Monday, October 14, 2013

Heading to the Beach

I'm in southwest England in Cornwall.  It's a destination for those who love the beach.  The parking lot was packed and all the locals were there to enjoy the summer weather. The water was cold and the cool wind was brisk!

A Stroll up the Cliffs

Along the coast of Cornwall, the views are spectacular.  A well-worn path above the beach led me up higher and higher.  What's that I see in the distance?  Can you make it out?

Leading the Charge

Victoria and I were trying to keep up with her dog.  He was tugging hard to get to the top of the cliff.  Jack Russell's are always ready to explore and get into mischief.  And her dog was no exception! 

A Fortress? A Castle? A Tin Mine?

What's your guess?  Well, the third choice was right.  This tall stone structure is the remnant of tin and copper mines that dotted the Cornish coast in the 1800's.  Before the mines, this area, known as Chapel Porth, was a medieval religious site.

A Closer Look

Can you believe there was a little dormouse entrance just right for me.  I was super impressed with all the stone masonry involved in building this tin and copper mine engine house.  Usually the piece across the top of the doorway, called a lintel, is horizontal.  Hmmm...I wonder where this will take me! 

Yikes! I Better Watch my Step

It was pretty slippery and I got a little nervous as I continued up the Cornish coast.

On the Back Side

Isn't this view just spectacular!  The coast of Cornwall just took my breath away!

And a Little More History......

Come visit the coast of Cornwall in southwest England......come during July and August for the best weather.