Sunday, February 28, 2010

Raising Money for the Arts

I'm at the first annual "Celebrate the Arts" benefit for the children of Sunset Beach Elementary. Put on by the PTCA, this event had a silent auction and live one too. Visiting musicians, Jake Shimabukuro and Paula Fuga with her special guest, Jack Johnson, played for 600 attendees. 100 North Shore artists donated their work. The masks are by Jay Marr and Bernie Moriaz. Bernie's is the one with feathers.

It Was All Her Idea

Cathy Shanley, local realtor and parent at Sunset Beach Elementary, was the visionary of this event!!
Bravo, Cathy, you put your heart into it and it's paid off. The children of Sunset will benefit greatly! CELEBRATE THE ARTS!!

Ready to Make Her Purchases

Debbie is a local North Shore surfer who rips at Alligators and is a nurse when she's not riding waves. She bought two pieces of art to benefit the children of Sunset. Thank you, Debbie.

North Shore Celebrities

Renee Nobriga, Miss Hawaii USA, and Mark Cunningham, retired lifeguard and world champion body surfer, kept the audience clapping and cheering.

Holding Down the Fort

There is a very devoted staff and parent group at Sunset. These smiling women represent some of them--from left to right--Cindy, GeorgeAnn, Gina, Lenora, and Tasha. The children at this North Shore public school and home to world famous surfers are very fortunate to be loved and supported by so many.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The New World Champ

Amaury Lavernhe, from Reunion Island, just won the IBA Pipeline Pro Championship which means he's the best bodyboarder in the whole wide world. His first words when he accepted his trophy, "I'm falling in love with life!"

In Charge for the Past 30 Years

Bob Thomas has run the world body boarding championship almost forever. He's a retired fireman from the South Shore who has been catching waves since his dad moved to Hawaii in the early 50's.

How Big is that Canon Camera?

Lee Kelly is a freelance photographer from Sydney, Australia, who travels around the world taking surf shots. He was happy with the first place winner, Amaury, because they are staying together with other friends on the North Shore. I'm sure they'll be celebrating tonight!

Now That's My Idea of Cruising Pipeline

Traveling from Minnesota for one month, Barb and Bill, happened on the Pipeline Bodyboarding Contest and spent the day on the beach soaking up the sun and watching the best wave riding in the world. They had a great spot for viewing, wouldn't you say?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Surf Contest at Waimea? With No Waves?

This is just the movie set of "Soul Surfer", the Bethany Hamilton film. The company was there for two days. I happened to visit the set and made new friends and learned lots of new things about making movies.

The Second Assistant Director

Hope was so focused in on her computer that she hardly noticed me, but she was happy to spare a moment to let me take her picture. Can you believe how much "stuff" is surrounding her? It sure takes a lot of equipment to make a movie.

Making Sure the Sound is Right

John was far away from the actors and the filming nestled in under the canopy of his cosy, little tent. He's the master sound mixer who is in charge of everything that is recorded on the set. Now that's a big job!

....And How Would You Like a Beach Towel?

Dallas is the "wardrobe" man on Soul Surfer. His official title is "Men's Set Costumer". On this movie, the clothing is mostly beach wear. Do you think that might be a fun job? Could it be a career for you? A new career?

Zeroing in on the Stars

Luckily I was invited down to the tent where the actors sit when they are not being filmed. I'm fortunate to know so many kind people everywhere who want to support "the dog with the blog". Look at the next photo for a close up.

On the Shore of Waimea--A Feature Film

Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt are the parents of Bethany Hamilton in the film, Soul Surfer. That's director, Sean McNamara, smiling and giving them input. The couple to the left (by my ear) is Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) and Arlene Newman (Mrs. Hawaii 2005).

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sending Love----Happy Valentine's Day!

Ursula visited me at the Farmers' Market and created a sweet little Valentines bag. She was on the North Shore from Santa Cruz, California, and enjoying her stay. When I asked her what she liked the most, she said, "I love Hawaii because it has a lot of beaches."
Good call if I do say so myself.
Just think of the whole Mid-Atlantic Seaboard---the snow is still piled way high!

Come and Visit Me on Sunday Mornings!

I'm so lucky. Elizabeth has been joining me at the Children's Tent at the Market. I love the way she painted Holly's face! Don't you?

This is a Secret Spot on the North Shore

The weather was a little blustery as I ventured out on the wetlands between Kahuku and Sunset Beach. This refuge hosts four endangered resident waterfowl and is home to many migrating birds, ones that fly for days from Siberia, Canada, and Alaska to nest here.

Am I on the East Coast?

The wind was blowing and the air was chilly as I walked around the refuge. I felt like I was not in Hawaii. I loved the gazebo structure at the end of the path. It was a great place to be protected while watching the birds preen, catch snails, and protect territory.

