Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Follow Me......It's Free

The Hawaii State Art Museum is the perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon or any afternoon, really. It's in downtown Honolulu on the site of the first hotel in the city. It's also on the National Register of Historic Properties. Park at St. Andrew's Cathedral across the street, it's very reasonable!

On the Second Floor

The building is a treasure and the art that is displayed here is showcased so beautifully. Behind me is a room full of new acquisitions by island artists. Make sure you take your time and reflect as you view the pieces.

My Favorite

So.......can you guess why it's my favorite? Do you think I look a little like the dog in the painting?

How Big was the Tree?

Can you imagine the skill it took to carve this wooden bowl? Yikes, it's bigger than I am!

Woof, Woof

This wooden sculpture was done by a professor at the University of Hawaii. It's a table and the legs are made of stretching cats. Make sure you venture down to the Hawaii State Art Museum and see the whole piece. The artist did a bronze sculpture of Scotties too. Look for it when you visit!

Me, Too

This is a poster at the entrance to a children's room in the back of the new acquisitions wing. Come on and see what's inside....

A Cosy Nook

I realized right away that this children's room wasn't just for children. I was learning lots and playing and creating art, too. What fun I had!

Art Makes Me Happy

When I create, the happy juice just flows right through me! I smile and feel proud of myself afterwards. I loved this felt board the most. It would be easy to make one for a child and then cut out lots of different shapes to make designs or tell stories.

I Love to Learn

The children's room at the HISAM (Hawaii State Art Museum) was a learning center as well as a creating center. I could have played there for hours. It was quiet, beautiful and interesting. Make sure when you visit Honolulu, you take the time to explore this little known museum.


HISAM has a wonderful cafe called Downtown with the most healthy and delicious menu full of local ingredients--hooray, supporting local agriculture! Very green!
Ask Nate, the chef, to recommend the daily specials and tell him Rex sent you!!

Everywhere you Look there's Art!

Downtown was so comfortable and inviting. The environment in the whole building lends itself to quiet reflection, even the cafe. This is a very special place in Honolulu. You can have lunch there daily (except Sunday) with a take out menu if you're in a rush or full service if you just want to sit and relax.

A Little Shopping, Perhaps?

The gift shop at the Hawaii State Art Museum was full of wonderfully-crafted pieces of art. I loved looking and being inspired. It's a great place to find something special for someone special, maybe even you! Treat yourself!

Meet Me at the Museum

Please take the time to visit HISAM---the Hawaii State Art Museum in downtown Honolulu. You, too, can stand here and appreciate the breathtaking view from the second floor balcony, and remember, you'll be standing on the site of the oldest hotel in Honolulu. Find out more at:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Here Come the Girls!!!

Mahina Maeda is a great surfer! She born and raised my neighborhood and attended Sunset Beach Elementary. She's at the Turtle Bay Resort signing in for the SeaHawaii Pipeline Pro, a surfing contest "For Women Only". Females from around the world come to the North Shore to compete. Read on......

Ready to Compete

You've seen 14 year-old Dax McGill on my blog before. She's a champion surfer, a Junior Pro, who was in Mom's third grade class. She'll be riding waves at the Pipeline Pro contest to garner enough points so she can surf in a contest Bali. She told me she loves this contest because, "I get to surf Pipe with only three other competitors"!

The Official Poster

I love the unique designs of the surf contest posters here-----mostly they all have flowers and waves and all things Hawaiian and ocean. Lucky I live in Paradise----summertime year round and I can always dig in Mom's garden anytime I want. Check out the action at I promise you'll love the introductory music!!

She Puts it On, and Mostly for Love

Betty Depolito, a former professional surfer, has run the Women's Pro Pipeline for years. She is challenged getting permits, finding sponsors, and making sure the whole contest runs smoothly. And every year, she has done it!!! Bravo to you, Betty, for giving the women surfers of the world a chance to shine (and have Pipeline all to themselves)!!!

Did Someone Say, "Talking"?

Yes, I love to talk, but I do love to listen, too. "Talkstory" in Hawaii means to share stories, adventures, and be together and commune---connecting through dialogue. The Turtle Bay Resort has opened it arms to our surfing community in the past 6 months and invited the neighborhood to the hotel to listen to interviews with noted ocean enthusiasts--authors, filmmakers, photographers, surfers, etc. Jodi Wilmot moderates. (She owns Ocean Promotion and is in charge of all the publicity for the Triple Crown.) Google the hotel to see what's coming up next!

The Venue

So......this is what the stage looks like for the interviews, or music, at Surfer the Bar at the Turtle Bay Resort.
Yes, maybe some day I'll be sitting here with microphone in paw. I was interviewed on Hawaii Public Radio several months ago, so that should make me a candidate, don't you think?

Welcome to All

In Hawaii the opening of many events starts with chanting and hula, it's just a way of life. These young men were on stage at Surfer the Bar sharing aloha and welcoming all the participants and guests to the kick off of the SeaHawaii Women's Pipeline Pro.

Let's Get Ready to Ride

Warren, in the lauhala hat, and Duane took care of all the production aspects of the Women's Pipeline Pro! Check out the action on Banzai Betty Depolito's website! See who won, see the top women surfers in the world! Go to: