Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm in the News!!

I'm getting to be a pretty famous pooch!! Check out the latest article.
Just google: MIdweek Surf Dog

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's On! The 32nd Menehune Contest

I'm back in Haleiwa. It's early Saturday morning at Alii Beach Park. I'm ready to watch the youngest wave riders in Hawaii surf their hearts out!

Holding Down the Fort

Skill Johnson, the Director of the Menehune, was at his post.
He is the announcer and has been forever. Yeah, Skilly!!
The judges, behind Skill, stay very focused on the wave riders.

A Boo Boo!

Jordan is repairing Josh's surfboard. It had a little ding which is "hole" in surf lingo, and Jordan is going to patch it. He'll either use water-resistant putty or resin. Hope it holds!

How Glorious!!

October on the North Shore of Oahu. The children in the shorebreak were having so much fun!! Way out in the waves are the four surfers in one of the Menehune heats. Each child gets a colored jersey/t-shirt, so it's easy for the judges to spot who is catching the best waves!

What a Great Place----Hawaii

What better way to spend the day than to surf the Menehune, play with friends and make new ones, and hang out with your family at the beach. That's Kaena Point in the background.

Adding up the Numbers

Callie and Elliot are the scorekeepers for the Menehune. They have been volunteering for a few years. I better move on fast so they can get back to their business.

Hooray! Hooray!

Kirra's holding me in her lap as her mom, Jacinda, lets out a warhoop!! Jacinda and I sat next to each other as Kirra rode waves in her heat. She took second place. I'm sure it had lots to do with Mom's encouragement!

Look at My New T-shirt!

Ezra is wearing one of the t-shirts I donated to the Menehune. I love being one of the sponsors of this contest and supporting the young children who are brave enough to compete in big surf! They are courageous!

Saying Aloha to the Menehune

Miki and her daughter, Namika, kept me company as we watched the surf contest. Namika's sister, Luna, had just finished her heat. Dad was there coaching the girls. What a great day I had at the Menehune! Remember google: menehune contest to see who placed!

Jason Scott Lee and Me!

How fortunate I was to meet Jason Scott Lee. He's an international movie star-----he was the voice of Mowgoli in the "Jungle Book". I met him at the Hawaii International Film Festival. He is living "off the grid" on the Big Island of Hawaii growing taro and fishing. A documentary was made about him---check it out, it's great! go to:

The Head Honcho at the HIFF

Chuck Boller welcomed me to the Hawaii International Film Festival with open arms. He has been in charge of this event for many, many years. Go the the web site and see what's happening.

Going Green

Laurens is 100% Green. He's a sustainability consultant and advised the event planners on being more mindful about making the festival ecologically sound. Sounds good to me!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Heading Up the Mountain

I'm in the back of a pick-up truck next to Taite who's sitting in Mom's lap. We're on our way to a 2-hour morning project of clearing weeds from the 1,100 acres saved by the North Shore Community Land Trust at Pupukea-Paumalu above Sunset Beach.
The ride was pretty bouncy---the red dirt road was filled with lots of ruts. I had to hold on to my hat!! Wait, I don't have a hat!
Mom held of to hers.

Lending a Hand for our Land-------Trust

Doug Cole, with the flags, was giving the volunteers directions after we arrived at the site. We were standing in an old nursery that was overgrown with weeds. We cleared out the Verbena and did a lot of talking while we were at it. Luckily, there was a cloud cover, so it wasn't too hot. Maybe you'd like to pitch in sometime. Go to: and see what this is all about.

Yipeeeeeeeee Yiiiii Yooooo!!

Yikes, I'm pretty high up! Luckily, Hoku, which means "Star" in Hawaiian, was a calm and relaxed horse. She was up there with her owner, Ellen, who rode in to participate in the Pupukea/Paumalu morning clean-up! It was a fun experience, and we did make a difference!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is it On? Is it Off? Is it On?

I'm in the parking lot of Alii Beach Park in Haleiwa, Hawaii, my home. Behind me is Skill Johnson, Director of the Menehune Surf Contest. He's on the phone recording a message for the surf hotline--637-ALII. This year there are about 250 children competing. Wow!! Many famous "surf stars" participated in this contest when they were little-----this is where they got their start. Too bad the surf was flat as a pancake on the first day, Saturday, October 11, so the competition was postponded until today at 11:30 am. Cowabunga, I'm ready to ride the waves too! Hooray, Winter is Here!! google--Menehune Surf Contest to find out more.

