Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hawaii in the Winter--------------------Sigh

These photographs were taken by Mom last week. We were heading into the local market, Foodland, at the bottom of Pupukea Road and it was just beginning to sprinkle. We looked up from the parking lot and this is what we saw. The moon peeking from behind the clouds, under the rainbow. The beauty of Hawaii is always taking my breath away!

Big Wave Surfer

Gabe Davies just rode the biggest wave ever in Ireland while being filmed for a documentary. He's visiting the North Shore to catch our winter surf.
His wife, Lauren McCrossen, is a famous novelist. They love me and love all dogs, especially their little American cocker spaniel, CoCo. They had to leave her with Lauren's parents back in England. Boo Hoo! I know she would have been a fun playmate for me.
Google Gabe Davies to see the popularity of this European Quiksilver rider!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Season's Greetings from Paradise

It's fun to be in a tropical climate at Christmastime. I'm lucky to live in Hawaii, especially on the North Shore of Oahu, smack dab in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

The Triple Crown of Surfing

This is Art Shaw taking photos of the last surfing contest, the Pipeline Masters, on the World Tour of Surfing 2007. It's a three event series, the last one being held here at the famous Pipeline wave at Ehukai Beach Park. The following 8 photographs are from this contest.

Lots of Cameras

This contest is well-attended by many professional and amateur photographers.
Winds were blowing pretty hard and almost knocked me off my post!
The surf was sooooooo small, though. It's much more exciting when the "Pipe" is pumpin' and the faces of the waves are 15-20 feet. It sounds like a locomotive racing through my living room when the surf is up!! Yikes, sometimes it awfully scary for a little dog!

Brought to you Live from the Pipeline

These videographers, Mark, on the left, and Lyrl, were perched up high on scaffolding shooting the contest minute by minute. It was fed into a "live cam" and projected around the world. Check out "SurfLines" to see the latest! Find me in the photo!

Safety First

Terrry Ahue, holding me, was in charge of safety at the contest. He has a company, Hawaiian Water Patrol, that monitors ocean activities. Steve Machen and Terry's daughter, Tiana, to the right, keep him company in the tent. Terry was on board when Kevin Costner made the movie, "Waterworld" several years ago.

Visitors from the West Coast

This couple was at the contest checking out the results after each session or "heat". Notice the big board listing the surfers and their placement as each one made his way to the top.

Watching Over the Crowd

Officer Carlos always has a smile on his face. He takes good care of the neighborhood and we appreciated him being at the contest making sure all went well.

The CEO of the Triple Crown

Randy Rarick has been running the Triple Crown for many years. He takes pride in his community awareness, and has always been very generous to Sunset Beach Elementary.
He has supported the school's summer reading program,
"Right on Reader" since its inception in 2004. We appreciate his involvement!

I've Been Spotted around Town!

A New Photography Studio

Cindy Thompson, with the leis, just opened her new studio in Haleiwa. She's next to the ice cream shop and shares the space with Surf Child. She's standing with her daughter, Ali, in the red, and friends greeting everyone at the grand opening.
Did you see the wave in the window of the photograph above the last one? That's Cindy's shot!! (with a little modifying, of course.)
Come in and check out her new place, Island Images!

For the North Shore Lifeguard Association

Every summer the North Shore Lifeguards teach youngsters water safety and how to rescue someone in trouble. Rick Williams is the co-ordinator. The following three photographs highlight some of the supporters of the annual fundraiser held at Waimea Audubon Center to support Junior Lifeguard program and other activities. It's always a big hit in the neighborhood. Tickets are only sold at Joe Green's "Surf and Sea" surf shop in Haleiwa. The event was sold out early in the afternoon on the day of the bash! The couple above, in the picture behind the counter, is Rick's daughter, Erin, and her boyfriend, Franklin, who volunteered to sell t-shirts all night long!
Did you check out the black t-shirt above----all the surf spots from Kewela Bay to Avalanche! Whew!! That's a lot of waves!!

Rachael and Charlie

Jamie, the Best Paddler in the World

The Cartoonist

Drew "Toonz" is a great artist. He works on surfboards and has made three, short animated videos! When he was first on the North Shore, he decorated abandoned cars with his happy art!

