Monday, June 29, 2009

SURFER ----"THE" Magazine of Waveriders

Dana Point is the home to the worldwide monthly publication offices of Surfer Magazine. I got to stop by on a busy morning and talk to the staff. Cowabunga------move on to see my visit.

My Kind of Place---Dog Friendly

There are usually five to six dogs running around the offices of Surfer. What a good time I would have here!
This is Shelley, an intern from Colorado State, and her dog, Sarah.

Beauty and Brains

Stephanie is the Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Surfer Magazine. Her dog is a puppy otherwise it would have been keeping her company. I guess I just had to do for a little while. As soon as her pup is trained, it will become a daytime resident, running around and whooping it up with the other canines.

The Head Honcho at Surfer

Rick Irons was born and raised on the North Shore in my neighborhood, Sunset Beach. Now he takes care of the business side of the magazine and is the publisher of Surfer. Wow! He started 15 years ago as a sales representative and worked his way to the top!
I was lucky he took some time out of his busy day to chat with me.

........And on the Writing Side

Joel Patterson has a very important job at Surfer Magazine. He is "Editor in Chief" which means he has the last say as to what is written and published in the magazine. He was reading to me and wasn't that kind of him?
He loves books and magazines, especially Surfer, like I do!

Seeing Me Out

Well, Riley could hardly be held still for this photograph by his mom, Elishia. In fact, he was such a wiggleworm that this picture is a little blurry. Riley's a Roosevelt rat terrier. Now if you look closely, you'll see a rattlesnake bite on his face-------he's a survivor!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Listening to Rock and Roll by the Seashore

Well, here I am in Dana Point, California. Every Sunday there are FREE concerts and anyone can come. Luckily, the "Rolling Stones" also known as "Jumpin" Jack Flash" were rockin' out when I was visiting! I had my friend, Paul, put out a blanket early in the morning to save our place. What fun we had! that Charlie Watt?

This is Gary, AKA Charlie Watt, of Jumpin' Jack Flash with his daughters, Chelsea and Sarah. What a great Father's Day he must be having! Singing the rock and roll of the Stones and having his girls in the audience cheering him on!

Appropriately Named..........Treasure

This is one of the sweetest and cutest dogs I have ever met. What do you think of that look? Reminded me of "Big Bird".
Treasure is a standard poodle who just turned 9. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Big Girl!!

Takin' it Easy, Takin' in the Concert

Boops and Gus were all prepared. They had seats way up high and were sitting pretty with all the amenities (good stuff) for an enjoyable afternoon concert.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Let the Games Begin.......

Oh, boy, I'm in heaven.........surfing dogs all over the place.
I'm at Imperial Beach in Southern California at the Surf Dog Contest, a charity benefit sponsored by Loew's Coronado Bay Resort.

Cruisin' Before the Competition

Booda, a rescue dog, and his coach, Syd, were relaxing and taking it easy before they went out in the waves.
Syd found Booda living in a junk yard next to a four-lane highway in Nashville, Tennessee, and took him in and made him into a beautiful, loving, surfing hound dog! They took 2nd Place in the tandem event. Good job, Syd, and you, too, Booda!

20th Century Fox was There

Well.........get ready to see some big screen action. This film crew was looking for surfing dog footage to incorporate into a feature length film called "Marmaduke" set to be released next April. From the red cap going clockwise is Rick, Andy, John, John, and Craig.

A Whole Lotta Lickin' Going On

I saw so many friendly dogs at the contest; they were everywhere.
Here's Judy with her sixteen-month old Golden Retriever, Ricochet.

A Real Natural from the Land Down Under

Michael and his dog, Abbie Girl, an Australian Kelpie (dingo), love to surf together. Michael told me, "She never learned how to surf, she just jumped on my board and took off." Abbie Girl is a champion. She took first place in the Del Mar surfing dog contest last month and second in today's competition!

A Fellow Blogger

Kia and her owner, Rene, had lots to talk about. Kia has had her own blog for eight years. She's a big-time surfer winning other contests and taking third place at the Loew's competition today. The funny thing is, though, Kia wears a platinum wig during events sometimes. I wonder if that hair ever gets in her eyes?

