Monday, February 16, 2009

Anchors Away, My Boys, Anchors Away

Keegan took me on a trip to the East Coast with her family. (Can you see me tucked under her right arm?) We visited her old school in Annapolis, Maryland, on the grounds of the Naval Academy.
Did you know anchors could be so big! How much do you think it weighs?
You can always click on the photo to see details and find me!


Darby said...

Hello Surf Dog and Keegan,

This is a great picture and yes, Surf Dog, at least on the East Coast, anchors are THAT BIG. (On the other hand, our waves aren't nearly as big as YOURS!)
Bye for now,
Darby, Keegan's aunt

Rex the Surf Dog Sunset Beach said...

Thanks for the note!

Surf Dog