Monday, March 28, 2011

Invite Friends for Lunch

I am sitting in one of my most favorite spots on Oahu---the Japanese garden courtyard at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. It's beautiful and peaceful (and Mom and I got in for free because she's a teacher).
Best of all, I'm having lunch which I just purchased from the Cafe. YUMMMMMMM. Yes, I can get take out and eat it in the courtyard, and there are more than just this one. It's one of the best bargains on this island!

...And Just across the Street

After a delicious lunch, I moseyed on over to the Linekona School---- the teaching facility of the Academy. The Honolulu Printmakers were having their annual show in a small gallery there. Come on along to see inside.

This is Not a Bookshelf!

There are many ways to make a print. I am standing on a shelf with stone tablets that are used in printmaking. These limestone blocks were brought from a special quarry in Germany by an artist who was in the Army there. To make a print, you would use sharp tools to carve into the stone, then put a greasy substance on the stone, lay paper on it, and then run it through a press.

I May be in Harm's Way

This is the press that makes the prints from the stone tablets. I'd better get moving before I end up looking like my friend,
Flat Stanley!

Getting a Lesson in Technique

Rick is a member of the Honolulu Printmakers Society. He was kind enough to show me around and teach me about the art of making prints. His organization rents a big space from the Academy as a studio. You can learn to be a printmaker yourself.
Questions? Go to
By the way, Rick is at the sink sanding off an old image on the limestone tablet so he can carve in another one and make a new print!

Almost Ready, and Ready to Go!

This drying rack is perfect for wet prints. The air circulates all around and gives the ink time to dry.
Doesn't this look like a interesting kind of art to explore. Printmaking has been popular throughout the world for hundreds of years. You can make your own prints from your fingers-----just get a box of paints, wet them a little, put your finger in the paint and then press it on a piece of paper. You can create little animals just by adding feet, noses, wings, fur, tails, and more. Have fun!!

Come See a Show Anytime

Yes, I went to this show at the Linekona School next to Thomas Square in Honolulu and across the street from the Academy of Arts. There is always something going on there, especially classes for all ages. Explore, find your creative self, take an art class!
Go to and see what's to your liking.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

.....When Entering Haleiwa Town

As you drive into my little beach town, or as my English friends say, "village", you'll go around a circle. In the middle are lots of trees and grass. It looks beautiful! It used to be a red, dust bowl before the North Shore Outdoor Circle with the help of the Weed
Family and Lee Bryant of North Shore Equipment Rentals landscaped it. Read the plaque on the rock for more details.

Lending a Hand, As Always

Roger, Gidget, and Patsy (with the hat) are longtime members of the North Shore Outdoor Circle. They were organizing the tribute at Weed Circle for the Weed Family and Lee Bryant. Why don't you look into becoming a member----clean, green, and beautiful is the mission statement of the organization. Want to know more:

Anyone for a Sip of Lemongrass Tea?

Yes, lemongrass tea. First grow it, then cut it, then put on a pot of water to boil. Just before the water boils, snip the lemongrass into tiny bits with sissors into a large pot and pour the boiling water over it. Let it steep, cool, then strain. Chill well and drink.
I guarantee this will be one of the most thirst-quenching drinks you will ever taste.
Ask Bob, the President of the North Shore Outdoor Circle, or Carolyn, the Treasurer! I know they will agree!
Did you notice the plumeria leis at the base of the cooler. Everyone being honored at the Weed Circle event was wearing one!
They smelled heavenly!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Clark Little Gallery -- Open for Business

You've seen him on the Today Show, opened National Geographic and discovered his two-page photograph, gasped at his shorebreak pictures. Yes, it's another North Shore boy who has made it "big" doing what he loves to do.
Now, Clark has opened his own gallery in Haleiwa. I was there. See what I saw in the next few photographs.

Go to Clark's website to see his work----monster shorebreak; waves photographed from the inside out!
Pictures that will take your breath away! Promise.

Surfboards as Art

Pat Rawson, a legendary shaper from the North Shore, collaborated with Clark. Pat shapes, and Clark's waves are applied to the deck to produce collectible surfboards---ones for display. These cool boards looked perfect in Clark's gallery and I know they will look perfect in living rooms and board rooms all over the world! Bravo to both of you!

I Love Words and the Images they Invoke

Read what Clark has to say. How wonderful for him to have found his work in the life he loves. And it all started when his wife asked him for a picture of a wave for their living room just two years ago.