...........the Reluctant Surfer and Friends

Well...........this is one way to get out to the waves!

Is that Ball Big Enough?

Dave and his daughter's dog, Marley, were enjoying the sights and had a little time to chat with me! I loved making so many new friends!

Dear Old Friends and Family

Jason and Lucia were part of "Team Surf Dog". They kept me company and made sure I was well taken care of all day long.
Did you notice the little "Mini Me Surf Dog"? Mom made it special for Lucia when she travels as she's a world famous photographer and my puppy had to be small enough to fit into her camera bag when she went through customs and security.

From All Over the World

This German t.v. reporter and her cameraman are in America to film unusual competitions. After the surfing dog contest, they are heading north to San Francisco and Sonomo Valley------there's an ugly duck contest up there and another surfing competition.

I Love Mellow Dogs

T.J. and I became fast friends. He had just competed and was recouping in his director's chair watching the world go by. He has an extra long tongue that always sticks out. T.J.'s owners love him lots and made sure all his needs were met, and more. Later on in the day, he was wearing sunglasses and looked like a celebrity!

Looking After the Crowd

Ryan is one of the many lifeguards who patrol Imperial Beach and makes sure everyone's safe. Yeah for us!

And Champions for Another Year

Scott, and his daughers, Tyler and Kai, came in first in the tandem competition. They were doing handstands and headstands, and Zoe, their Jack Russell, was riding the nose of their looooooooong board looking as pretty as you please!!
Check out Scott's surf website:
Bravo to all the competitors!
This was a really fun day at the beach and I'm sure I'll be back again.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Taking Off on the "Big Road Trip"

Okay, here I am at the Honolulu International Airport ready to fly to the Mainland. I always use a Skycap because it's so much faster and way less stress than waiting in a long, long line.
It's worth the few extra dollars!
So................up, up and away!

Flying the Friendly Skies of Hawaiian

Mike, on the left, and John flew me to Los Angles. It was a pretty smooth flight at 37,000 feet.
I landed and drove straight south to San Diego looking for adventure!

Looking for Breakfast

Well...........I ended up at the most fabulous pastry shop called "Extraordinary Desserts" in downtown San Diego. Look at those incredibly decorated cakes.
Wow!!!!! My little doggie mouth was watering.
Go to:
But......being a sensible pooch, I decided to find a place that served a traditional breakfast of eggs and toast.
I'm coming back to the pastry shop later and I know that for sure!

Oh, My, What Huge Portions

I ended up having breakfast at "Hash House A Go Go" on Fifth Avenue near Mission Hills, a little neighborhood in San Diego. Interesting name, don't you think, Hash House A Go Go. Breakfast was so fresh and tasty.
Make sure if you ever go there, you share your meal. The plate was gigantic!

Asking for Advice

Nathan was teaching me about computer stuff at the Apple Store in Fashion Valley. I have to figure out how to download video and he was very patiently showing me how to delete old files on my computer so I'd have enough space to make a movie!! Yikes! That sounds serious!
Get ready for Surf Dog live!!

Down Home at the County Fair

Carol greeted me at the gate to the San Diego County Fair, formerly known as the Del Mar Fair. It's at the racetrack.
It was fun!! Look at the next few pictures to see what was going on.

Take a Whiff.........ummmmmm

I love roses and California is a place where they grow so well. They are everywhere. There was a lavendar one in the flower show at the fair named "Love Potion" that I'm going to buy and put in my garden in Hawaii. The scent was heavenly!

A Piece of Southern California History

The Alvarado House was built almost 130 years ago. It was saved and moved to the fairgrounds by the Del Mar Historical Society to show visitors what a summer beach cottage looked like long ago. Look at the next two photographs to see what was inside.

Hello, Hello, Can You Hear Me?

This is an old fashioned switchboard. It's how everyone used to be connected by telephones. There was an operator who worked the wires and plugs switching back and forth so you could make your calls.
We've come a long way in a short time if you ask me!

