Sunday, April 20, 2014

Northern England.....

I love flowers.  They make me happy.  I am in my friends' garden close to the Scottish border.

A River with Soul

The River Tyne has a long history........the headlands were settled during the Iron Age, it was occupied by the Romans, and has been used in recent years to transport coal from Newcastle to the sea. 

David and Moira, My Wonderful Hosts

I was so happy to make friends with this fabulous couple.  They took me all over their city of Newcastle upon Tyne to show me the sights. We are standing on a walkway above the River Tyne at Sage Gateshead, a spectacular concert hall.

A Fine Arts House

I was treated to dinner, a poignant documentary about the River Tyne, and Northumbrian Pipe music and dancing at the Sage Gateshead.  Lucky me, I have many wonderful, generous friends.

Oh, How Lovely

This is a stained glass window in David and Moira's beautiful home.  It took my breath away with its simplicity, motif, and colors.

Right Up My Alley

Because I am a "green" dog, this room at David and Moira's intrigued me.  It's in the middle of the house on the second floor.  It's a laundry drying room and the toastiest room in their home.  They line dry lots of their clothes.  Saving electricity and energy is good for them and the planet!!  Keeps the CO2 level down.

Back to Mom's Roots.......West Cornforth

This is the town, near Newcastle upon Tyne, where Mom's great grandmother was born.  David and Moira took us around looking for evidence of the past that might connect Mom to this town in northeastern England.

First Stop......the Local Library

I just love libraries......for so many reasons.  This one in Cornforth, County Durham, was small and quiet and had a great children's section.  The librarian was so helpful and directed me to the historian of the town to see if Mom could backtrack and find information about her great grandmother, Ruth Luce.

A Cup of Tea?

Even though there was a jar of instant coffee at hand, tea was offered to library visitors.  What a charming little nook with tea and biscuits (that's England's English for "cookies") for guests of the Cornforth Library.

Taking Care of Its Own

This area of northeastern England is a former mining center.  These rowhouses were built to provide shelter for retired miners.