Another Supporter of the NSLA

Happy was at the benefit too. It's always fun being there with lots of friends talking and "catching up." The painting behind Happy was being auctioned off. Many other local artists donated paintings for the fundraiser; there were waves everywhere!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Leading the Christmas Parade

Here I am with Officer Benny of the Honolulu Police Department. He's on his ATV at the beginning of the annual Christmas Parade through my little beach town, Haleiwa. It was a long parade and it gets longer every year. The following 10 photographs are highlights of this fun event!!

...and Sponsored By

John is on the left and Julian is in the middle, Maryann is all the way on the right. They sure look like they are having a swell time, don't you think? They are holding the banner for the Chamber of Commerce of which Antya Miller, Dr. Miller's daughter, is the director. Her son, Julian, the young man in the center, sure looks like he's enjoying himself.

I Loved the Costumes

The parade had many people and their pets in costume. These guys were more than happy to have their picture taken with me!
I love the cheeks on the guy to the left. Is he supposed to be a Chinese Leprechaun clown?

Whoa! I'm up Pretty High in the Saddle

There were many horses in the parade! Seeing them prance by was very exciting, but also a little scary. They were so much bigger than I am.

A Floatful of Smiling Children

There were many decorated trucks and cars and flatbeds. Here are Allison, Ocean, and Kate enjoying the ride. Do you see Johnny in the back? I think he's snacking on something! Looks like it, doesn't it?

A Reindeer?

Whoa!! Am I seeing things? Not only does this pooch have antlers, but I'm a little concerned about his green eye. I think it might have been the angle of the light. I think!
Anyway, I'm suspecting his antlers are homemade.
What do you think?

Clowning Around

Look at Angelica in her fancy clown costume with that big smile on her face! She's a great artist and guitar playin' singer, too. I can always count on her to have a good word to say. I'm happy when I'm around her. She made me feel special when I waved to her in the parade and she not only waved back, but came over and gave me a big hug.

There Were Bands Playing Loudly!

This is the Royal Hawaiian Band. Can you guess the name of this very fancy instrument? It starts with a "T".

Also Known as Father Christmas

Here's Santa in his snazzy aloha shirt! He was on the last float of the parade! He thought it was funny to see me, especially since I am a little stuffed dog who is always ready to be in photographs! He obliged me!

I Stopped to Shop. Shhhh it's our Secret!

Well, it wasn't a very long stop, but I popped into "Global Creations" just to look around before the parade. I ran into my two friends, Vera, the playright, and her daugher, Ellie. They had their dog with them, too. In front of this store was one of the best places to be on the parade route! I'm definitely coming back next year. Maybe I'll even be IN the parade! I'll ask all my friends to join me. Maybe I'll have all of them wear elf costumes. Do you think that's a good idea?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hooray! Jack Johnson Sings!

Jack Johnson sings at the blessing and dedication of the Pupukea Paumalu Community Land Trust event. For thirty years the residents of Sunset Beach have been passionately devoted to preserving 1,100 acres of rural land next to Sunset Beach Elementary. This celebration heralded the accomplishment of the neighborhood's hard work and dedication to this effort!! When Jack was a young child growing up at Pipeline, he campaiged to "Save Sunset Beach" along with his parents, Patty and Jeff, and many other friends and family, including the fellow in the following two photographs.

Our Hero, Blake McElheney

In his very determined and quiet style, Blake McElheney, has been diligently working to preserve the large tract of land to the south of Sunset Beach Elementary. Following in his dad's footsteps, Blake pushed tirelessly forward to put the 1,100 acres of rural land into a community land trust.

After finishing law school, Blake devoted himself to a cause he has been promoting since he was a child. He remembers standing alongside Kamehameha Highway and waving signs that read, "Save Sunset Beach." He did!
Because of Blake's fortitude and tenacity, we now have a huge parcel of land that is dedicated to this community and all who visit the North Shore. Blake was the leader and driving force. What an inheritance we are receiving.