Silly Skilly

Skill has always been a joker--telling funny stories and making people laugh. Here he is holding me and playing "Peek-A-Boo" with Mom. Skill and Rell Sunn started this contest 32 years ago. He has been in charge of the Menehune all by himself for the last 31 years. Bravo, Skilly!!

Tailgating Party at Alii Beach Park

Makana, holding me, and her sister, Malie, came early to see if the contest was on. They waited patiently, but the waves never came up, so they'll return tomorrow to compete. Good Luck, girls! Did you notice all those surfboards on the SUV behind them? How many are in that stack?

Waiting for the Waves

When you enter a surf contest there is a holding or waiting period. The waves come when they are good and ready. I'm with the Whitford Family of Makakilo on the West Side of Oahu. Their tent was set up as the sun was rising so they'd be all ready for the Menehune Contest. So, when it was postponed until the next day, they just decided to make a day of it and picnic and play at the beach. From left to right is Marciano, Tati, Onalani, and Tiare. Pono, the Australian terrier, kept me company as Mom was talking to their mom.

One Tailgating Party after Another

Sandy, a fifth grader from Mililani Uka, and her mom, Michelle, were taking it easy waiting for the contest to start. They learned to surf together when Sandy was six years old. I talked to them for a long time in the parking lot and found out that Sandy loves to read-----smart little girl!! And she's just getting smarter all the time!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Learning How to Make Flubber!!

I'm with Era, standing, and Michelle, in the middle, and Clinenne in the Kama'aina Kids booth at the 15th Annual Children and Youth Day on the grounds of the State Capitol. (It's the first Sunday in October.)
Wow!! What a fun event! And learning to make flubber was one of the highlights. Here's the receipe:

1st mixture: 2 c glue and 1 1/2 c colored water
2nd mixture: 1 c water and 1 Tbsp. Borax

Pour Borax mixture into glue mixture stirring constantly.
It keeps for several days. Have fun!

Meet my New Friend, Yuice

Yuice is an Italian greyhound. She was at the Kid's Day at the Capitol with Lauren who is in the Civil Air Patrol. The CAP was there to help with security and sign up new members.
Want to learn to fly? Google: Civil Air Patrol Hawaii
Note: the building behind us is Honolulu Hale (City Hall)

How to Grow a Garden

Lisa, in the front, and Janelle from Keiki Steps were having so much fun teaching children and parents how to start a seedling. See the cups on the table and the selection of seeds and that big box of soil? Well, that's all you need to get a seed to sprout. Just put a little soil in a cup about half way up, drop in your seed, tamp it down, add a little water and be patient-----it will grow. Read "The Carrot Seed" by Ruth Krauss to learn to wait and keep watering.

Good Beginnings Alliance

Nalani and her son, Howard, were at the Capitol for Kid's Day celebrating young children and educating parents on the importance of starting early------eat right, sleep right, think right, exercise, introduce books and activities that stimulate a child's developing brain and foster a love of learning.

Get Your Motor Runnin'

Robert was explaining that his club, the Waipahu HOGS (Harley Owners Group), was at the Kid's Day event to support children. So what do you think of his little, pink pig? It rides on the back of his bike and keeps him company.

October is Fire Safety Month

Dylan and Saria were visiting the mobile fire safety trailer. I asked them to join me for a quick photo----can you read the words above the bumper by the pictures? Do what it says if your clothes ever catch on fire.
What other fire safety tips do you know?

Teenagers Volunteering for Kid's Day

Regina is holding me while her friends, Mel (in red), and Maraiah, supervise Maile who was so intent with her artwork that she just kept on coloring when Mom took this photo. The teenagers are in the Key Club at Waipahu High School and were at Kid's Day as part of a service project. They were all smiles and loved being part of this exciting and worthy celebration.

Breathe in Deeply, Pause, Exhale Slowly

I love yoga, so I was excited to visit with Alina and her younger sister, Malia, after their session on the mats. They loved it too!
Learn more about yoga for children at:
Kid's Day was right up my alley------fun, educational, and friendly. I will make sure this event is on my calendar every year from now on----the first Sunday in October.