Monday, June 2, 2014

The Ruins at the Rivermouth

Gabe Davies and Lauren McCrossen live in Tynemouth in northern England close to the Scottish border.  It's a surfing town, but you had better wear a very, very thick wetsuit, even in the summer.  There are ruins everywhere, everywhere.....forts, castles, monasteries, huts, churches.....the list goes on and on.


It was very cool and windy in June and I was shivering a little as I looked towards the River Tyne as it flowed out to the North Sea.  Make sure if you visit there in the summer, you bring a winter coat!

And off the Beach

Just steps to the water and surfing waves, Gabe and Lauren and their cocker spaniel, Coco, have a huge garden across from their apartment.  It's theirs to use.......rented from the Duke of Northumberland.  The Duke has property all over England.

Dear, Dear Sandy

Here I am with Mom and my very good friend, Sandy Kerr.  He leaves Tynemouth in the winter and comes to visit me on the North Shore of Oahu because he loves to surf.  He's in heaven when he's in Hawaii....the waves, the sun, and the warm trades put a smile on his face.

Oh, Goody!!!

Yum, Yum, Yum..........milkshakes, smoothies, AND dogs welcome.  This is my kind of shop!

Mom's Favorite Place to Be

Yep, there are flea markets and swap meets and farmers' markets all over the world.  And if there is one in a town where I am visiting with Mom, she will find it. we are.  Mom's smart......she knows how to shop and get a bargain.  I guess that's from living in Hawaii for 40 years.  You'd better be a good shopper there, the cost of living is ridiculous!

Yummy, Yum...Mary's Cupcakes!

I love flea markets that serve up pastries, but I won't eat too many of these!  Promise!

Bargains Galore

So.....when visiting Tynemouth, make sure you make it over to the train station on Sundays and hit the flea market.

Put on Your Sunscreen

I am at a spectacular beach in Tynemouth called's sunny and cool, and absolutely gorgeous.  This stretch of sand is popular year round with all the locals and has been for generations.  It's a destination and it was my destination.  I have loved every minute of my adventure here in northeast England on the North Sea.