Sunday, March 23, 2014

Back in London..........

I am with my very dear friend, Jane.  We are just getting ready to see "Swan Lake" performed by the English National Ballet!  We did not ride our bikes, but we could have, or we could have rented one of these "town" bicycles.  Hope Honolulu does this sometime soon.......let the "greening" begin!!

Hello, Hello

I felt like I was in a movie when I stepped inside this telephone booth......Bond, James Bond.  How do I sound?  How do I look?  

In the Round.......

Oh, oh, oh.    I am just about to step into Royal Albert Hall and getting very excited.  Swan Lake, here I come!!

Dining before the Ballet

In Royal Albert Hall there is a very fancy restaurant and a slick red piano.  You can make reservations for the Elgar Room, have a delightful, delicious dinner before the show.  You might just hear someone famous playing that ivory keyboard. 

Your Seat, Sir

Joanne showed me in and, oh, my, did I ever get the best seat.....almost front row next to entrance and exit to the stage.  The whole floor was the stage because there were dozens of swan ballerinas. 

Lights, Camera, Action

Swan Lake is ready to begin...............much anticipation in this famous London landmark, Royal Albert Hall.  I was panting!

Bravo, Bravo!

The white swan, the prima ballerina was fantastic!  I was fortunate to have friends take me to the ballet in London.  Thank you, Auntie Jane.