Sunday, October 19, 2014

Getting Comfy at the Saracens

I am in the arms of David Donavon in the King Charles Suite.  He is the owner of this quaint and very old hotel in Southwell, England, in the heart of Nottinghamshire.  It's pretty posh!

Naptime, Anyone?

Yes, The King Charles Suite is quite comfy.  Can you imagaine such a fancy bed?  Nighty, night!

Oh, the View, the View

I delight in looking out windows that touch the floor.  This one in the Saracens Hotel is perfect!  I could peer out through the ivy all day long!

The English and their Plants

Strolling through Southwell was heaven.  I loved this little garden shop and all the healthy greens arranged so beautifully.  Too bad I couldn't take one home with me.

Looking for the Perfect Dress

I was lucky enough to share the day in Southwell with two good friends, Nikki and her sister, Bernadette.  We were looking for a mother-of-the-bride dress.  I had fun!!  This shop was super fancy even though the dresses were on consignment and had come in from all over England.


Wow!  I was surrounded by Cinderella's ball dresses.  Did Bernadette ever find the perfect one for her daughter's wedding? Not that day!


Bernadette, driving on the right, remember we are in England, and Nikki, and me leaving Southwell after a whirlwind day of shopping and sightseeing, but still no fancy dress.

Sharing the Day with Friends

I am so grateful for friends, and my Mom.  Laughing, talking, and spending time together with people who care about me is what I love the most.  Nikki is on the left next to Bernadette.  That's Mom and me in the back seat.  What a wonderful day we had in the English countryside!