventure with her mom, Yunmi, and dad. We met in the fanciest store in Hawaii, Neiman Marcus, at Ala Moana Center. Mom loves dogs and is always making friends with them---everywhere. Koko is not usually very friendly but took to her and licked her nose a few times---Christmas kisses!

There is Something about Toys on Wheels

I'm on the farm and lovin' being in the tropics in December. Look at the banana leaves swaying in the wind behind me. See that fabulous sink behind me? it was given to Mom just because she asked. The Subway store in Wahiawa was renovating it's kitchen and this one was setting outside and Mom approached the contractor and inquired of him what he was going to be doing with it and he replied, "Why, would you like it?" Of course, being the recycler she is, she said, "Yes". and we took it. Remember------if you want something, ALWAYS ASK! (politely).

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry, Merry Christmas to You!

These are students from Waipahu High School who are interested in careers as chefs. I met them at the KCC Farmers' Market. They come twice a year and sell baked goods that they make at school.

Benefiting the Lifeguards

Mark Dumbrowski has been a City and County Lifeguard for 34 years! He was manning the auction table at the fundraiser for the North Shore Lifeguards. Check out their website and learn more:

She's in the Top Ten and Ready for the 2010 Tour

Rosy Hodge qualified for the world wide surfing competition starting in January. She's very excited and ready to begin the journey. Follow her this coming year. Google: ASP World Surfing Tour 2010 and track her progress.

Perfect Golden Light--the Magic Hour

Rosy and Lucia, an ASP photographer and freelancer, were on the beach in front of a surf break called "Kammieland". Rosy's holding her board. Lucia was taking pictures to publish in surfing magazines. She's hoping for a cover shot! I'm going to hope for her too!

Traveling from the United Kingdom

Tas was visiting from England and so happy to be surfing in the warm water of the Pacific Ocean. Doesn't he look happy?

Holiday Away from the Farm

Tas and his family take lots of surfing trips together. They came to the North Shore to catch some waves and watch the last of the contests. They can't stay too long -- their organic farm needs them. From left to right--Peony, Matt, Jemima, Harriet, and Tas.

Stopping by the Haleiwa Farmers' Market

Paul and I are at the Keiki Korner where Mom does a craft with children every Sunday morning. As always, he was making me laugh hard. He is such a cut up. Paul is famous, too, he's the editor of a surf magazine called SURF EUROPE. He was on the North Shore for the contests gathering interviews, blogging and entertaining everyone with his funny stories and jokes!

Would you Like to Make a Christmas Craft?

Maria and Rico stopped in at the Keiki Korner at the Market and had fun making a decoration for the holidays. They just arrived in Hawaii from Ohio. Their dad is in the Army and is stationed at Schofield Barracks just 15 minutes from Haleiwa. There are many military families who come to the Market to buy fresh produce, homemade goodies, and to chat with the local farmers and vendors. Why don't you stop by sometime? It's open on Sunday from 9 to 1.

Now This is My Kind of Christmas Photo

Keenan and I met at a Christmas party on the North Shore in Mokuleia. The surf break behind him is called "Hammerheads". He fell in love with me two years ago when he was given one of my t-shirts for a birthday present. This little barefooted 6-year old was so proud to hold me and have his picture taken. I love children because they are so honest and real, and always very clear with their feelings. Keenan made me happy and put a big smile on my face, bigger than usual!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The "Eddie" Was On!!

The biggest day at Waimea in five years! It was 50 feet sometimes! A big challenge for the brave men who competed all day long, and Clyde Aikau is 60! Bravo to all of them! Their hearts are probably still racing!

This is What I Like to See!

The "Eddie" is a surf contest that is held when the waves at Waimea consistently break at 20 feet plus.
It looked like it was going to run on Monday, December 7, but was postponed until Tuesday. Traffic was backed up everywhere. The only way to get anywhere was to bike. These are next to the judges tower at the competition.

