Monday, January 21, 2013

What's This?

Yep, a crocheted bicycle on the steps of one of my favorite art museums in Washington, D.C.
The Renwick Gallery, an extension of Smithsonian American Art Museum and the city's first art museum, always has very interesting exhibits.  It houses "America's premier collection of contemporary craft".  I get inspired and want to make art right then and there.  Best of all, it's free as are so many wonderful museums in the Capital.

Sooooooo French

With its rose-colored walls, the Grand Salon in the Renwick Gallery is one of the premier spaces in the city.  Lots of events are held here.  The paintings are hung salon style---one above another and side by side.  This building was designed by James Renwick, Jr. in 1859 in the popular French Second Empire style.  I love just sitting here and breathing in all the fabulous art.  I know you will too!

How About a Sip?

Aren't these exquisite?  Art at the Renwick is designed by the top craftsmen and women in America.  The displays are temporary so there's always something new to see!

Let's Go Surfing Now, Everybody's Learning How....

Well, what do YOU think?  This coffee table reminded me of a surfboard.  I love organic furniture like this piece----makes me want to go out and build a bench right now!  Out of sustainable trees, of course.

Yikes! Wild Needles!

Can you imagine crocheting all this stuff?  Did you notice the clock and the cup on the table at the left?  This is what I mean by "interesting art" at the Renwick.  See more at:

Steps from the White House

Yes, the Renwick Gallery is a quick one-minute walk from the President's residence.  (Remember, I was just touring the White House Kitchen Garden.)  There are plenty of great cafes nearby, too.
Make a day of it-----put it on your "to do" list when visiting Washington, D.C.

And if You Get Tired of Walking......

Washington's a very hip town, really.  Best of all it's easy to bike around or even rollerblade, if you are adventurous like Mom.  The city has sooooo many parks and trees where you can stop and rest and take in the sights and people watch, too, which is what I love to do!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Yes, That's Me at the White House

My heart was pounding as I entered the Press Room of the White House.  I was so excited. This is the spot where President Obama stands to give his speeches.  Follow along.......

Looking the Other Way

This is what the President sees when he address the press.  Look at me----a front row seat!  Back to the left by the window was the hall to the kitchen and bathrooms.  Sometimes reporters camp out here for hours hoping to get the latest news from the White House.

Hot Dog!

I feel so proud when I'm wearing my press pass.  I love covering the news and sharing information.  It's  a dog's life for me!

My Tour Guide

Bursting with enthusiasm, Executive Pastry Chef, Bill Yosses, led me through the White House Kitchen Garden.  He told me of sea kale that was from original seeds Thomas Jefferson brought back from France.  There were a number of other heirloom vegetables and herbs throughout the garden that had come from Monticello, Jefferson's estate in Virginia.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Have you ever seen a garden so loved and healthy.  This is the creation of First Lady, Michelle Obama.    Two weeks after she arrived at the White House, she called all the chefs together and told them she wanted an organic garden, then asked for their input!  She has local school children come and learn to garden, too.

All Natural

Mrs. Obama wants to teach young people the benefits of gardening, eating local, exercising, and staying healthy.  Her garden is organic which means she doesn't use pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or any other products that aren't from nature.  The White House Kitchen Garden has its own compost bin and this is the back side of it.  The white tube pumps in oxygen to break down the compost (fruit and veggie scraps) more quickly.

Bzzzzzz, Bzzzzz

Yes, the White House Kitchen Garden has bees!  So many that they produced 200 pounds of honey last year. The sweetener is used in cooking and given as gifts by Mrs. Obama.
Did you notice the Washington Monument in the background and the tourists peeping through the fence to get a better look?

The Very Happy Gardener

Matt tends the White House Kitchen Garden all year long.  He had just planted pumpkin seeds so the President's daughters can carve jack-o-lanterns at Halloween.  How thoughtful.  Matt works for the National Park Service.  Before that, he was an organic gardener with a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm in Virginia.

How Exciting....Steps to the Back Door

My heart was pounding the whole time I was at the White House.  How thrilling to be on the grounds of such an important and historical residence.  You can't see it, but Mom and I are standing next to a little putting green.  When the President has a little free time, he comes out to his yard and practices---as I always say, ''Practice makes Perfect Sense".