Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Did You Buy a Raffle Ticket?

Lindsey may look famous to you. She's the mom of two groms who are heading into the professional surfing arena---Dax and Finn McGill, and the family's been on my blog in the past. The kids had to stay home. Lindsey's selling tickets at the Sunset Beach Elementary Art Auction--CELEBRATE THE ARTS!! It was an adults only event at Waimea Valley!! More photos are coming! Stay tuned. I have to run off to a surf contest opening----women at Pipe---at the Turtle Bay Surfer Den!!!

Catch a Wave and You're Sittin'......

This is an old Kelly Slater surfboard that had been decoupaged by a class at Sunset with Kelly's images. At auction it went for $1,100. Yikes, that's a pricey stick! But, remember all the money that was raised at the event supports the art program at Mom's school---Sunset Beach Elementary.

The Head Honcho

Cathy Shanley is a local realtor and committed volunteer to our neighborhood school. The Art Auction was her idea and she's been at the helm for the past 3 years. She has a strong team. She solicits local artists to donate art which is sold and the money raised is funneled back to the school. The children of Sunset Beach Elementary also make pieces for sale with the support of Demery Mezin, an art teacher hired with funds from the auction. Lucky kids!

Building a Budding Career--

Robert rides the bike path along the beach roads at Sunset with his camera. He's looking to be a professional photographer. Do you see that blue canvas behind you? Robert shot that picture when he went diving with the dolphins at Waimea Bay. He was pretty far out! Brave guy!

She Sells Sea Shells by the Seashore

Monica Parker does sell seashells. Her son dives for these "Sunrise" shells deep underwater. Monica makes gorgeous jewelry from the ocean's bounty and these gifts of the sea are very popular.

Guess Who?

I love children's art---hearts are open and spirits are free. As Pablo Picasso said, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up".
This is one of the pieces that was for sale at the Art Auction! Did you guess MONA LISA? You were right!

The Art Teacher

This is the second year Demery has been teaching art to the students of Sunset Beach Elementary. She is so ingenious and inspires the children to create great art. Art that can sell! They have made weavings, stepping stones, painted small picnic tables, made ceramic garden signs. I could go on and on. Art is important to my community and I'm so thankful. School is fun when art is integrated into the curriculum.

Pitching In

Rocky, who was the emcee for the Art Auction and Concert, and Betty, one of the many beautiful volunteers, made the evening special. My neighborhood has a strong sense of community and it really shows with events like this fundraiser for the children of Sunset Beach Elementary. Thanks to everyone who participated and made it happen!

Ready to Hear Me Strum?

Theresa was all smiles as she warmed up on her ukulele with her fellow students from Sunset Beach Elementary. Performance is a big part of the arts curriculum at the school. By the way, they wowed the audience!

A Heart Full of Aloha

Coco Leong, also known as Makua, is so many things to Sunset Beach Elementary. She teaches ukulele to children after school, she's the "kapuna", the Hawaiian Studies teacher of all the students, and she radiates the spirit of aloha always. I feel proud to be her friend!

Did Someone Say Party?

These local artists, Margo, Jim, and Bernie, all contributed to the CELEBRATE THE ARTS event! They donated art for the silent and live auction and paid $20 for dinner and a concert featuring Jack Johnson, Paula Fuga, John Cruz, and Makana. Wow! What an evening! They look like they are having fun, don't they? They did. I was sitting at their table and keeping them company all night.

All Snuggily with Grandma

Jean and I had been keeping each other company earlier in the week at a Farm Rally at the State Capital (in the second photo, she's arm and arm with Makana after he sang his song, WE ARE THE MANY, at the rally. I recommend you google it and listen. It's great!). Jean met up with me again at the Art Auction and she just wanted to hold me and love me all evening. Wasn't I lucky!

Celebrate with Us Next Year

I hope you'll be able to join us in February of 2013 for the Art Auction, Dinner, and Concert at Waimea. It's so much fun and you'd be supporting the Arts at Sunset Beach Elementary. It's such a worthy cause! Doing art lifts spirits and, in turn, makes a child a better learner for all the other subjects! Smarter kids=a better community.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Inspired by Jackson Pollock

This painting will be for sale on Friday night, February 24, at Waimea Valley. It's only one of many pieces to be auctioned off at---Celebrate the Arts---a benefit for the art program at Sunset Beach Elementary.

The Artist at Work

Owen is one of Mom's 25 third graders who created the abstract art piece that will be on the auction block at the Celebrate the Arts fundraiser. Hope you'll be there. Many North Shore artists donate their work to support art at the school. You can buy tickets at Sunset Beach Elementary or at the door. The cost is $20 for dinner and a concert with John Cruz and friends!

The Art Teacher

Sunset Beach Elementary is sooooooo lucky. This is our art teacher, Demery Mezin, who is paid with money raised at Celebrate the Arts. It's a labor of love to make this event happen. Local realtor, Cathy Shanley, is the organizer and has been for the last two
Hooray for parents and volunteers who believe in art and its importance in the school curriculum! Mom was given $300 at the beginning of school year just for art supplies and that's pretty special!

We'll be at the Art Auction. Will You?

Yes, you'll join lots of interesting characters and North Shore residents (they are pretty much one and the same) at Waimea Valley on Friday night, February 24, when you come to Celebrate the Arts. You'll be supporting art at Sunset Beach Elementary, eating a fine dinner, listening to John Cruz and friends, and, hopefully, bidding on great art!! See you there! Call the school for info--- (808) 638-8777.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Who is that Behind the Foster Grants?

