Friday, March 26, 2010

In the Pit

Are you ready to play soccer? Well, the robot next to Kayla is geared up and anxious to start dribbling. Yes, that is a soccer-playing, mechanical athlete. It was built by students at the first high school in Hawaii to have a robotics team, Waialua High.
Go North Shore!!

I'm Starting to Feel Important

Yes, that's me with a "Press Pass". I was looking pretty cool, even if I do say so myself.

What's Hawaiian for Owl?

"Pueo" is Hawaiian for owl. This mascot of Mid Pacific Institute was too shy to tell me his name. He just giggled and waved!
There were robotics teams from all over the world at this regional competition on Oahu.

Engineers to Be

Those are the judges of the robotics competition congratulating students of Waialua High for winning the "Excellence in Engineering" award. Now that's a lot of judges, don't you think?

Watch the Finals at U of H

The high schoolers I saw were full of joy and wonder at being part of this exciting "robotics" competition. The Waialua Robotics Team has already taken first place at the San Diego and Arizona regionals. Now the team is going on to the Nationals in Atlanta in mid April. If you are interested in supporting this group of lively and intelligent students, contact their teacher, Glenn Lee, at (808) 637-8292.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Polo, Anyone?

Oh boy, it was a fun Sunday afternoon for me! I was one of over 1,000 guests at the opening of the polo season on the North Shore. Bill Wyland let me borrow his helmet. What do you think, does it become me?

You'd Have to Be Pretty Brave

Polo is an exciting sport, almost as exciting as surfing. Can you imagine galloping down a football field at breakneck speed with a mallet in your hand attempting to hit a little ball through the goal posts. Remember, too, there are other charging horses alongside you racing for the same little ball. Well, come and see. Every Sunday until August there will be polo. Bring the family and friends and tailgate and enjoy a picnic next to the ocean while you watch the game. It is thoroughly exciting!!

Getting Ready to Announce

Siri and I became friends when I ventured up into the announcer's stand. She is a groom and a polo player, but today she was keeping score and letting the audience know what was happening on the field. Great view, don't you think?

The Opening Ceremony

All the horses rode out with flags flying and circled in front of the announcer's stand. Then we all sang "The Star Spangled Banner" and the Hawaii state song, "Hawaii Pono'i". In the following photo there's a closeup of Reno David leading the audience.
He was on American Idol and is now building his career in music.

Girls Play Polo Too!

Tiamo is a great player and horsewoman and has been on the field since she was nine. Now she's twenty.
She's heading to Washington State this May to train young polo ponies. I think she has a budding career ahead of her!
She wanted to make sure I told you her horse's name-------it's "Popeye".

Playing Since He was Nine

Mike Dailey, president of the Hawaii Polo Club, first played polo at Kapiolani Park in Waikiki many, many years ago. He and his family own the polo grounds and love hosting the games and sharing in the excitement of a fun-filled Sunday afternoon.

Rugged and Handsome as Ever

I first met John Hall, who manages the polo fields, when we were both shooting photographs during the last surf contest at Pipeline. When he heard about my blog, he invited me to the opening of the polo season! I felt pretty special to be his guest!
He was the referee today and, oh boy, was he on a very spirited polo pony. It took Mom the longest time to get a shot of us!

Getting Out on a Sunday Afternoon

Margo Goodwill and her husband, James Erickson, are famous artists on the North Shore. They told me they love to come and watch polo every Sunday because they enjoy the comaraderie, the celebration, and appreciating where they live. I couldn't agree more!
See some of Jim's work at
They will be at the Haleiwa Arts Festival in mid July this summer.

Look Hard, Really, Really Hard

Theres a little black speck next to my nose. That's a parachuter who's just been dropped by a plane from nearby Dillingham Air Field. There were 13 of them that landed during the half time show!! Wow, the loud, weird noise that the chutes made as they were getting ready to put down was a little scary. (Remember to click on the photo to get a more detailed view.)

Lean On Me!!

