Saturday, September 3, 2016

It's All Greek to Me

 Actually, it's German and I'm in Hamburg at a very fancy restaurant in a very fancy department store called Alsterhaus. 
The gourmet lunch buffet was fabulous and very reasonable!

My Taste Buds are Watering

Yes, make sure, if you are ever in Hamburg, you have lunch at Alsterhaus.  It's fancier than any department store in New York City!

Hamburg...Meaning Castle or Fort

Originally built at the command of the Emperor Charlemagne in 950, this historic town in northern Germany near the North Sea, is now the second largest city in the country.  Whew...this architecture took my breath away and did you notice the angel way up on top?

Quack, Quack at the Gateway to the World

This is the Elbe River which flows into the North Sea.  I loved seeing the old folks, all bundled up against the summer cold, feeding the ducks and watching the sailboats fly by.

Watching the World Go By

Hamburg was a fun town to visit...lots of bikes, young people, and
beautiful waterways to pedal around.

Bargains Ahead?

And now I am ready to go shopping in Hamburg!  Not exactly sure what that sale sign means.