Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Staying Healthy on the Grand Tour

Yes, it's a juice bar at a 2,000 year old market near London Bridge. Called Borough Market, there have been shops on this site for hundreds and hundreds of years. Come see what I saw and meet my new friends. Gary's whipping up a fresh, organic ginger, oj, and mango drink for Mom! Sound yummy?

Tomatoes Galore! and So Much More!

Charlie's a literature student at the University of Manchester, but spends some of his time helping his dad with their fruit and veggie stand called Fosters of Pimlico. I bought a fruit cup that tasted heavenly. It's a good idea when you are traveling to eat light. Your system goes through many changes, so it's smart to down a lot of water and eat foods that aren't too dense!

Harvested from an Island West of France

Alex has been at the Borough Market for 8 years. He sells butter and cream and salt (some of which he flavors) that he buys from Stephane, a salt harvester, who lives on the Isle de Noirmoutier. Stephane has four children and he speaks Celtic to them. Now that is a very old language from northern Europe. I am learning so much, I never knew "Sel" means "Salt" in French. Did you?

Olives, Anyone?

The Borough Market was filled with so much good food, and so fresh. It's a must see when you go to London; all the locals shop there. Just take the "Tube", the subway, to London Bridge and ask someone to point you in the direction of the market. It's open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Cheese is My Weakness

This is just another stand at the Borough Market. It's so much different than in America. I asked for Swiss cheese, but that was at another vendor further down. Can you imagine so much cheese for sale? Residents of Europe love cheese like I do. But, I don't eat too much, just a little. I'm watching my trim doggie waistline.

And Outside the Borough Market

Damian, holding his Jack Russell terriers, Dudley, Albert, and Rita, was chatting with his friend, Jose, as the morning was passing them by. It was fun to chat "dog talk". Remember, Mom just rescued a 12 pound terrier last month in Hawaii and then named the pooch "Lucky". You'll know more about that little dog because she's going to be writing books about herself called LETTERS FROM LUCKY.

Meeting and Greeting

This coffee shop is super popular. It's the place where Mom was meeting up with a friend of a friend. We stood around for awhile and just took in all the London sights. There were many interesting outfits-----seems like everyone is pretty fashion conscious. Gary, holding me, and Paul are like London police officers. They give advice and directions to visitors and keep an eye on everything at the market.
They didn't sell hot chocolate at this coffee shop, so we went next door. See what we found in the next photograph......

Yep, and Hot Chocolate Too

Konditor and Cook is a boutique bakery next to Monmouth Coffee Shop and it's across the lane from the Borough Market. Just look at these "Magic Cakes"! They cost about $5.00 which is 2.95 pounds. These little square cupcakes are for special occasions---I'm ready for a special occasion, bring on the Magic Cakes! I promise I'll eat just one!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Who is this Bear and Why is He at the Train Station in London?

Can you help me find out why Paddington was at the train station? Google him and send me a note when you find out, please.
I was catching the tube to Highgate, a village in north London, and there he was.

Rosie and Rex

Rosie fell in love with me as I was getting a tour of a rooftop garden in Highgate! She and her brother, Robert, and their mom were tending to veggies and herbs on the roof of the supermarket, Budgens. From all the research----this is the first market in the world that will be growing organic produce on its rooftop. Bravo!!

Two Little Gardeners

Robert and Rosie found a cosy hammock in which to sit and rock and contemplate Budgen's garden. This is a perfect retreat, I was so peaceful I almost felt like taking a nap.

A Garden on the Fifth Story

This is the perfect view of the Highgate Budgen's organic garden. I'm very impressed that the store owner had such a BIG idea! Growing his own veggies and herbs to sell to his customers----brilliant! I hope more stores follow suit.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

On the Way......the Grand Tour

I was so lucky. I became friends with Bev Koval of Regal Travel in Honolulu and Mom booked our tickets with her for our trip. I'm lucky because Bev got us two complimentary passes to the Continental Airlines President's Club so on the 7-hour layover, after flying all night to Newark, we were able to take a long, long hot shower at the Club before boarding our plane to London.
Hooray, Bev!

First Stop--the Big Apple--New York City

During my 7-hour layover, I was a guest of the Union Square Farmers' Market on the Lower East Side of Manhattan! We sped over to the city on the New Jersey Transit train--easy!
Wow! It was super busy and shoppers were zipping by me like crazy. Here I am, from left to right, with Tara of this flagship Greenmarket, Jenny, and Mom. We were doing a children's art activity and passing out bookmarks! It was fun, but a little hot and humid compared to Hawaii.