Wasn't Riley obliging? She let me rest my head against her body. We were both getting a little pooped from a full day in the sun next to the ocean with the trade winds blowing. Riley's owner, Chip, is an events planner. Need an event planned? Go to:

All Ready to Take My Nap

Taylor is the daughter of one of Mom's fellow teachers at Sunset Beach Elementary.
We became friends and she was giving me some mighty big hugs as we wrapped up our first Sunday, the Opening Sunday, of Hawaii Polo in Mokuleia. Go to

Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh, My New Pal, Spencer

This little paperdoll, Spencer, traveled to the North Shore from Fort Washington Elementary in Fresno, California. He's the image of a third grader there named "Spencer", something like "Flat Stanley".
We're in Auntie Linda's garden. That's Genovese basil in the background and kale in the foreground.
Spencer is due back in Fresno soon, but not before a stop in Connecticut.

Getting Ready to Grow Up

Okay, take a guess. What is that plant that is going to crawl up the tepee bamboo pole trellis?
I am sure you may not have heard of it before, unless you live in Hawaii.
It's called Dragonfruit. Google it and see how unusual the fruit looks!
Auntie Linda's dog, Nala, was keeping me company as I toured the garden. He was very friendly!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hooray! Lui's is Almost Ready to Open!

We'll be eating tapas and empanadas and homemade flan shortly. Lui is just about to open his new restaurant in the heart of Haleiwa!! He told me today, March 12, that he'll be ready in ten to eleven days! He'll also be selling fresh fish to go. How perfect!

The Colors! The Colors!

Lui's place is a palette of bright, Mexican sunflowers------deep yellows, corals, bright reds---spicy! There are two chandeliers waiting to be hung. What a cool addition to the dining experiences of Haleiwa!

The Secret Getaway Counter

Lui's place is soooooo upscale. This seating area looks into the kitchen and is away from the two other intimate dining areas. Look at the next photo to see what the chef will see looking through that same window from the other side.

The Other Side

I can just taste all that healthy cookin' coming out of Lui's kitchen. He told me 85% of his produce will be from local farmers! Hooray, Lui, for doing your part for the planet!

Comfy in the Garden Shop

Olivia and Luana, with the pink bracelet, were visiting the first ever garden shop on the North Shore which opened just three weeks ago. We chatted and became instant friend as their Moms got garden advice from the shop owner, Nate Amatore.

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

Nate and his wife, Cady, are carrying a varied supply of organic garden products. Drop by their store sometime soon. It's in the Waialua Shopping Center right down from the Bikrim Yoga Studio and across the parking lot from the Feed Trough.
Give them a call for more info: 780-2381.

All the Natural Products

Nate also carries worm castings. Hooray----perfect for feeding your soil so you'll have healthier veggies and fruit.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Taking a Break from the Weather

Liz, next to the license plate, and her best friend, Ali, are visiting from Albany, New York. Brrrrrrrrrrrr!
They were so happy to be in Hawaii wearing their sleeveless dresses and sandals and eating yummy summer rolls from the Haleiwa Farmers' Market. Ali's boyfriend is stationed at Schofield Barracks.

Interested in Taking an Art Class?

Linekona School in Honolulu is where art classes are offered to children and adults. It's part of the Honolulu Academy of Arts. I was there visitng the 82nd Annual Honolulu Printmakers Exhibit and explored the whole place, a former high school, elementary school, and university, which is over 100 years old. Check out the next four photos and come take a class sometime.
Find out the schedule:

The Drying Rack

Printmaking is offered at Linekona! These pieces are kept safe as the ink dries.
I love making prints------I was just creating thumb print postcards with Mom at the Haleiwa Farmers' Market Keiki Tent two weekends ago and it was so much fun. Try it sometime!

Interested in Clay?

I'm down in the basement of Linekona. What do you think of these pieces? Some are made by adults and some are made by children. Can you tell which is which?

I Love Children's Art!

Aren't these shapes great! I love the colors too! Don't you?
Remember, take an art class at Linekona. You'll have fun!
Find classes at:

Take in a Show, Too

While I was at Linekona, I walked up the beautiful curved staircase and came upon this wonderful exhibit of glass and watercolors. Come and see it, too.
Also visit the Hawaii State Art Museum in the same part of town and see art created by high school students from around the state.