Saturday, February 28, 2009

Heading up the Mountain to Do Good Work

Here I am with a truckload of volunteers getting ready for a day of trail clearing on the North Shore Community Land Trust. Holding me is Ralph and next to him is Jack and Gavin. Making the face is Mikey and next to him is George. Bravo gentlemen for pitching in and making our neighborhood a better place!

And Driving the Boys to the Top

Chip and Mari drove their truck and transported five of the 22 volunteers up the mountain.

Another Truckload Heading Up

There's Bobby in the background, Tom in the hat, and Larry ready to lend a hand, maybe two. Rusty, the cocker spaniel, kept me company. That's the North Shore Community Land Trust in the background, part of the 1,100 acres.

On the Mountaintop Looking at the Pacific

Here I am with Mikey. We're sitting on top of an old bunker built during the Second World War on the cliff above my home at Sunset Beach. What a breathtaking view from the Land Trust!

It Was a Good Day's Work for Us All

Here's the whole gang of volunteers. They care about their community and it shows. Giving up a whole Sunday to clear trails is a strong commitment to the betterment of the neighborhood. Hooray for us all!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Everything Looked a Little Fishy

Koi are fish whose patterns look like the brocade of a Japanese Empress' kimono. These fish were on display at the 3rd Annual Japan Nishikigoi Expo. There were prizes being given away for the best looking ones!

Fish for Sale, Fish for Sale

Well, I thought about buying a Japanese carp, a koi, but changed my mind. What an exciting prospect-----a fancy colored fish all my own. Yet, it's a bit too much responsibility for a little dog like me. Maybe next time.

The Police Officer is a Renaissance Man

Sgt. Kinney is the President of the Koi Society. I spent quite a lot of time talking with him at the Expo. He's a new friend. He also does bonsai and is standing next to his creations. What's bonsai? Google it and find out!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shopping Local at Sunset--Getting Greener

I love my eco-conscious neighborhood! Students at Sunset Beach Elementary and "Aina...Is" of the Kokua Foundation, started a Farmer's Market right here at the school. Wow! That's great. There were lots of "Locavores" buying. The market will be on one Friday each month. Call the office to find out which Friday, and come support the school! The number is 638-8777.

Lots of Herbs for Sale, Too

Here is a mom and her son and friend checking out organic bags of dill, parsley, rosemary, and basil.
What a wonderful way to shop for your food! Everything for sale comes from the students' gardens at home and the profits benefit the school.

After the Market-----Da Bus

I believe it's a really good idea to ride the bus. Here I'm joined by my friends, Catie, in the front and going counterclockwise, Kaila, Kayla, and Kalia, who also know it's good for the planet to leave the car at home when you can take public transportation or, better yet, ride your bike like the little kid in the background.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Anchors Away, My Boys, Anchors Away

Keegan took me on a trip to the East Coast with her family. (Can you see me tucked under her right arm?) We visited her old school in Annapolis, Maryland, on the grounds of the Naval Academy.
Did you know anchors could be so big! How much do you think it weighs?
You can always click on the photo to see details and find me!

The Capitol of the United States?

Yes, that's Keegan and me again. We're sitting in the heart of Annapolis on a beautiful brick wall in front of the first "peacetime" capital of the United States. Isn't it fun to learn new facts about our country's history?

Aye, Aye, Captain

We're in downtown Annapolis and that's the Pride of Baltimore II behind us. If ever you get a chance to visit this town, do. It's so interesting and there is good food everywhere, especially crabs and oysters. They taste yummy! My favorite is crabcakes!

A Sidetrip to Washington, D.C.

Annapolis is about an hour from Washington, D.C., so Keegan decided to take me to the National Zoo (free admission) to show me the antelopes.
I was "a lucky dog" to be on this adventure with my young friend and her family.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!

The Bike Path along the beachroads at Sunset Beach got some good lovin' this past weekend. Two crews from the City came out and trimmed the trees making the path more safe and beautiful. Very soon the big bumps from the tree roots will be pruned and the asphalt resurfacing will begin. The next seven photos show the work during this first stage of repair.

Making New Friends Along the Path

Annie let me rest in her basket. She was peddaling along the bike path and stopped to talk to me as I was conversing with Austin, the City Arborist, who was running the tree trimming job.
We're lucky he's a friend of the North Shore.

