Saturday, September 22, 2007

Waialua Public Library

Jarred Borton is my friend. He had just finished a soccer game and was coming to see me at the Waialua Library for the Saturday Story Time. I appreciated his enthusiasm and support.


Here I am at the Saturday morning Storytelling Hour at the Waialua Public Library. I loved being the center of attention while Mom was telling the children all about me and my travels!
This little library is one of the best known in Hawaii. It has an organization of 600 community members called The Friends of the Waialua Library which gives it money to buy lots of books.

Here We Go Around the World

Lana and Sienna were quite anxious to have their picture taken with me. They had been very entertained as Mom told them and the other children in the library my history and, using the globe, showed them our journey across North America on the train. It was fun getting so much attention!

I'm a Handpuppet

After Mom talked about me at the library and the children went to my blog, they got to make paperbag handpuppets too. Here is Sienna doing a great job of cutting me out! What a fun morning I had!

Three of Me

Here are Rachelle, Sienna, and Lana holding my littermates. They make great snuggly toys as well as soft, cozy pillows.

Open for Business

Nancy Wooley is holding me in her store, The Growing Keiki. It's a fabulous chlidren's boutique in my nearby little beachtown of Haleiwa. Did you notice the t-shirt above her head? I'm getting famous!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rick Williams, North Shore Lifeguard

Here I am with one of the most famous lifeguards on the North Shore, Rick Williams. He has saved many lives during the past 26 years as he guarded swimmers and surfers at the Banzai Pipeline and Sunset Beach. Rick has also been an instructor for the Junior Lifeguard Program on the North Shore which is held during the calm surf days of the summer. He trains young people to save lives and prevent accidents. Bravo! Bravo! (I was visiting him on his 50th birthday!)

At the Pipeline

Kainoa Yester was visiting Rick on his birthday too. (He's the son of another North Shore Lifeguard, Dave Yester.) We're lounging at the beachpark called Ehukai. That means "sea mist" in Hawaiian.