From Inside the Gazebo

Isn't this a great site for viewing? I had so much fun observing lots of different kinds of birds! The guide, Kurt, had a pair of binoculars on a tripod and that was perfect for close ups!

...........And After Birdwatching

There are many shrimp stands on the North Shore and this one is right next to the ponds where the shrimp are raised. They were playing great music under a huge outdoor tent with big, red picnic tables.

Waiting for their Plate Lunches

This is the gang I was with at the Refuge. We had a great meal and closed the day talking about all the birds we saw. If you are interested in going to the James Campbell Wildlife Refuge, call the Fish and Wildlife Service and schedule a tour. I was at the last one this season as the birds are starting to nest and can't be disturbed until October.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bethany Hamilton---The Soul Surfer

Bethany is a champion surfer from Kauai who has written an autobiography. (I had my picture taken with her at the Haleiwa Farmers' Market Keiki Korner where I reside every Sunday morning.) I asked her what words of advice she could give a young person who faces a great challenge like she did after her shark attack. She said, "Always stay positive". I like those strong words of wisdom.
Right now, on the North Shore, a movie is being made of her story. The company will be filming here for another four weeks. It's exciting to be in a neighborhood with so much always happening!

Lights, Camera, Action

Heart of a Soul Surfer, a new movie about Bethany Hamilton, is being filmed on the North Shore. It takes lots of people and equipment to shoot a scene. The next four photos were taken on the set at Shark's Cove.

Dennis Quaid is on the Set

Bethany's film will be starring some famous actors, Dennis Quaid, to name one. This film is a biography of her life. It portrays her before and after she was attacked by a shark while surfing on Kauai.

The Back of the Set

That's the first assistant director in the yellow shirt, the one with the cowboy hat. His name is Jeffery January. I'm sure it must have been pretty difficult to lug all that heavy equipment down to the beach. What do you think?

Okay, What Are These? Can you Guess?

Like I said, it takes lots of equipment to make a movie. These metal pipes are called "Hollywood Stands". They hold great big sets of lights that are shown through blue gel and soft white screens. The light coming through the screens give off a soft glow and illuminate the actors. See what they look like in the following photograph.

Look Closely and You'll See the Stars

I'm in front of my friend Jamie's house at Shark's Cove. This is another angle on the set of "Soul Surfer". Dennis Quaid and AnnaSophia Robb are sitting on the beach portraying Bethany Hamilton and her dad. Did you notice the "Hollywood Stands" that are holding those big lights in front of the blue gel screens. The surf was up and waves were crashing into the rocks and jumping up into the air every now and then. What a way to watch the sun go down!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Chocolate Festival was a Big Hit!

Kaitlyn and her brother, Jett, visited me at the Haleiwa Farmers' Market and made "cool" crowns, the children's activity for Sunday, January 31. It was also the day for the "Cacao Festival"! Over 4,500 visitors and shoppers and tasters joined us. There was chocolate everything! Yummmmmmmm! But not for this little dog, I just watched, while everyone else nibbled.
Chocolate is bad for dogs, (Those are cacao pods in front of the children and those pods hold the chocolate beans.)

Happy to Be Here!

Downtown and Town owner/chef, Ed Kenny, was at the Cacao Festival sharing his delicious chocolate concoctions while his daughter, Celia, visited me and helped her little charge, Opal, make a crown. They had fun!

Kung Hee Fat Choy!!

Yes, it's Chinese New Year again! Come to Chinatown and share in the celebration. Go to to see the schedule of events, especially the "Lion Dance".

Painting Good Luck Characters

Matthew watched as a resident Chinatown artist used his rabbit fur brush to paint proverbs meant to bring good fortune to anyone who bought one and displayed it. It's all part of welcoming in the Chinese New Year which is based on a lunar calendar.

Buy Some Special Food for the Celebration

One of Mom's favorite Chinese New Year treats is "Peanut Candy". Do you see it in the window of the Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery?
Click on this photo and look hard-it's the diamond-shaped pieces to the left of my ear at the end of the shelf. The shop is at 1027 Maunakea Street in Chinatown.

How About Some Manapua?

What's manapua? It a bun filled with pork and very, very popular at Chinese New Year. The two photos above show the hubbub at Char Hung Sut on Pauahi Street as everyone is getting ready for the festivities.

....And Do You Want Some Gau?

Okay, what's "Gau"? It's a special little cake made of rice flour that brings good fortune to the Chinese New Year. It tastes a little like tapioca and wiggles like Jello!

See You in Chinatown!!

Look for dragons everywhere when you visit Honolulu's Chinatown. And do you know why the Chinese people love dragons? They believe the dragon spirals up to the sky and brings down rain for the crops so everyone has plenty to eat! Lots different from European dragons, don't you agree?