Big Smiles and Healthy Hearts

Keely and her dog, Lilly, stopped by to chat for awhile too.
Don't you just love that smile on Lily's face.

The Seal of the City and County of Honolulu

I just had to prop myself up on the step of the big truck which was collecting the chips, ground up branches, twigs and leaves from the tree trimming. This crew was from Urban Forestry. Do you know what "urban" means? I'm sure Mom's third graders know!

Up in the Cherrypicker

Pono was so happy to have his photograph taken with me. He was in his element up in the bucket with his chainsaw trimming the trees along the Bike Path. It was cool and shady and the ocean breeze felt great!

Girls Can Too

Katie is a certified arborist which means she knows how to take very good care of trees. In this photograph she's filling the chainsaw with a blend of oil and gasoline. She also knows how to play a number of musical instruments and she has three undergraduate degrees, too. Katie was very friendly and I enjoyed talking with her.

A Great Way to Recycle

Here's the chipper. it was pretty loud as the tree branches were fed into the hopper. Then when the truck was full, the chips were taken to Sunset Beach Elementary for its gardens.

The Truck's Full

Chad was one of the members of the tree trimming crew. He's collecting the excess which was falling out of the truck before it heads to the school. I was very impressed by the co-operation between all the City employees who worked together happily all day long to make the Bike Path safe and beautiful.
The community and I am grateful for their support.

Guess Who's Coming to Town?

Here I am at Sunset Beach Elementary on Saturday morning at the Farmers Market. Now you might ask----"What is that red wagon doing in the parking lot?" Well, Target is arriving in the islands on March 8th. One store is at the old Costco in Salt Lake. The other one is out in Kapolei. By the way, the truck belongs to Leonard's Bakery and they were passing out FREE "malasadas", a Portuguese surgar-coated doughnut without a hole to announce Target's arrival. I just took a couple of bites, promise!

Serenading in the Sunshine

Bill Howes started the Farmers Market at Sunset Beach Elementary several years ago. Now his own farm in Pupukea is thriving---find out more at his website address on the whiteboard in this photo.

Reopening Her Store in Haleiwa

Lori, with the paint roller in her hand, has just come back from a two-year around the world adventure. She bought her store, the Soap Cellar, back and is open for business. Donna, who has been on my blog before, was giving Lori a hand. See if you can look back in the "older posts' and find Donna with me!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Carnival's A Comin' to Town

Whoopee!!!! It's the first weekend in February and the Punahou Carnival is on! Come into Honolulu and join the fun!
Google: Punahou Carnival to see the schedule of events!

Bringing it back from the Big Island

Here are the "O" Men offloading freshly-picked produce they gathered last weekend for the Carnival this weekend.

Avocados Anyone?

I love living in Hawaii. Local avos in February. Perfect!

How About Some Flowers?

I'm standing in a front of a field of Protea. They look like flowers from Outer Space to me! They were sent over from Maui, but originally came from South Africa.

Stop by the Plant Booth

All these red flowers are called Bromeliads. The tent is overflowing with lots and lots of plants in pots-----hundreds, I'm sure.
Come down to the Carnival and see for yourself.

Books, Books, and More Books

Ohhhh--books. I love books. And they are very reasonably priced!!

Where Are All the Treasures? Right Here!

This is one of my favorite tents---White Elephant! Just look at all the recycled, "new to you" stuff to buy.
Support the school---shop at the Carnival.

All the Kids "Pitch" In

Michael and Sam, holding the bat, will be working the Carnival all weekend as will all the other high school students at Punahou School. It's a grand event which raises a million dollars every year and brings together all the alumni. Wow! What fun!

Our President's Alma Mater

This in the school Barak Obama attended when he lived in Hawaii as a teenager. No wonder he reached such great heights.
Visit the Carnival and meet some of his classmates and have a good time------fun, food, and great bargains!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Surf Dog at the Super Bowl (Almost)

I felt like I was there----Tampa Bay, fireworks, and the Half-Time Show.
Bruce Springsteen was rockin' out and making the whole crowd happy to be Americans.
What about those glasses, it's not Halloween? No, they were for the commercials between the first and second halves. Whoa!!!! Cool, dude.