Saturday, September 2, 2017

Midsummer, on the Baltic Sea...Brrrr

Rotraud, my dear friend, was so kind to take me to northeast Germany and show me the coastline of her country.  It was beautiful and cool, but a little nippy for this Hawaiian pooch!

Waiting for Lunch to Arrive

I'm in a little fishing village near the city of Lubeck.  The boat carrying a big load of fish is about to pull up to the dock.  I'm staring very hard, being patient, yet I am starting to drool.  Hope nobody notices!


The boat finally arrived.  I am so excited to see today's catch.  I am right on the dock and the restaurant is just behind me.  The fish will be offloaded and fried right here.  Yum!

Fishing is Serious Business!

This sober-looking fisherman was making a lot of waiting diners happy, me included!

Around the Dock

This is what was next door to the restaurant where I ate my fresh-caught fish.  Lots of ropes and floats!  Hmm, did you notice the roof of the building in the background.  We are not in America, Dorothy!

And Now for Dessert!

Come on into this sweet little beach cafe and help me pick out something sweet.  German pastries are the most delectable.  I promise!

A Difficult Decision

Oh my, oh my, oh my, which one shall I choose?  I am shaking my head, all these desserts are so tempting.  Which one would you choose?

Visit Here Sometime

My day in this little fishing village on the northeast coast of Germany has been full of wonder and delight.  I advise a visit...during the summer. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

No one on the July?

I am in northern Germany, near the town of Lubeck, and it is freezing cold.  Can you imagine how frigid it is in the winter?  Look at those dark snow coming?

Join Me? We're Protected from the Weather

It's just about noon; the wind and low temperatures are keeping beachgoers away.  On bright, sunny days the roofs of these wicker beach chairs recline to let in the warming rays.  It's a lot different in northern Germany compared to my home on the North Shore of Oahu!

On Guard and On Alert

At beaches around the world, young men and women risk their lives to save others.  Same is true on the Baltic Sea.  These lifeguards were looking after me, but I was just too cold.  I didn't dare put my paw in the water!  Even my fur coat didn't keep me warm!

Ready to Go!!

For Lukas, holding me, lifeguarding on the Baltic Sea is seasonal work.  Off season he's training to be an electrician.  Fellow guard, Olaf, is in electronics when he's not stationed at the beach.  I asked them what was the hardest part of their job.  They both replied, "Bad weather, but when the sun shines, das ist gut!" 

A Beach Just for Me!

Yes, a dog beach just for me, but it's not free. 
Life is different in Germany!
 Better get out my Euros!