Did they Surf?

This was an old poster in the Alvarado House. It was one of many objects and artifacts from life in Southern California a hundred years ago. Drop by the fair, visit the house, take your time, and learn lots more. It was very interesting, in my little doggie opinion.

On the Road Again

Heading down the highway after the San Diego County Fair.

Just One Beachtown After Another

California's coast is long and there are charming beachtowns all along the way. This is just one I stopped in to see what was happening. I was also getting a bit hungry for dinner. Good to know there are lifeguards patrolling the beachs all along the way!

Familiar Faces in Faraway Places

There I was in Del Mar sitting on a bench, watching the waves and a fancy community event on a grassy knoll that slooped down to the sand, when someone walking by called out Mom's name.
And who was it? Heather Sandison, Carolyn's daughter, born and raised on the North Shore, with her cousin, Denby. Heather lives in Del Mar and Denby was visiting enroute to nursing school in Omaha. (Heather's in the front.)
We chatted for awhile and exchanged big, big hugs, which is typical of residents of Alohaland, and were on our ways!

Apple Pie for Breakfast?

Well..........I was a naughty dog, I ate apple pie ala mode for dessert for breakfast. I was pretending it was morning pastry. It was homemade and I just couldn't resist. I was at Clayton's, a diner in Coronado, a beautifully-quaint beachtown near San Diego.
The eatery was on Orange Street right in the heart of town. Missy and Louis kept me smiling with their friendly dispositions.

In the Heart of Downtown San Diego

I sniffed out the Children's Museum and spent time playing. There was lots to do. Find out more. Go to:

My Kind of Place

The San Diego Children's Museum is the only one in the world that concentrates just on art!
Being creative gets my happy juices flowing. Sit down right now and do something creative and feel better---color, paint, draw, write a poem, pick and arrange flowers, cut out paperdolls, the list goes on and on!

Taking a Spin Around the Museum

Sabrina was using a "Legway" and making her way around the entrance to the museum. Looks like fun and good exercise to me!

Paint a Car------Slop it On!

Albert's waiting for you to join him to paint this little "bug". Join him and Lauren, way in the back, for a day full of fun and creativity at the San Diego Children's Museum.

Hanging on for Dear Life

Bennett was spinning and spinning around this really cool piece of playground equipment in the Museum playground. It just keeps going round and round as you push off like you would on a scooter. It really moves fast! Mom could only stay on for a few turns before she started getting motion sickness. It didn't stop Bennett or me. We just kept going round and round.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Down on the Farm........Yum, Yum!

Oh boy, was I lucky. Lunch in a tomato patch in Waialua. I was at Jeanne Vana's Big Wave Tomato Farm. Heaven!!
That's Sam holding me and Chaum with a platter of roasted corn. All the food was locally grown and prepared on the spot---fish, asparagus, three different bean dishes, roasted tomato soup, heirloom tomatoes with Jeanne's homemade mozarella cheese, beef from North Shore Cattle Company, and tomato pie for dessert! What a feast!

Slow Food-----Prepared on the Spot

Jeanne, holding me, Bobbie, and Jessica were working hard. There were 35 members of the North Shore Outdoor Circle enjoying a special luncheon prepared just for them. Look at those platters of vine-ripened tomatoes, mozarella cheese, and fresh basil. Wow!

Taking Good Care of Us

Little eight-year old Hanna was helping her mom serve us lunch and she was doing a bang-up job!

We Were All Smiles

Mom, her friend, Pam Boyer, and I had full tummies. What a leisurely luncheon!!
Pam is the co-founder of the Haleiwa Farmers' Market where I spend my Sunday mornings doing arts and crafts with the keiki (children).

Monday, June 15, 2009

Rub-A-Dub-Dub-Where's My Rubber Ducky?

Yes, it's my very first bath! And just in time----Mom's getting me ready for my "Big Road Trip".
The French bubbles made it more fun and do I smell good now! So.......I'm ready to meet the world!