Quenching My Thirst

I really believe in eating healthy food, especially when I'm traveling, and this cold apple cider from the Locust Grove Fruit Farm hit the spot! Yummmmmmmmm! This small 100-acre family farm has been in production for 200 years. That's a long time don't you think?

One of Summer's Tastiest Veggies

This yellow summer squash is delicious when Mom slices it about an inch thick, sautes it in olive oil and garlic, then puts a little, just a little, butter on it with a touch of salt and pepper. It tastes like corn-on-the-cob!
Try it! Ask your Mom or Dad to take you to your nearest farmer's market and buy some and come home and cook it together for a healthy, supper side dish.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Youngest Volunteer

I'm with Max at the Hawaii Nature Center in Makiki Valley in Honolulu. It's nestled in the forest next to a soothing stream and lots of hiking trails. We were at the Kokua Hawaii Foundation (Jack Johnson's charity) Volunteer Appreciation Picnic. I loved Max's yellow t-shirt! Give me a bike anyday!

Always Ready with Big Smiles

Natalie, on the left, and Kaliko are head honchos for the Kokua Hawaii Foundation. They are always, and I mean always, positive and energetic. Notice the box next to Natalie, it's full of Jack's new CD---To the Sea, a tribute to his dad. Right now, Jack is on a summer tour with his family in Europe and the U.S. (I'll be at his London concert on June 30th!) Because he is so generous, he is giving all the money he makes to charity-----non-profits that participate in his concerts. Bravo to our hometown boy!! Jack was born and raised at Sunset Beach.

Eat Healthy, Eat Right

Dexter, the School Food Coordinator for Kokua, made lunch for the Appreciation Picnic. Yum, Yum, Yum! The carrot cake was heaven! He told me his job is, "To give kids the opportunity to eat better". Do you want to volunteer for Jack Johnson's foundation? Make a difference and make the planet a better place? Just go to: and see what you can do!

The Garden Educator

Lydi works for The Greenhouse and with Kokua. She teaches children how to plant and take care of a garden, and then harvest. She's taught Mom how to plant seeds properly and easily, and with great success! Hooray for Lydi and p.s.---she's a bride to be!

Even Dogs were Invited!

I made friends with Leo at the picnic. He was being babysat, or should I say, dogsat, by Hilary. She volunteers for the Kokua Hawaii Foundation teaching children how to eat right. Her official title is Nutritional Docent. She goes into classrooms and educates the students about the benefits of eating a healthy diet---YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!
What a fun afternoon I had at the Hawaii Nature Center making new friends with all the other Kokua volunteers!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Me and Lots of Other Surfing Dogs

Yes, I'm on top of a postcard rack with dogs on boards, surfing dogs!
I was at the 4th Annual Surf Dog Competition sponsored by Loew's Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego at Imperial Beach.
There are lots more photos, so follow me check out the competitors!

Howling for Surf and He Never Stops!

That terrier, Buddy, howls all day long-----he's longing for surf! He's been surfing for 10 years and is a pro. The other dogs catching waves ignore him. Ricochet, in the pink vest, is very famous. Just google his name and you'll learn about his service dog misadventure!!

Happy to Be Rescued

King was adopted from a shelter by Bill. They love to enter contests and surf all day long so the Loew's contest was right up their alley!

Betsy's in Heaven

Nicole, who works at the Coronado Public Library, was out with her sweet bulldog, Betsy. Always looking for action, Betsy was chomping at the bit, panting, and ready to ride some waves! I love dogs who surf!

Where's My Board and Who has the Wax?

Dozer is famous. Can you see why? He's a famous surfing bulldog from Southern California. He's even been in the movies!
That's his owner, Gigi, in the yellow shorts. She came to the surfing contest with her friend, Colleen, and loved every minute of the event!

Looking Gorgeous as Ever

Now this is one well-dressed pooch. His owner makes clothes for him and he has an incredible wardrobe. He even has his own Facebook Page with over 2,000 friends!
His name: "Bobby Gorgeous"
Perfect fit, don't you think?

Yes, A Surfing Great Dane

Yep, Marmaduke is surfing! His movie was premiered on the beach at the Loew's Coronado Bay Resort 4th Annual Surf Dog Competition. It was a production-----dog bone-shaped tables in the sand, lights, a dog in a tuxedo and Owen Wilson smiling for the cameras.
Wow!!! It was a happening and I was there taking it all in thanks to Dina and her husband, John. They took me as their guest.
Check out their It benefits lots of dog- related charities.

In the Flesh or Should I Say "Fur"?

This is the real Marmaduke. He was in the movie and at Imperial Beach at the surfing contest. There were two dogs portraying the cartoon hound on screen.
Thanks to Dina and John for letting me tag along and, especially, for taking pictures of me with all my new friends!