Saturday, May 31, 2008

Whopee!! A Farm Stand in the Free State

Emily's a nine year old third grader. Her dad started this farm stand for her when she was born. ¥ummmmm--lots of good things to eat.
Look at those strawberries!

On the Eastern Shore of Maryland

I stopped at the Visitor Center (in the top photo) in Cambridge, Maryland. Wow! It was beautiful. Look at that sail in the background---just like so many that I saw on the Chesapeake Bay. Ginny, holding me, and Gloria were so friendly and welcoming!! I left that place with lots of free maps and a smile on my face!

An Alien in Cambridge?

No, just another new friend. See the bridge in the background? That's the one I came over and saw the sail alerting me to the Visitor's Center. This little guy is not from Outer Space, he's on the viewing deck to help me better see boats in the distance. He's like a pair of binoculars.

The Organic Gardener from Annapolis

Emory's family has been living just outside of Annapolis since the 1880's. She's an avid grower of zinneas and herbs and sells them to the local flower shops and the big health food market, Whole Foods. Her carbon footprint is very tiny! Good for her!! Good for the planet!

Friday, May 23, 2008

On the East Coast

Look at the waves behind me! I'm at Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland. Brrrrr--- I'm so cold. It's about 60 degrees.
No way I'm getting in the water! No matter how thick my wetsuit!

Wild Ponies? At the Beach?

Wow! These horses live on Assateague and have the run of this National Park. Charlie, a volunteer, bikes around and makes sure the ponies and the tourists and the campers respect each other.

Kids at Camp

These biology students are from the Key School in Annapolis, Maryland, which was founded by the faculty of St. John's College. They were there for the week studying ecosystems at Assateague. See that bone they found? It's from a whale's fin and was really heavy!

The Professor and the Leader

Here I am with Murray (in the white t-shirt) and Brian from the Key School. Wouldn't it be fun to set up a tent and live next to the dunes for a week?

At the Beach

Mom and I walked out to the seashore and looked for shells. We found a few and some skate egg cases. The sand was warm from the sun, but the wind was chilling us to the bone!

Al, the Carpenter

I was treated to a visit at Al's shop out in the woods of Ocean City, Maryland. Wow, he had everything, and I mean everything. What a recycler! The above photo is of the 45 foot sailboat Al's been building for the past 25 years. He told me, "I'll finish it in the next five years so I can live my dream and sail all around the world." Maybe he'll take me along.

Where's the Surf?

K Coast is the biggest surf shop in Ocean City. These very friendly boys greeted me with big smiles and lots of enthusiasm.
I appreciated their hospitality. Wow, did you ever see so many surfboards for sale in one place! And this was the second floor!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Newest Friend

Isn't she cute? And what a smile! This is Coco, my friend from France with one of my puppies. They spend lots of time together having fun!
Of course, Coco, surfs too. She lives on the west coast of southern France near Biarritz where there are some pretty good waves just like in my neighborhood! Her owner, Gabe Davies, has a surf school called "Surf Solutions!" If you look back in my archives at Christmastime, you'll see a picture of Gabe and his wife, the author, Lauren.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Back at the Market

Here I am with Jordan and Snoopy on Saturday morning at the Kapiolani Farmer's Market! This place is wonderful with yummy food--- fresh-picked fruit and veggies, whole wheat bread, honey----just what a little dog likes to eat! They even sell herb seedlings, orchids, and lots of other plants. I think I'm going to rustle up a roasted ear of corn to eat just like the one Jordan is holding!

Just Picked!!

Auntie Shirley (in the hat), Milton, and Gale are ready to sell me their corn that was picked at 4:00 a.m. this morning! Yikes, I'd have to get up in the dark to see that! They own the Golden Melon Farm in Waimanalo which was started in 1948! Wow---they have been farming for 60 years!!

Honey, Anyone?

Michael and Chris (holding me) come to the market once a month as the bees only produce enough honey to sell every four weeks. They had lots of yummy samples for me to try!! I'm lickin' my chops just thinking about tasting a little!
Visit their website.

Wow!! Look at these Orchids!

I was soooooo impressed by the height of these green orchids I just had to show you!

Come to the Market early------lots of stuff sells out quickly. I usually get there about 7:00. The horn blows for the Market to open at 7:30, but you can set aside what you want until then!! Remember what Ben Franklin said, "THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM!"

The Editor

Wanda Adams and I hit it off right away!! She was selling her book, The Island Plate, and we just started chatting and became friends. She's the Assistant Features Editor of food and travel for the newspaper, The Honolulu Advertiser! Don't you just love her big, heartfelt smile? I did!

Always Making New Friends Everywhere

My favorite thing about "Getting Around" is meeting new people and talking. I made friends at the Market with Kona and his Mom, Sandi, and her friend, Lisa. (Lisa's shirt says "forward" in Hawaiian.)
I'm lucky to be "On the Go."

Another New Friend

Mocha, in the arms of his English mom, Amanda, is an Italian greyhound who was born in Japan! He was a little shy! I think the crowds at the Market scared him a little.
He liked leaning on me! I liked it too-----I like being a kind friend.

The News Reporter and her Cameraman

Tammy and James of Channel 2 News were at the Market talking to people too. They were asking questions about the price of shipping produce from the Outer Islands. Wow!! I learned something very important----it costs less to fly fruit and veggies from California and Thailand to Oahu than it does from the Neighbor Islands!
The high price of gasoline is making our food prices go up! So kids, turn off lights, ride your bike, plant a garden. Do your part to save energy!