The Very, Very Proud Parents

It's a very happy day for Larry and Jan. Blake, their son, had carried on the tradition of conservation and preservation and succeeded in a project Larry had spearheaded during the past 30 years. This family has brought to fruition a dream. "Saving Sunset Beach" for this community is now a reality. The Palisades above Sunset Beach will be preserved forever because of their drive and determination and great leadership skills. Bravo to the McElheney's!!

A Great Supporter

Josh Stanbro was a staff member of The Trust For Public Land and had worked with Blake for a long time to secure the support and funding to purchase the Pupukea Paumalu property. He was instrumental in "making it happen." Our community is very appreciative of all the effort and time he put into this project. Hooray for Josh!! Hooray for us!!

All the Way from Washington, D.C.

Tad flew in from the Pentagon to attend our blessing and dedication. Wow!! That was a long way to travel. Mom and I were impressed this event was so important to the offficials in the nation's capital. See the mountain behind us. That's part of the 1,100 acres that is being preserved as the Pupukea Paumalu Community Land Trust. Also, look hard (above my ears) and you'll notice the new administration building under construction behind the black fabric dust fencing at Sunset Beach Elementary.

Moving and Shaking with a Big Smile

Denise was one of the strongest advocates for the purchase of this property and is on the board of Directors of North Shore Community Land Trust. She had the knowledge and the drive to support the cause well. She teaches law at the University of Hawaii and worked as legal counsel for the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund in Hawaii and Seattle, Washington. Bravo, Denise!!

If you want to know more go to:

Two of the Dignitaries

The Governor, Linda Lingle, was there and so was the Mayor, Mufi Hannemann. They were very proud of our neighborhood's residents and their passion for putting the 1,100 acres into a community land trust.

After the Speeches

Linda and Roger of the North Shore Outdoor Circle were on hand at the dedication. They served a delicious buffet after all the dignitaries had spoken. Lunch was yummy and there was plenty of it!
Google the Star Bulletin, December 8, to see more photos of the event.

The International Model

Todd was letting everyone at the Sunset Beach Elementary Christmas Craft Fair know the dedication of the Pupukea Paumalu Community Land Trust was about to begin. He stopped by to give me a heads up! See the flyer is in his hand? He's always around the neighborhood doing good work. He does a lot of community service to make Sunset Beach a better place. Look for his image in advertisements everywhere!
(The following four photographs were taken at the Fair.)

A Beauty Queen to Be

Renee Nobriga lives on the mountain behind Sunset Beach Elementary School. (She's Mom's former third grader.) She's going to be in her first beauty pagent at the Sheraton Waikiki on December 16, and which will be televised on KGMB 9. The event is called the Miss Hawaii USA. I'll be rooting for her!!
That's Rodney Adcox's art on the wall behind her. He sells his photographs and tile pieces every weekend at the Sunset Beach Farmer's Market at the elementary school.

The Journalist

Carol Hogan was visiting from Oregon. She stopped by the Fair to buy a few Christmas presents. She moved from the Big Island to the West Coast several years ago. She had been doing all the public relations for the Triple Crown of Surfing event which is the biggest series of contests on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour. This is the 25th anniversary of this surfing classic. Check it all out on

The Innovative and Wild Frenchman

Bernie Moriaz, the artist, is one of my favorite friends. He makes the most unusual and interesting art and many pieces are from recycled materials. Google Bernie to see how famous he is and what wonderful art he creates! Also, can you think of another artist who wore a goatee? Think hard. His initials are T.L. and he was French too.

My Young Friend, Laura

Here I am with Laura. She liked me a lot. I made her smile from way down deep inside. Notice the pretty young woman in the background with the broad grin? That's Jane. She was in a previous photograph wearing a sweatshirt, a hoodie, with my picture on the back. See if you can find her in the archives. Good Luck!

Merry Christmas to You!

Here is Johnny at the Turtle Bay Resort sitting next to the Christmas tree he just decorated with other students from Sunset Beach Elementary. The ornaments on the boughs were created by children of the school. Drop by and see just how creative those students were and how much holiday spirit they put into their decorations!!