Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Wedding in the Village

I'm in St. Agnes, in Cornwall, southwest England, just passing by a very fancy wedding!!  That car was right up my alley, which is an idiom for, "I really liked it!  Don't you?

I Do, I Do

Hopefully, the weather will hold and it will stay bright and sunny, today, and all the tomorrows that follow.  Are you reading between the lines?

Ready to Toss Rose Petals?

This little English Rose is all dressed up to celebrate the Wedding Day! 

I AM in England

Fish and Chips is probably the most popular dish in this whole island country.  Chips are really French Fries, if you didn't know!

Well, Well, Look Who's Here!

My very good friend, Perry, was showing me around St. Agnes and we ran into a big, big poodle.  This pooch was friendly and polite, like all the English people I meet.

Take Your Pick and Stay Healthy

Just one of the St. Agnes village shops, the green grocer.   Remember to eat your fruits and'll be so much better for it!!

Say Cheese!

Be a from the farmers and ranchers and dairymen in your neighborhood like I did in St. Agnes, and all over Europe.

And on the Way to the Beach

After I left St. Agnes, my stomach was growling so I stopped at a smoothie shop and had a delicious lunch......yum, yum.  Check out the menu and the owners, Ceri and Skippy.

Walkin' Down to the Shore

I was so taken by the scenery in Cornwall, southwest England.  The coast was much green everywhere.  Did you notice the old tin mines on the distant mountaintop?

Take My Breath Away!

Take a trip to St. Agnes and visit this glorious part of southwest England.  It's a short train ride from London and you'll make new friends along the way.  Everyone is so friendly, especially to dogs!  And make sure you bring your surfboard!