Makua Rothman after the "Eddie"

Makua was charging down a steep, steep face, flying almost vertically. When he reached the halfway point, his board took some air and his foot went one way and his knee went another. It was a big "Owie". That's Sabre's little boy, Gunnar, consoling Makua.

Keone Downing - Feeling Good PostContest

Keone won the "Eddie" in 1990! He told me he was doing just fine this time until he got knocked in the head by a wave and lost his contact. Then he couldn't see anything!

The Winner from California- -- Greg Long

That's the judge's tower in the background. I was listening to Tom Carroll announce the winners of the "Eddie". Kelly Slater took second place. It was a full day and perfect conditions for Waimea!

Sending Out Images Around the World

Eugene was editing and sending photos to the Associated Press just after the contest was over. He's a "Stringer." His pictures were going to New York City and then blasted on to destinations everywhere. There were rumors that one million people were viewing the "Eddie" as it was being held. Go to to see more.

Setting up for the Last Contest

The Triple Crown of Surfing is at Pipeline! This is the final competition for this year's ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) Tour. Karen and Brian are on the roof of the trailer and Robert is on the ladder. Randy Rarick, the contest director, hires lots of locals and supports our community well.

Connecting the World to Pipeline

Do you remember Stephen? He's the head electrician for the Triple Crown and his picture was on the blog last month when he was wiring the first event site in Haleiwa. He'll probably be doing this job forever! Right now he's setting up for the last contest in the Triple Crown. Keep your fingers crossed for BIG WAVES!

Can You Find Me? Look Hard!

I loved the artwork for the Pipeline Contest!
Did you find me? A little clue------scan the bike!

A Benefit at Breakers for Pancho's Daughter

Breakers is a restaurant in Haleiwa where many fundraisers are held.
Above is Haunani, Pancho Sullivan's wife. They had a little girl, Kehau, two months ago who will need 5 heart surgeries.
This benefit was well-attended and supported by the local community. If you want to know more or send a little something, go to Facebook and find: Friends of Kehau Sullivan

Mick Fanning was There

Mick is a famous surfer from Australia and one of the top surfing professionals in the world. He is the "champion surfer of the world" as he garnered the most points in the 2009 ASP Tour. He was at Breakers supporting Pancho and Haunani, and their daughter, Kehau.

Mike Trisler was There Too

Pancho has lots of friends and Mike is one of them. He's an actor and stuntman now, but was once a West Point cadet and a North Shore lifeguard, and, of course, he's always been a surfer!

The Guitarist Flew in to Play

Jim White is a folk singer touring the U.S. and a friend of Duncan Campbell. Duncan invited him to perform for free at his surf shop in Haleiwa---Bonzer Front---in the same building that houses the best breakfast restaurant in town--Cafe Haleiwa! It was fun and Jim's music was great! Notice the symbol on the surfboard behind Jim---that's the "Campbell Brothers" logo. I really like it!

Getting Famous at the Green Market

I was at a Christmas fair in Honolulu and met Alyssa. She's a reporter and videographer for She liked what she saw and is doing a story on me! Imagine that!

Falling in Love with Rex the Surf Dog

Loryn saw one of the puppies that was on sale at the Green Market Fair and just had to have it! This cozy, little fleece toy is a perfect nighttime companion and traveling pillow; quite functional.

Raising $10,000 to Benefit the Children

Surf Night at Sunset Beach Elementary has been a huge success for 20 years! It's a fundraiser that everyone loves. Hundreds of doorprizes are given away, without a break, from 6:30 to 9:00 on the first Friday in December. Come and join me sometime. Robert is happy to be there and support his alma mater (former school). He was Mom's third grade student.

Everybody's Making a Movie

Simon (in the dark hat) and Andy are from Australia and were at Surf Night to catch all the action. They are making a television documentary showcasing the positive side of surfing life around the world. Gracie and Nami, in the stripes, kept me company for awhile. This event is a "must see" and "must experience" if you are on the North Shore during the surf contests which run from early November until mid December.

