Saturday, August 22, 2015

Let's Go Surfing Now!

Even though the water is very, very cold, the waves at Scheveningen in the Netherlands draw brave surfers.

Beachcombing, Anyone?

What a treasure trove of seashells.  I love to collect rocks and shells as I travel the world, and this coast near The Hague in the Netherlands was a perfect spot!


My toes are getting a little numb.  I wonder how those birds do it?  The North Sea is a lot colder than the Pacific Ocean.  I am absolutely spoiled living in Hawaii.

A New Board, Perhaps?

Eddy owns VERSUS, a small surf shop in Scheveningen.  He was proud to show off his store's collection.  Hmmmmmm, think I'll pass this time around.  Did you notice the thick wet suits on the rack in the back?

Did Someone say, "Surf's Up?"

Back on the beach with two buddies who are waiting for their master to come in.  I sure love making new friends!

The North Sea Warning Light

Wherever I travel, it seems I always end up near the water.  This classic lighthouse in the fishing village and surfing town of Scheveningen caught my attention.  Isn't it tall compared to me?