Thursday, October 25, 2012

Onward to the Nation's Capital

Yep, I'm heading to Washington, D.C.  Making sure I'm drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated because it lessens my jet lag.  Come on along...........

First Stop.....the Metro Office

I landed at Washington National.  This airport is just down the road from George Washington's home, Mt. Vernon, and across the Potomac River from D.C.  The subway, called the Metro, is right there and it's easy to make my way around the city and suburbs.   I made sure I bought the special Metro Pass that saved me money.  Unfortunately, the machine ate my first $20 bill and I'm having one heck of a time getting reimbursed (paid back).

The State Flower of _______________

Did you guess?  I'm in a bed of black-eyed susans, Maryland's state flower, in Kensington.  Just getting ready to see a vaudeville production by the British Players.  It was a tribute to Queen Elizabeth of England as it is her Diamond Jubilee.  She's been reigning for 60 years!  This troupe performs lots of skits and tell jokes and dances and made me laugh.

A Bevy of Beauties

These British Players, from left to right, Kim, Kathy, and Alicia were behind the theater taking photos of each other.  I saw my opportunity, just trotted right over, and introduced myself.  They loved me!  And were happy to let me be in one of their pictures.  Look at those fancy tap dancin' outfits!

Yummm. Yummm. Since 1939

Yes siree, homemade is the way to go. frugal, eat just a little.
I'm at Seibel's, an old-fashioned restaurant right outside of D.C. in Burtonsville, Maryland.
Stop by and say hello to Lynn, and tell her Rex the Surf Dog sent you.  Check out their website and homemade ice cream at:

After a Long Day

Taking a bubble bath is right up my alley.  I think I must have a little French poodle in me.  I just fill up the tub, although this one is the size of a swimming pool, and relax.  I must confess, when I did fill up the tub later, I put in too much bubble bath and the bubbles were almost out in the hallway.  Yikes! Thanks to Auntie Chrissy for the loan of her jacuzzi.  On to more adventures tomorrow.

Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm a Green Dog!

Follow me to an environmentally-friendly small town's Fairfax, California, just over the Golden Gate Bridge and up the road a few miles.

First Stop......Bargains!

Oh, joy, a flea market in the woods.  This once a year event brings townsfolk out in droves.  They have cleaned out their closests, basements, and attics and are passing on their treasures.  Mom bought a few things, of course,-----an ornate green Depression glass bowl for $6 and a double headed solid dragon-carved brass coat hook for $8.  Wow!  We know how to shop (and recycle)!

My Absolute Favorites

How cute are these little slippers!  They are made of boiled wool and handcrafted in South America. I imagined a tiny fairy was in the neighborhood, hiding behind a big tree, wishing and wishing for a pair of these sweet booties.  What do you think?

Come on Through the Woods

Well, as I left the Fairfax Festival Parade, and after I did a little bargain hunting in the woods at the flea market, I found myself in front of the old meeting hall.  It was the center of the environmental displays and activities.  The fellow on the hillside wasn't quite sure what to make of me!

The Lorax Knows

He's one smart cookie that fellow who speaks for the trees.  His words of wisdom were all over the inside of the meeting hall at the Fairfax Festival.

Right up My Alley

Yep, this is my kind of festival.  Reminds me of Jack Johnson's Kokua Fest which also strives for Zero Waste.

Bravo, Bravo to the organizers!

How Much Goes into the Landfill?

I played this little spinning game with Brianna.  What I learned is this...........45% of the waste that goes into holes in the earth, called landfills, is food!  Yikes, ever heard of vermicomposting.  Get yourself some worms, today!!  They'll eat all your compostable waste and you'll get a nutrient-rich, black soil amendment.  Google: Waikiki Worms for more info.

Need Seeds?

I loved talking gardening to Matthew Hoffman.  He had lots of seeds ready to sell to all the Festival goers.  Do you need some seeds?  Go to Matt's website and see what he has for you.     Do you know what kind of corn Matt has grown?  Indian corn is the answer.

Makin' New Friends

Thousands of visitors come to the Fairfax Festival from the Bay Area, remember San Francisco is just over the bridge.  And the residents of the town love this annual get together.  They make a day of it----music, food, education, fun and talking, talking, talking.  I was with lots of other child-friendly folks on the ball field doing a children's craft.  We created rubbings.  I loved conversing with all the locals.  I learned a lot.  Think I'll come back next year to this cool hippie town.

Again, the Lorax Speaks

I suggest you modify your diet and think about turning one of the days of the week, meatless.  Just look at these statistics!  Take good care of yourself and better care of the planet.  Skip meat on Mondays--that will be easy to remember.

Another Pet Friendly Town

There was a great big health food store in Fairfax, Good Earth Natural Foods, that had everything, and an incredible deli.  Wow!  And best of all was the water bucket just for me!

Bye, Bye

This is Patty.  She was the Fairfax resident who met me in Hawaii at another festival and invited me to come to her town's event.  I was part of the eco friendly group----the Green Dog!  Do your part to make the planet a better place:  turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth, plant a garden, turn off the lights when you leave a room, pick up litter, even though it's not yours.  I could go on and on and know what to do!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Love a Parade!

Cassie's saddled up and ready to ride.  I'm in Fairfax, California, at the invitation of a couple of local folks who met me on the North Shore and thought I'd make a great addition to their annual summer festival.  This event started about 38 years ago and continues today.  Let's get moving.....

The Bubble Guy

That's Sterling.  He's been coming to this Festival for a few years and entertaing the crowds with his innovative blowing techniques---bubbles, bubbles, everywhere!  In his spare time, he's an attorney!  I gave him a hand helping him balance his bubble water cart as we walked down the street.  (You can hire him for parties and events if he's in your neighborhood.)

The Crowds were Waiting

I felt very special to be part of the Faixfax Festival.  My little paw got pretty tired waving to all the big and little kids, and blowing them kisses.

It was Pretty Wild!

These guys were playing mighty fine jazz as we were strolling down the main avenue in Fairfax.  What do you think of that green painted fellow and his companions?  I felt lucky to be following this musical float.

Let's Follow this Cart

I love antiques and collectibles (so does Mom).  Recycling at its best!  Sunny Day Salvage is a great little shop in the heart of Fairfax.  Like it on Facebook!  This is what they do:  At Sunny Day Salvage, we make, gather and sell lifestyle goods for the recycled home. We sew, paint, glue, collage, nail, screw, hammer, sand, stamp, pound and style, as the mood moves us.

Keep Inspiring

Yes, it's the young people who will continue to make changes for the betterment of the planet, including themselves.  I love this banner!  I LOVE THIS PARADE!