Gasp------Whew! Yikes! Super Shorebreak

Yes, Clark's speciality is taking pictures in monster shorebreak. And let me tell you, it's not easy. He is in the impact zone and those waves can be brutal. Clark's strong and brave to take photographs in such dangerous conditions. He's had a lot of practice.
Go to his website and see more pictures, or, better yet, buy his book!

Soooooo Posh

Well, I felt like I had stepped into a New York City gallery! Clark has gone all out to make his showroom spectacular---really high end. A perfect display for his unique photographs. Make sure if you are ever in Haleiwa, you stop in, and, of course, tell them Rex sent you. You will love the experience and maybe you'll get to meet Clark. He's so personable and will be glad to chat with you for awhile.

And for a Private Viewing.......

Just like big, fancy galleries, Clark's has a special, cosy, darkened living room to exhibit his select photographs. I sat in there for awhile and just took it all in. I'm so happy for Clark! He's bringing waves to homes across the world and his perspective is new----the impact zone in the shorebreak----the colors, the light, the immensity of the breaking surf.

Jack Johnson Supports his Friends

Yes, as famous as Jack is and as big a crowd as he draws, he made sure to come to Clark's opening to congratulate him.
Yeah, two hometown boys who make our neighborhood a great place to live; always giving back, always caring about community. I'm lucky to live on the North Shore with such creative and generous locals.

As Happy as He Can Be!!

Yes, Clark Little is living his dream and his smile shows it!
Visit his gallery. Visit his website. See the waves of my neighborhood, the best waves in the world!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

.....Brrrrrr!! Where are my Ear Muffs?

I happened to meet this smiling snowman on a very short trip to Chicago, and I mean very short. My friend, Paula Mantel, took me. I did get in a little surf when I rode the icy snow drifts as you can see in the following pictures.

Cowabunga, Dude!!

Lucky for me I have a very think coat! But, wait, I think I'm going over the falls!!!!!!

Hey, Where's my Board?

I thought riding snow drifts was going to be easy!!
Yikes----I wiped out!

Off to Greener Pastures, or Just the "Green Room"

Yes, I'll be saying, "Good Bye" to Chicago. There is just too much, too much snow!
Do you know the definition of "Green Room"?
Well, it a surfer's favorite place to be---in the barrel or tube of the wave!!
See you there!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Art is Necessary", Peter Shepard Cole 2011

I'm with the featured artist, Peter Cole, at this year's CELEBRATE THE ARTS in Waimea Valley. It is a PTCA benefit for Sunset Beach Elementary and an event that raises lots of money to support art education at the school. Peter, who was born and raised at Rocky Point on the North Shore, gave a speech and made it quite clear that art is very, very important to a child's well-rounded academic career.

Art, Art, and More Art for Sale

There were paintings, sculptures, photographs, and so much more that were auctioned off at "Celebrate the Arts". This poster was created by the 3rd graders of Mom's class. Many pieces of art were the work of the children at Sunset Beach Elementary.

Everyone Turned Out

Bernie Moriaz is one of the local artists who contributed to the benefit. He's famous for his recycled art, and paintings.
Kayla's a student at Waialua High and was there to take pictures and assist her Mom who co-ordinates the art education program at Sunset Beach Elementary. I love their smiles! They radiate goodwill!

One of the Many Volunteers

Krista is a parent and student teacher at Sunset Beach Elementary and was so happy to support "Celebrate the Arts" by guarding some of the silent auction items. Did you notice the surfer in the photograph to the left of the big, green leaf? There were lots of waves and ocean scenes for sale.

Bringing Art to the Classroom

Demery Mezin is the Art Co-ordinator at Sunset Beach Elementay. Last year the PTCA had the first annual art auction and raised quite a bit of money, so this year there were many more art supplies for the teachers. Demery brought in local artists to give the chidlren lessons. Many of the classroom art projects were for sale at Celebrate the Arts, like the chair on which I'm sitting.

Sigh................ Where's my Beret?

I just love, love, love children's art and there were plenty of pieces for sale and the auction prices were great! Do mark you calendar for next year February and come to this art event! You will be happy when you do!

Parlez Vous Francais?

Many of the volunteers dressed up for the event. Melissa Ginella looked beautifully chic in her red beret and strappy high heels!
Don't you think? She has been a leader in the school community for years. Good Job, Melissa!

Jack Johnson - Came Out for the Cause

Because Jack was raised in my neighborhood, he is always contributing and making the community a better place. Attending the auction and playing with John Cruz was just another way this hometown boy showed his generous support!
What a wonderful place to live; so many people from here are always pitching in to make a difference!