Sunday, January 18, 2009

Woof! Woof! Getting Out in Haleiwa

I met these Border Collies in front of a world-famous hamburger joint called "Kua Aina." They were keeping the back of the pickup warm as their owner, a fireman named Jack Lauer, was having lunch.
I like my little beachtown. I always run into someone I know when I'm out and about, and I'm out and about quite often!


Unknown said...

Hi Surf Dog-
We are from Chicago, IL and we just learned about you when we visited the North Shore and went to Kau Aina for lunch. We saw this picture on your site, and wanted to tell you how nice it was to see the Border Collies. We miss our two B.C.'s back home. Thanks for the great site that we will keep up with.
The Huttons

Rex the Surf Dog Sunset Beach said...

Thank for the compliments.

I love making new friends.


Surf Dog