Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bye, Bye England......

My favorite way to travel....the rail.  Traveling west and north, I am making my way via bus and train to the East Coast of England, and on to the Netherlands.  (It looks like I might need to take a bath before I move on much farther.)

This Way Please....

I spent the whole day traveling towards the English Channel and it was fun.  Because I am so friendly, I always have a good time meeting the locals wherever I go, and they have a good time meeting me!!

My First Ferry Ride

I am heading from Harwich, England, to the Netherlands and the home of Dutch chocolate, Dutch tulips, and Dutch windmills.  Follow along!

Oh, Boy, Am I having Fun!!

The overnight journey across the English Channel from Harwich to Rotterdam took a little more than 8 hours, so Mom booked us into a cabin.  It was luxurious...crisp white sheets and our own bathroom with a hot shower. I like traveling in style, and we were!

Hello, Holland

Sailing into Rotterdam was so exciting.  I was ready for more adventures on the European continent!!

Take the Ferry

Yep, I recommend taking the ferry overnight from the East Coast of England at Harwich to The Netherlands.  It was very inexpensive......$80 for a cabin and the ride.  Pretty reasonable, if you ask me, your four-legged bargain hunting hound!