Saturday, January 31, 2009

Are you a "Locavore"? Do You Eat Local?

I'm with Jennifer at the co-operative near the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. Lots of local farmers and bakers bring their goods here and they have been for more than 35 years. Get healthy---------shop at Kokua Market. The next few photos take you there with me!!

Keeping Everything Fresh

Abdul has taken care of the produce section at Kokua for five years. He's always there to answer questions and his selection is fresh and colorful!

Freshly-Picked Local Fruits and Veggies

"Fromage? " As they Say in France

Kokua has a fine selection of cheeses. Yum------but eat just a little!

Package Your Own--Take As Little as You Like

I love the herbs and spices corner at Kokua. I buy lots, especially at Christmastime when I'm making gingerbread cookies.

Look Hard.... How Much Do I Weigh?

Sometimes I get some pretty wild ideas. I just couldn't help finding out my weight. I'm what is called a Lightweight.
How much do you weigh? Find a scale and find out!

The Dirt on Dirt

Betty puts on workshops (with Lydi) about gardening and taking care of the environment and sometimes cooking. In this photograph she's showing a crowd how to make a compost pile.
Learn more. Join the group. Go to:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kung Hee Fat Choy!! Happy New Year!!

Yes, I'm back in Chinatown in Honolulu and ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year! Look at the following eight photographs and get excited and join me for a fabulous cultural event!
It's the weekend of January 23rd, starting at 6:00 Friday night.
This poster was in the window of a fairly new restaurant called "soul de cuba cafe" on Bethel Street across from the Hawaii Theater.
It's getting rave reviews for its food and atmosphere!

Making Sure Everything's Ready

Rick, in the blue, and Milton were on King Street when I happened by. They were doing a final check of the sandwich board "No Parking" signs next to the curbs. There will be 8 different troupes of LION DANCERS in the streets for the celebration!
Go to: for the schedule of events.

Red, Red, and More Red

The Chinese people believe that red is an auspicious or "good luck" color. It's all over the place, especially during the New Year's celebration!

From the Rat to the Ox

It's the Year of the Ox. There are twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac and the Ox is the second one in the cycle. The Rat was the first. This artwork was done by the fellow in the next photograph.

The Papercutter

I'm with Zong Chen Liu. He's responsible for the Ox which is the official symbol on all the artwork for this year's Chinese New Year event. He used sissors to cut out the image! That's something!
He sits at a table in front of the Bank of Hawaii on King Street and uses gold paint to write characters on red paper. They are "good luck" sayings.

My Favorite Spring Flowers

These are Narcissus. Look closely in the tub and you'll see the roots coming out of the bulbs. These flowers have the most fragrant scent and are easy to grow. Google: Narcissus Bulbs and you, too, will be able to have a little garden inside your home. You can buy the bulbs in Chinatown or, sometimes, at a nursery.

Yum, Yum, and Yum

Candied fruit, almond cookies, mooncakes, and more.........I'm in the window of the new bakery in Chinatown. It closed last year and just reopened. Hooray. Look for it on Maunakea Street.

A Fine Place to Have Breakfast, and Lunch

Don't I look cute? I'm in the window of a beautiful, small restaurant in Chinatown. Can you see the outdoor seating beyond me? Go to: and find out more. Have the Eggs Benedict for me!

Again, Kung Hee Fat Choy!!

Please join me in Chinatown and enjoy the festivities of the New Year!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Closed, but Due to Open Soon

Well, my neighborhood is an exciting place! I live so close to Mother Nature and something's always goin' on!
Just before last Thanksgiving, there was a huge rockslide at the entrance to Waimea Valley. Luckily it happened at 1:30 am, so no one was hurt. There were boulders as big as cars all over the road. Power was lost and so was water! Yikes!
Rumor has it that the park will open on January 19th. We'll see.

Cacti in Hawaii?

This is the garden on the hot, sunny side of Kapiolani Community College. It's where Mom shops on Saturday mornings at the Farmer's Market in Honolulu. Did you ever think a cactus would grow in Paradise? These next three photographs show me in the middle of the garden.

Woof! Woof! Getting Out in Haleiwa

I met these Border Collies in front of a world-famous hamburger joint called "Kua Aina." They were keeping the back of the pickup warm as their owner, a fireman named Jack Lauer, was having lunch.
I like my little beachtown. I always run into someone I know when I'm out and about, and I'm out and about quite often!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Am I Looking Pretty Cool?

I'm on the steering wheel of an old T-bird. It was parked out in front of the Honolulu Academy of Arts-----a decoration for the Starlight Ball. Neato dashboard, don't you think? Google: Starlight Ball to learn more about this benefit (sponsored by Prada) that serves children in Hawaii and provides them with art classes after school.

Varrrrrooooom!! Varrroooom!

Wow, this event is going to be lots of fun! This is Kevin's car and he loaned it for the event. He and his wife fix up old cars and sell them for a hobby. Find out more about them at:

Barefeet in January!! Hooray!

Renate traveled from Germany to teach a class in Brain Gym.
That's her daughter, Lisa, with the purple orchid lei.
They were so happy under wonderfully warm, sunny Hawaiian skies. Want to learn more about Brain Gym, and get smarter?
Go to:

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year from Paradise!!

I'm starting the New Year out just right.
See that "flower pot" next to me? Well, it's really a BUCKET GARDEN.
Auntie Pualani came by the school just before the holidays and taught me (and Mom's garden club) how to do it. She began with a discarded plastic bucket from the local dairy, drilled holes in the bottom, painted it with a base coat of acrylic paint, and let me design the finished product!
Pretty cool way to recycle, don't you think?

There's Always Something Goin' On

The North Shore of Oahu is an exciting and happening place. There is always action! And usually it's outdoors.
Kalani David was spotted at an "invitation only" family-oriented skating event at Steve's house. Steve owns Cholo's Mexican Restaurant.
He's an avid skater and has a couple of bowls and a big ramp on his property.
Lots of skaters were having lots of fun!

A Big Time Winner!! On Land AND Sea

I spent a long time talking to Lindsey Austin when I was at Steve's Skating Invitational. She was incredible-----the youngest winner of the Transpac (a 100 year-old boat race from L.A. to Honolulu) in any division and the second youngest captain ever.
Her mom was on her crew!!
Bravo, Lindsey!

All the Way Up from the Land Down Under

Janelle, who teaches English to Aboriginies, was here for the holidays visiting her brother who lives at Sunset Beach. She was escaping the summer heat of the coast of north central Australia.
Danielle, her niece, visited Mom's classroom with her because Janelle's nephew, Nathan, is one of mom's students. Did you get that?

...and Flying in from New York City

Matt James, the artist, lives in the Big Apple. He was born in Hawaii and returned with his wife, Claire, and their young daughter for the holidays. Matt rented a gallery in Chinatown for his art show. See the resin piece behind him? That's typical of his abstract style.