Filming Another Documentary

This videographer was taking pictures of big wave riders, Garrett McNamara and his partner, Kealii. They are tow in paddle board surfers who ride the biggest waves in the world! They were at Surf Night with other famous surfers signing posters for the cause. Google "Garrett" and find out more.

At the Beginning of his Wave Riding Career

Granger Larsen was born and raised on Maui and has been surfing since he was five years old. He's ripping as a nineteen year old Junior Professional and was in town to participate in the contests! He's wearing a pretty fancy lei, don't you think?

And the Moms were There Too

Jacinda, holding me, and Joanne were a part of Surf NIght too. (Joanne is well known for her excellent photography. Check her out at They helped monitor children and adults who were in line to get autographed posters. Bravo to all those famous surfers who supported Surf Night and showed up to do their part.

Laughing it up on Stage

Door prizes were given out for three hours straight at Surf NIght. Pulling the tickets was Monique, Dave was calling out the winners, and Kimberly was keeping everyone in stitches, as usual. Dana was peering around Dave's shoulder to see what was going on! Thanks to everyone who contributed to making his event great!

The Biggest Prize of All

Kirra was floating on a cloud as she showed off her new surfboard. This beauty was shaped by Carl Schaper!! Wow, Kirra, that board is going to be perfect for you! Congratulations!

A New Admirer

I had to leave Surf Night a little early as I was expected at a dinner party-----there is always so much going on during surf season on the North Shore. It's just one event after another. Here I am with Aya just finishing up dessert!

Ann and Dale Hope Become New Friends

I am having so much fun meeting people and getting to know them. Dale is famous in Hawaii because he has a Hawaiian clothing company that his father started many years ago. He also wrote a booked called THE ALOHA SHIRT. His wife, Ann, lived in Italy for 15 years and worked in textiles being the liaison between the designers and the manufacturers. She's in Hawaii now and running a fragrance business---candles, diffusers, etc. I love living here because there are so many interesting new friends I can make.

Always Making New Friends Everywhere

I met Kate, Jonathan, and Eddie at the Foodland and chatted on for an hour or more. The boys are stuntmen on the set of "Lost". (It's a grown-up show). Kate's from Australia and here for the surfing contests. All three had been riding their bikes all over the North Shore all day and having a blast.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Supporting Rell Sunn and Her Memory

I went to the Rell Sunn Aloha Jam at Waimea Falls Park. Lots of North Shore community members were there to support her Educational Fund. Surfboards were donated to be auctioned off. Henry Kapono and Cyril Pahinui sang and Jake Shimabukuro played his uke. Rell was a famous surfer from the West Side of Oahu and was affectionately known as the "Queen of Makaha."

The Sculptor

Lynn is making a life-sized bronze sculpture of Rell Sunn on a wave. Can you see the model next to her? She's a teacher at the Waldorf School in Honolulu. First she will make figure out of clay and then make a mold and pour in the liquid bronze. Her creation will harden and then Rell's statue will be on display (a site still needs to be chosen). Lynn was inspired to become an artist by her grandmother, Vesta, who was a great oil painter.

A Big Waver Rider

Ikaika Kalama is a professional surfer sponsored by "No Fear". He rides 30 foot" Hawaiian" waves. How does he paddle out?
He's towed out and flies down the face!! He was at the Rell Sunn Aloha Jam to support the cause!

Happy to be There for Rell

Linny and Natalie (in the black) were having a good time listening to the Aloha Jam music. Linny is a professional photographer and famous in Hawaii. Natalie just returned to Oahu from L.A. to work for the Kokua Hawaii Foundation and on this night she was the stage manager for the Rell Sunn event.

Two of My Favorite People

Pat Rawson is a very famous shaper who sells surfboards in 23 countries around the world. His wife, Carmen, is always there to smile and make life happier. Pat donated a board for Rell's Education Fund. (See it in the next photo.)