Did you recognize her? That's the famous children's author, Kerry "Gidget" Germain. She's all dressed up for a history lesson recalling events that took place during the early 1940's. Read on........

The Author and Screenwriter

Vera Williams has written a book about women aviators called WASPS (Women Air Force Service Pilots). These brave women flew planes, mostly in the United States, during the Second World War when many American male aviators were in Europe. Vera showed a Power Point at the Waialua Rec Center in Haleiwa explaining all about the WASPS (and autographed 30 copies of her book). In fact, looks like there will be a movie made about these first female flyers in the near future. How exciting!!

Captain Rogers AKA Captain Haleiwa

Rick Rogers flew commercial airplanes for Hawaiian Air for 30 years. He also commandeered the top of the Haliewa Theater in 1983 when it was about to be bulldozed. He's famous on the North Shore for his bravery. He was at Vera's booksigning with his own Power Point. Capt. Rogers presented a timeline of the airfields in my neighborhood pre 1940's to the present. I learned a lot. This was the third historical event sponsored by the North Shore Chamber of Commerce in the past 6 months. See what else is in store at

Is it Me?

Well, it makes Mom nervous to fly in airplanes; she doesn't like to bounce up and down in the clouds, so probably I won't need this aviator jacket. I did feel pretty special in it, though, and I loved the patches! If you want to learn more about the history of flying in Hawaii, go to or visit the museum at Pearl Harbor.

Ready to Fly

Folly was dressed up in her WASP aviator outfit----goggles and all. Flying in the 40's was dangerous for men, and especially dangerous for women. You had to be brave to go up in airplanes. The industry was just beginning and it wasn't that safe. The magazine, above, called Life, was wonderful---it showed pictures of the WASPS and told their story. Did you notice the publication date? Look for it!

As Beautiful as Ever

Former Mrs. Hawaii and actress, Arlene Newman, was the Mistress of Ceremonies the night of Vera's booksigning and presentation. Arlene did a fabulous job-----she just looks fabulous, doesn't she? And best of all, she's as sweet as she is gorgeous! You may have seen her in the movie, SOUL SURFER. Arlene played Kevin Sorbo's wife!

Clicking her Heels - Singing her Heart Out

Lynise Foley is a member of Vocal Motion, a dance and singing troupe, from Kahuku High School. She and her fellow performers did a little number from the 40's and were jitterbugging to the song, The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from Company B, the night of Vera's event. It was happy music and I was itching to get up there and dance my paws off with Lynise.

Who is Fifinella?

Do you see that little logo on the sign above Vera and Gidget's heads? That's the mascot of the WASPS. She was a Disney character and a perfect symbol for the first women pilots who flew for the United States. Google her to find out why! The WASPS were officially recognized in just the past few years. Their history is inspiring and courageous. Want to know more? Buy Vera's book at his website:

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Carnival's in Town

Punahou School, in Honolulu, has the biggest and best fundraiser ever. Always the first weekend in February, this event raises a million dollars in two days! These seniors were excited to get their picture taken with me, but they were in such a hurry to get in the White Elephant tent, I didn't even get to ask their names. The "haku" lei they are wearing on their heads was purchased at a carnival booth for $28.

Bring Cash, and Plenty of It!

Everything at the Punahou Carnival must be purchased with script. There is so much to buy---thousands of books, fruit and veggies, collectibles, clothing, antiques, plants, flowers, food, and so much more!

Need Something Green?

Each year the carnival has a theme. This year's it's Cosmic.....
Step into this tent and see what's for sale..........

Shoppin' with Mom

Nil, a senior at Punahou, was picking out some plants to take home for his Mother. That's a "ti" he's holding. There was a vast selection and the prices were right! This carnival has something for everyone!

And They're Only $2

As I said, the plants are very reasonable (notice their pricetags), as is everything else.
Now, if you look a little beyond me, you'll see a long, long line. Those carnival goers are waiting for malasadas------that's Portuguese for "doughnut". It's a fried dough ball rolled in sugar and a favorite of island residents.

A Little Taste of Buttery Heaven

I'm standing on cases and cases of homemade Lilikoi Butter. This is a hot seller, a really hot seller, at the carnival. It's dreamy, creamy and just the smell of it reminds me of Paradise. (Lilikoi is also called passion fruit.)

The Biggest Tent Ever

Punahou School starts collecting for the next carnival immediately after the last one. There are thousands of items of clothing that are ready to be recycled in this tent alone and there are many more tents full of great stuff. Make sure you mark your calendar for next year--first weekend in February.

Flowers for Your Sweetheart? Or Maybe Just for YOU! Go Ahead and Splurge!

I loved these bouquets! As I said, this fundraiser has everything. All the alumni pitch in and contribute whatever they can to make it a success. Since this school was established in 1841, there are plenty of former students who support the cause. President Obama is one of them!

See you There in Your Buff and Blue

At its annual carnival, Punahou School provides the opportunity for the residents of Oahu to get some of the best deals on the island. Mom loves all the choices-------books, flowers, plants, collectibles, malasadas (once a year, only, of course), veggies, lilikoi butter, chutney, antiques.........the list goes on and on and on.