Sunday, September 27, 2009

Heading to the Northwest

Look very, very closely and see that big snow-capped mountain behind me. It's Mount Shasta in northern California off Route 5 which rises 14,798 feet above sea level!

Pit Stopping in Ashland, Oregon

Ashland is famous for putting on plays in the summer during the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. I only had an hour to spend there, so I missed the thespians (actors), but looked for something healthy to eat. I discovered a perfect afternoon treat at the Yogurt Hut---- frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries and blueberries. I layered the fruit with the yogurt and YUM, YUM, YUM!!

Spending the Night by the Ocean

This is Florence, Oregon, along the Pacific Coast which has some of the highest sand dunes in the world. Those posts are the remnants (leftovers) of old wharves. It was a little chilly, so if YOU visit in the summer, bring a sweater or light jacket. See what else is there, go to:

Feeling Like a Little Princess's Doggie

What a splendid breakfast I had at the Edwin K Bed and Breakfast in Old Town Florence! Homemade everything. Spend the night there, I recommend it!

Making My Way to Portland

I'm at Driftwood Shores. The Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful in the world. This is just one of the glorious sights you'll see as you drive north on Route 101. That must have been a mighty big tree!

Meeting Other Explorers

Karen is a teacher who was on holiday and discovering the Oregon Coast too. Did you notice the lighthouse jutting out on the cliff behind me? There are many of them that dot the shoreline warning sailors of the rocks. Google: lighthouses oregon coast to see all of them.

Uh, oh. Mom Wasn't Paying Attention

We ran out of gas and got rescued by Jo. The car drifted into the Inn at Yaquina Bay where Jo was manning the front desk. Mom just opened the front door and said, "Help." Jo immediately got on the phone and called the local cab company. We had gas and were on our way within 20 minutes! Hooray! JO SAVED THE DAY!!

My Good Friends in Portland, Oregon

This is Sue, who lives in Hawaii and Portland, with her grandsons, Lucas, Aidan, and little Arthur. She made me feel very welcome at her home and took me all over the town on a bicylce, my favorite way to travel!

Chatting About Something Important

Bob, on the left, and my Dad, Bobby, became fast friends when we visited Portland. (Bob is Sue's husband.) Here they are standing alongside the Willamette River. Did you notice the blue bike! Seemed like everyone in Portland had one! I loved visiting this city!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting Ready for the Big Party

Colorful zinneas and huge sunflowers made beautiful bouquets at the Chico Grange. What's a "grange?" It's a big building, like a gym, that's used by local farmers as a meeting and party center. These children helped set up the hall for a 40th Reunion of the residents of Chico, California.

Looking Back at the Seventies

Chico was a place where individuals spoke out and stood up for their rights. The 40th Reunion had lots of memorabilia spread around so everyone could remember the past.

Good Friends Ready to Have Fun

Kim, in the hat, and Annabelle helped get the Chico Grange ready for the Reunion. Kim also played keyboard in his band, Spark and Cinder, at the event.

Saying GoodBye to Chico

Did you spot me? I loved being in this university town in northern California---------the One Mile Pool, the fantastic farmers's market, the big park, the rural flavor. It was a wonderful place to visit. This "hand sculpture" was on the campus of Chico State.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

How About this for a Haystack?

Northern California, in the Central Valley, farms lots of hay. Can you believe how big this stack of hay bales is-------compared to me?
If you wanted to figure out the volume of this rectangular prism, it wouldn't be possible because you can't see the end!

On the Bike Trail to the Market

Kim and Bobby (in the hat) went to the Chico Farmers' Market with me.
There's just something so wonderful about bicycling! What freedom!
We had fun stopping off and wading in the creek to cool our feet. I just watched because it takes a long time for MY paws to dry out!

Nature at its Finest

Mom held out her hand near a dragonfly and he landed on it and stayed for about three minutes. Looking more closely, we discovered that the dragonfly was distracted-----he was nibbling down a little, white fly. He flew off after he had his breakfast!
This miracle of nature took place along the wide stream that runs through Chico. It's actually a big swimming hole called the One Mile Pool.

Stopped to Sip on the Way

The bike path to the market cut back into town. I thought I might stop here and get something to drink, but rushed on instead.
Next time!

Beauty from the West Coast of Africa

These African baskets at the Chico Farmers' Market are imported from Ghana.
Look at the brightly woven colors that match the zinneas. Summer's in full bloom here!

The Designer and her Photography

Michele, on my right, made wonderful jewelry and displayed it artfully on cards which were her recycled photographs.
She has many friends in Chico and that's one of them next to her!

A New Friend Who is Absolutely Green

Alex express my sentiments exactly-----STAY VOCAL.
He reuses t-shirts in a unique way. Check out his website:
See that little stuffed animal across from me? That's my best pal, "Girlfriend."
She's my traveling companion. Girlfriend is pretty quiet and usually stays in the background when I'm out on the road and start talking and making new friends.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Climb On Up, Cowboy!

I'm learning about California history in the Sharpsteen Museum in Calistoga and getting ready for a ride on this stagecoach. This is how folks got around in Napa Valley about 100 years ago. It was the first public transportation, something like today's bus.

Making New Friends Along the Way

I do my best to stop in the local libraries I pass on my Big Road Trip.
This one's in Calistoga. The mouse needs a name. Can you think of one?

Another Fabulous Farmer's Market

The Farmers' Market in Napa Valley is on Saturday morning behind St. Helena High School.
Make sure you go there if you're visiting the neighborhood.
And just look at the next four photographs to see some of the great items you can purchase.

Life's Just a Box of Cherries!

Chelsea was selling the most delicious cherries ever!!
I bought a big bag and ate and ate and ate!

What a Great Way to Display

These little kid's clothes were all handmade and silkscreened. I just had to stop and chat with the seamstresses, Amy and Jamie.
My favorite outfit was the one with the Western look. Can you spot it?
To see more of their line go to:

The Bookmaker at the Farmers' Market

Jennifer is the owner of Blue Stocking Press. She had the most wonderful paper products and she binds books too!
I bought a few postcards to send back to my friends in Hawaii. They were of exquisite quality so I know my buddies back home will really appreciate them!
Go to her website and see more of Jennifer's creations:

Friday, September 4, 2009

Stringing Leis in Napa Valley?

I'm overseeing the efforts of Diana's son during the opening of NAPALOHA in St. Helena. This is the first day of business in her little shop on Main Street that features Hawaiian stuff. She has 5 of my puppies for sale in her store!

Ruff! Ruff!

This little Westie, Chloe, helps her owner, Gail, sell real estate in St. Helena. She's the greeter when you enter the office.
I loved having my picture taken with her!

And Speaking of Dogs.......

Fideaux is a dog and cat shop in St. Helena-------now this is my kind of place. Can you see why? Doggie biscuits all over the place. Yum!

Art is Everywhere!!

St. Helena is a small town between Napa and Calistoga. There are many interesting shops and galleries and eateries there.
Here is Doug Owen with his bright red, shiny horse sculpture in the CaldwellSnyder Gallery. He and his son, whose paintings are hanging behind him, collaborate or work together matching colors. Did you notice?

Baubles and Beads and Lots of Shine

Jackie Jones designs exquisite necklaces. She liked talking to me and I like dtalking to her. Her creations really caught my eye because they were so unusua, and to think, these stones were once just rocks on the Earth's surface before they were cut and polished.

So What Do You Think is in These Copper Cannisters?

Not only do they grow lots of grapes in Napa Valley, they grow lots of olive trees too. The olives are pressed and the oil that is expelled is healthy for you.