Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Off to a Surf Contest

The last time you saw this surf coach, Rainos Hayes, it was at Surf Night last December. Here again is the Billabong coach with two of his charges, Alessa Quizon and Keanu Asing. We all met at the airport. They were heading to Kauai for a NSSA (National Scholastic Surfing Association) competition. I was heading to the Big Island.

Peaceful and Beautiful Hawi

I spent the weekend at a friend's farm on the Big Island in North Kohala in a very small town called Hawi. It was fabulous! Lots of great views and perfect tropical weather! All I heard were birds singing and the wind whispering through the trees. If you look very closly towards the back, you'll see the blue line that is the horizon on the Pacific Ocean! Bliss!

Ride Em' Cowdog!!

Okay, okay, it's not a horse, but it will do!!

Another Farmer's Market

Mom is always taking me to the local farmer's market. She says we should buy close to home to keep the planet healthier.
Here is Jim Parker standing next to the back of his pickup. He makes the best dehydrated fruit ever. My mouth just starts watering thinking about his pineapple, mango, and bananas. Yummmmmmm!!
Jim's dad is a farmer in North Dakota and listen to this-----his dad still drives a tractor at 92 years old! Wow!

Come and Get It!

Auntie Lucy, Kali, and Cody are selling their prickly rambutan fruit at the Farmer's Market in the heart of Hawi on Saturday morning. They sure loved getting to know me!

Where's Surf Dog?

Can you spot me in this giant Chinese banyan tree? Isn't it huge?

Lots of Cool Shops

The old sugar plantation town of Hawi is full of art, food, and clothing shops. The main street is lined with interesting window displays. It's easy to see that this town is full of artistic people who have wide open hearts! I love this shot of me in front of this well-designed and colorful building--it's really a surf shop!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kung Hee Fat Choy!!

Happy New Year from Chinatown, Honolulu, Hawaii!!
Chinese people around the world are celebrating the "Year of the Rat" starting on January 7th. They follow the cycle of the moon to determine when the new year begins.
Those are "good luck" gao cakes below me. They sure look yummy!!

Get Ready to Celebrate!

Wow!! Can you believe how many things I could buy to welcome in the New Year! The Chinese people believe the color "red" is good luck, or as they say, auspicious. I love red things, too!
To find out more about the New Year and how everyone's celebrating, go to:

Take Your Pick

Being in Chinatown is like being in China. Most of the items for sale are shipped in from Asia. There are tubs of beans and bulbs and fish and mushrooms and lots of other foods. It's a treat to visit and explore this part of Honolulu which is the oldest section of the city. What do you think of those wild brooms-----to me, they look like a prop out of the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy meet the Munchkins!

Flower Shops Everywhere

Chinatown is the best place to buy flowers------especially leis. Here is one of my dearest friends, Jan, standing by me. We are in front of a refrigerator full of beautiful strands of flowers ready to be tied into long necklaces of blossoms. The ladies in the following picture are designing the leis. They use long, thin wires to string the flowers. Almost every special occasion in Hawaii is a reason to give a lei.

Such a Friendly Smile

Mrs. Song was helping me choose a "good luck" item to get in spirit of welcoming in the New Year!

The Noodle Shop

Can you believe how many boxes have been folded in anticipation of the brisk sales of Chinese New Year delicacies. Eating special food is one of the traditions of celebrating the arrival of the New Year. This noodle shop is at Smith and Pauahi Streets.

The Best Bargains on Oahu

Chinatown the best place to shop for almost anything, especially food. Come early--remember what Ben Franklin said, "The early bird gets the worm." The red fruit on my right in the to photo is called "Rambutan." It hard and pokey and has to be peeled to be eaten. It's like a fruit called lychee.

Recommended Highly

Here I am standing in the entranceway to the fanciest Chinese restaurant in Chinatown---The Little Village Noodle Shop. It's on Smith Street. Mom had take out and it was healthy and delicious!! The prices were right, too. We're going to go there again!!

The Artist on the Street

Mr. Chow was showing me how to do "calligraphy." He's using gold paint (see the bowl) and creating characters with his brush on red "good luck" paper. He sets up his studio on the sidewalk of King Street in the heart of Chinatown every year during this holiday. Did you notice how he's holding his brush, not like a pencil.


I'm posing with Catherine in the doorway to one of the coolest shops in Chinatown. It's like walking into a store in New York City. There were lots of things I wanted to buy! It's called "IN TO" and is on Hotel Street. I know you would like it if you stopped by. Take my word for it, "Woof, Woof." (The following photograph shows me in the shop.) Did you see the lanterns reflected on the door window?

Aloha from Chinatown!!

Make sure you drop by Chinatown and take advantage of all the interesting shops and great bargains!
You'll also want to visit in the evenings on "First Friday" to experience lots of fun. (There are many activities on the first Friday of every month.)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Two New Friends for Me!

Mufasa, the lion, has a pretty wild hairdo, don't you think. He's the pet of my friend, Lucia, a professional photographer from Italy. (Check her web site: www.luciadaniellagriggi.co.uk) She takes him everywhere she travels. Suva Bunny, sitting on his lavender pillow, is a world traveler like me. He was found floating in the lineup of a surf break off the island of Fiji in the South Pacific. He was rescued by Easky, a big wave surfer girl, from Ireland. He's fortunate to have caught her eye as he was drifting by. He's been around the globe with her to many famous surf spots! Lucky Suva Bunny!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Back at the Farmer's Market at KCC

The little, white, furry dog was reluctant to have her picture taken. She was away from her owner (that's Andrew, a friend, holding her leash.) She's a mystery pup with the name of Khicha which means "dog" in the of the language of the Newari people who live in the Katmandu Valley of Tibet. The two little girls, Sophia (on left) and Charly, were drawn to her too. They were visiting Hawaii from San Francisco with their parents. The girls' dad, a professional photographer, was here to shoot a wedding. You can see his work at...bellefineweddings.com