Sunday, March 8, 2015

On the Continent

Finally.....after a night's long journey on the ferry from Harwich, England, to Rotterdam, Netherlands, I have arrived.  I really need my little doggy coat.  It's nippy here and I am so used to the tropics that I am shivering!


Marieke showed me around her hometown, a small fishing and surfing village near The Hague called Schevenigen.  Oh, my, have you ever seen so much cheese?  Take a whiff!!

Where in the World?

Yep, I am in the Netherlands.  Can you find something in this photograph that tells you I am in the "Land of the Windmills?"  Look hard.


I love bread!  I love super healthy bread, and the bread in the Neatherlands is dense, tasty and good for my body!

A Beach Town?

No grass shacks like Hawaii, this European beach town of Scheveningen had quaint and charming architecture.  Everywhere I looked there was something interesting to see.  I love flowers, as you probably already know, so walking around this seaside village was perfect for me!

Come Along

One of the best things about traveling, in my opinion, is looking at the skylines of towns, villages and cities.  Scheveningen (it was so difficult to pronounce, my tongue just couldn't twist around for it to come out right) is one of the 8 districts in The Hague and tourists from all over Europe, especially Germany, come here to experiene the benefits of the sea.